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Tonight's finale and more to come

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Production team | 16:01 UK time, Friday, 23 October 2009

Hi All

On tonight's action packed finale Toby will be clearing out the summer bedding, transplanting wallflowers and potting up plants for winter.

Earlier this year we visited Dean Peckett at RHS Harlow Carr who had planted a fantastic display of tulips and, despite the rainy day, the wonderful varieties cannot fail to inspire you to get planting your own! Hugh Macalister has a particular passion for the native Rowan or Mountain Ash and, last autumn, we went to see him at Ness Botanics where he showed us the wealth of berry colours available in this wonderful tree.

Alys will be joined by Colin Crosbie from the RHS and they'll both be giving the low down on the latest tree and shrub planting techniques and Joe will be demonstrating the best methods for sharpening your garden tools. We'll also be revealing the winner of this year's BBC Gardener of the Year.

Now even though the main run of Gardeners' World comes to an end tonight we have some exciting shows coming your way over the coming months. Two to watch out for are Women in Gardening, due to air on 27th November and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, due to be aired on 4th December.

Women in Gardening with Carol Klein will be looking back at those special women who defied convention in order to follow their passion for horticulture. Her journey includes interviews with some of our most influential gardening figures of the past 50 years including: Beth Chatto, garden writer and designer, Marina Christopher, pioneering nursery woman, Mary Spiller, the first female presenter on Gardeners' World and Inga Grimsby, who was the first woman to be appointed head of the Royal Horticultural Society between 2006 and 2009.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen tells the story of seven disparate gentlemen, brought together for the first time in 1804 above a bookshop in Piccadilly to form a society dedicated to the one and only thing they all agreed on - a love of horticulture. They were all extreme personalities; a domineering aristocrat, a womanising MP and an accused fraudster to name but a few. As individuals they were far more likely to fall out than collaborate but their love of gardening was so strong that together, against all the odds, they formed a society which was to become the most celebrated in the gardening world - The Royal Horticultural Society.

That's all from me for this run, enjoy your winter gardening.


  • 1. At 9:23pm on 23 Oct 2009, valefarmallotment wrote:

    What a surprise!!!! Some over privileged lady, with more land than my entire housing estate, wins your prize of Gardener of the Year!!! There is nothing innovative or difficult about making a "couple" of acres look fabulous. Is it not more inspiring to see how people like myself, the general public, make creative use of the some what smaller spaces we occupy.
    While being told on tonights show that a shrub, which grows to 8 metres, is "perfect" for a small garden. I now understand, from this comment, that she meant smaller than the winner of the 2009 competition. Which may I add, while being shown week in week the competitors propagating the perfect cutting, at no point was this ever explained to me. Just marked 8 out of 10!!!
    Please please can we have more of Carol, she is passionate, considerate and explanatory. With out Carol, your programme teaches me nothing, apart from how to build, tacky garden features, which I am sure most of your viewers would not want in their loved gardens.

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  • 2. At 12:08pm on 24 Oct 2009, Clarky2008 wrote:

    I don't think the its entirely fair to critisize the winner because she is "posh", especially the majority of her votes must have come from the public! The ladies reaction surely proved what it meant to her.
    Do agree about comment about carol though. would like to see her make a garden at greenacre.

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  • 3. At 5:52pm on 24 Oct 2009, unhappy_gardener wrote:

    It was interesting to note that the lady who came first according to the professionals was last after the public had voted. Total farce in other words.

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  • 4. At 6:42pm on 26 Oct 2009, Manurescot wrote:


    This is my first posting ever and I never thought it would be to critise anything that Gardeners'World ever could do to annoy me in either T.V. or Magazine. The Gardener of the Year contest was a joke and will take a new format in future so as to bring back any credit to this prestige award.

    I love ever aspect of horticulture and my garden takes all my attention. Reading books, planting and mistakes that occur make this a wonderful subject.

    Your contest was embarrassing to all and should have been made by experts only and that would have satisfied all.

    All concerned will have a job on their hands restoring any faith in future judgements among mature followers of this wonderful programme.

    No way did the winners garden be created without plenty of finance and numerous helpers in creation and maintenance later.

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  • 5. At 8:05pm on 12 Nov 2009, Swanny wrote:

    I have enjoyed most of the Gardeners World programmes this year. Start was a little basic but it has progressed well as the garden has grown and the presenters have 'got used to one another' Would it be possible to make a programme about the formation of Greenacres with arial views of what it looks like now. I kept seeing all these lovely single areas developing and I can imagine how it should look en masse but would love to actually see it on screen especially with before/after pictures to go with it.

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