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Production team | 10:37 UK time, Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Joe SwiftI've literally just got home from the NEC where I've been for the duration of Gardeners' World Live. I am absolutely shattered! I filmed for two days for the programme and then gave talks and master classes for a further three days, floating between the main celebrity theatre, the 'grow your own' stage and the small stage on the 'Taste of Greenacre' garden. It's a big venue with all the show gardens and a floral marquee so my legs are now thoroughly aching. In all it was a huge success.

On the whole the weather was fabulous and everyone I asked said they were having a great time. I've never known everyone to be so jolly and upbeat at a show. It got me thinking that during hard times gardening is a wonderful activity to see you through; it's full of sharing and communicating and I've no doubt that plenty of gardening and growing leads to a general all round feel - good factor. It's not about throwing loads of money around but about engaging in and enjoying the process.

It was wonderful to see loads of youngsters there too who were so proud of their photos of their allotments, gardens and containers. Every time I started to tire I'd throw it to the audience for questions and many of them came from the kids, which in truth helped to re-energise me and keep me going. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming and I just know most of them will garden throughout their lives. The only down side of the week was losing the 30 minute fix to Toby. I have to say his low maintenance window box did look pretty good (nearly as good as mine), but I'm worried it's gone to his head and we'll never hear the end of it!


  • 1. At 1:19pm on 18 Jun 2009, MrsRudolf wrote:

    I'm worried about the 30 min fixes. I don't really think gardening should be competitive!

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  • 2. At 7:14pm on 18 Jun 2009, blackbird wrote:

    I love GW and find its much lighter in content (which I like) and good for old and new gardeners but I would like a few mins spot to show good and bad creepy crawlies (in all stages of development) as I find I never know what to squat and what not . from 5 green fingers (10 I am not)

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  • 3. At 5:17pm on 24 Jun 2009, james burke wrote:

    hi joe having taken early retirement last year i now have plenty of time for amature gardening learn something new every day we visited chelsea in may most enjoyable going to hampton court in july my wife could not find youre book urban gardens anywhere in dublin she went to county cork for a girlie weekend and bingo urban gardens is a great read and i recomend it to all gardeners

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  • 4. At 09:19am on 26 Jun 2009, janebal wrote:

    Dear Joe
    We are enjoying the rapport between you and all the presenters and the feeling of you all settling into a more permanent home. We think there is a good mix of serious gardening procedures (e.g. Carol) and lighter fun parts. We enjoy all the allotment, veggie talk and Alys's environmental and thrift tips. (My brother hates gardening but watches the programme for your design, path and fencing bits.) It is much more varied and up-to-date than it used to be -keep it up. You are inspiring us.

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  • 5. At 08:41am on 06 Jul 2009, alotmenteer wrote:

    Hi Joe , we have watched your progress on the allotment closely last year and having recently aquired our own allotment which has become a six friend project with far too much laughter and steep slopes which are fun in the rain. we wondered if there were more features of the techniques and characters alike a programme of its own in the making . jan alotmenteer

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