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Mike Harding | 13:56 UK time, Friday, 17 April 2009

It's a strange thing but there have been musicians that were so good that - in past ages people assumed that they had been consorting with the devil.

Paganini was one such, he could play the fiddle so fast and yet so accurately that murmurs about him having met with old Nick somewhere along the way were legion. Robert Johnson, the great blues man is said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads; in return the devil made him the greatest bluesman that has ever lived.
Well Crossroads is the title of a new CD by three great musicians who haven't sold their soul anywhere but they are - I have to say - amongst the most gifted players on the planet.

Mairtin O'Connor is a melodeon player who can play anything from traditional Irish reels to  Argentinian Tangos; Cathal Hayden can play both banjo and fiddle like a genius and Seamie
, son of the great Sligo fiddler Joe O'Dowd is a fabulous fiddler, a brilliant guitarist and a wonderful singer.

I picked up the album in Galway a while back and I've been playing it in the car over and again. Great singing, great playing, and yet, you know, there's just a whiff of sulphur about it - I mean - why else would you call the album Crossroads?

Come back Robert Johnson all is forgiven.


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