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It only rains on the righteous

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Rosemary Edwards | 12:24 UK time, Monday, 8 September 2008

The rains came - and came and came. Toby's first days at Berryfields were met with a torrent of water and a sea of mud. "It's normally not as bad as this," I kept hearing myself saying, as Sharon, our director tried to engage him in a couple of Dolly Parton classics in order to keep spirits high.

But we needn't have worried - Toy had come to garden and garden he did: dead-heading, digging up and dividing, edging lawns; the list goes on. As the rest of us cowered under the cover of a small tarpaulin gazebo, Toby just kept on going. He was unstoppable. By the end of the day my head was awash with tips and facts about gardening I had never heard before. The only problem Sharon has now is to try and fit it all into a 30 minute programme.

We've started to plan ahead for the rest of the gardening year and there's some very exciting projects on the cards that Toby wants to do. The mantra is maximum yields from a small space - whether vegetables or flowers. That means new ways of extending the growing season, new trials on overwintering tender plants and hot tips on how to pack as much into a small garden as possible. And if there is one thing I've learnt from last week - our new presenter is certainly not just a fair weather gardener!

You can see Toby's first week at Berryfields this Friday at 8.30pm, BBC 2.


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