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John Jones Blog - Part 3

Mike Harding | 16:33 UK time, Monday, 15 June 2009

John Jones writes:

I've stopped to post a quick blog from Elkingtons Lock on the Oxford Canal.

We're just about to go up onto the Claydon flight of locks, climbing up into the north Oxfordshire/Warwickshire hills - it's a beautiful walk. We've just passed through Cropredy and paid our respects to the site.

We had a great gig last night and I have to confess I'm just slightly hungover.

We're a gallant six walking today - we've got a couple of people walking with us, plus my Reluctant Ramblers.

Benji Kirkpatrick came in and played with us again last night and it was really great to have him back with us - he added so much to the songs he played on with mandolin and bouzouki.

He'll be joining us again in two days' time for the gig at Rugby as well.

We're on our way to Priors Marston now - if anyone would like to join us for a beer and a meal at the Holly Bush in Priors Marston, they're very welcome!

The walking is very easy and really scenic at the moment - we're passing lots of lovely gardens and very picturesque boats.

There's clearly another life here - it's sort of like the hidden streets of England are here, with people living and having little gardens by the side of the canal.

It's totally different from walking on the Welsh border, which is where we did a lot of the walking for the first part of the tour. There's some wonderful architecture and it's all very lush.

We're just about to start climbing up into some of the villages, which I'm really looking forward to. So the road keeps rising.



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