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BBC Sport's fuel-adjusted Abu Dhabi GP grid

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F1 Mole | 16:50 UK time, Saturday, 31 October 2009

Lewis Hamilton looks in superb shape to take a third victory of the season at the Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

The McLaren driver was on pole by a margin of nearly 0.7 seconds and he was still half a second clear when the amount of fuel in the cars was taken into account - an astonishing margin in a season that has been so close.

The cars in the top 10 qualifying shoot-out are not allowed to refuel between qualifying and the race, so the amount of fuel they carry dictates their pace on Saturday as well as when they will make their first pit stops on Sunday.

So grid positions can be misleading until the fuel weights are published and the ramifications of that calculated. Assessing those figures underlines just how strong Hamilton is looking.

This is BBC Sport's fuel-adjusted Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid, with projected first pit stops:

1 Lewis Hamilton (lap 17)
2 Sebastian Vettel +0.496secs (lap 19)
3 Mark Webber +0.721 (lap 18)
4 Jarno Trulli +0.854 (lap 18)
5 Rubens Barrichello +0.971 (lap 16)
6 Jenson Button +1.001 (lap 17)
7 Nick Heidfeld +1.186 (lap 19)
8 Robert Kubica +1.196 (lap 15)
9 Nico Rosberg +1.388 (lap 19)
10 Sebastien Buemi +1.651 (lap 18)

Because he has two laps' less fuel on board, Hamilton's fuel-adjusted margin over the Red Bulls is not as large as it was on the track but at nearly half a second it is still more than big enough for the race to look like it is his for the taking.

It seems as if the Abu Dhabi track could have been made for the McLaren.

hamblog595.jpgHamilton and his McLaren were in a league of their own around Abu Dhabi's new track

There are two long straights for them to get the most out of their Kers power-boost system, which gives them an extra 80bhp for 6.7 seconds a lap.

And the track abounds in the slow- and medium-speed corners in which the car is so strong, while lacking the high-speed bends in which it struggles - and in which the Red Bull is the class of the field.

Not only that, but it should ensure he is unpassable on the first lap, so he should be able to lap at his own pace for the first stint.

If Hamilton has any rivals for victory, it looks like being the Red Bull drivers.

They are making their first pit stops a little later than Hamilton - Vettel on lap 19, compared to Hamilton's 17, and Webber on 18 - but, as long as the Englishman maintain his superior speed into the first stint of the race, it is hard to see Vettel or Webber being able to make up enough time to leapfrog him.

More likely is that the Red Bull drivers will be engaged in a tight battle with the Brawn drivers and Jarno Trulli's Toyota behind Hamilton.

With regards to Vettel and Brawn's Rubens Barrichello, that means a fight for second place in the championship as well as in the race - the German has a two-point advantage heading into the grand prix.

But just as they are fighting for the crumbs left by Jenson Button in the championship, they look certain to be doing the same behind Hamilton in the final race of the season.


  • 1. At 5:08pm on 31 Oct 2009, ShrimplyWaitingforRosberg'sAnnoucmentHe'sSignedForSUFC wrote:

    Wow. Cars 2-23 will need to pray for a mechanical failure, because Hamilton won't be caught.

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  • 2. At 5:17pm on 31 Oct 2009, Its a fair Kop wrote:

    Hamilton was insanely quick today. Which proves why i didn't like him in his first season; because he is spoilt jumped into the fastest car. Now this season, he spent a large portion of it in a dog of a car, as EJ said, and thats matured him into a better driver, which has resulted in today's performance, and it has made me respect him a bit more.

    P.S. sunset at Abu Dhabi was amazing!

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  • 3. At 5:21pm on 31 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    RedandBlues - why wouldn't McLaren want the best young drivers there are in their car? If that is what they want how can you blame Hamilton for accepting the opportunity? To do so would be utterly insane especially given that he was in their young driver programme.

    Anyway nice to see Hamilton making the most of these races. Hopefully McLaren can get it together next season for three back to back Brits winning the WDC. Only Hamilton this time:)

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  • 4. At 5:23pm on 31 Oct 2009, Its a fair Kop wrote:

    I'm just saying, the big teams havent been known to put unproven, young drivers straight into their line-up. Maybe because they had Alonso beside him, they thought it would be alright...

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  • 5. At 5:24pm on 31 Oct 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    Its going to be boring tomorrow... unless Hamilton stalls :)

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  • 6. At 5:26pm on 31 Oct 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    This race is supposed to be in HD!

    The race isn't on BBC HD and I don't know why, however the qualifying pics looked great, which was either from HDTV or just from the sun setting

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  • 7. At 5:32pm on 31 Oct 2009, Colin wrote:

    good luck to lewis, brilliant, just brilliant.

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  • 8. At 5:36pm on 31 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    Re:Alonso I'm sure that was the case given the huge difference in salary - I'm sure they never expected him to do anything more than learn from Alonso in his first season. That does remind me again though of how sensational he was in those early days and what a shock it was that he was competitive so quickly against a two times WDC.

    On giving youngsters a chance in a top team its not unheard of as Jacques Villeneuve was given the opportunity for Williams. Arguably you could say Red Bull were a top team although not there with Ferrari and McLaren but certainly the next tier - but the chance they have taken with Vettel who was a lot more inexperienced was at least as big a risk. I wouldn't say it was necessarily a bad thing and surely you can't take it out on the driver. But its good to see his mettle in a struggling car - I think he's done ok in the circumstances. Now everyone can love him!

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  • 9. At 5:37pm on 31 Oct 2009, CiaranJ wrote:

    Wow, Hamilton was utterly dominant today. I think there has only been one other race all season where one driver was so far ahead of the rest of the field (Vettel I think).

    I was looking at this graphic showing the difference: That gap just looks more impressive the more I look at it.

    Hamilton's win as long as nothing unexpected interferes. By the way, why are the rear half of the field fuelled quite a way beyond half way?

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  • 10. At 5:39pm on 31 Oct 2009, doctorjay8 wrote:

    Hamilton has proved this season that he is a most worthy champion.
    The circuit, sunset, moon, and all else about the Abu Dabi GP looked great. Looking forward to tomorrow with so many races still hanging in balance.

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  • 11. At 5:39pm on 31 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    Great link Mercury. Pretty stunning pole right enough.

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  • 12. At 5:41pm on 31 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    Looking at that link again I'm wondering if McLaren think they fuelled Hamilton too light. He will need to build a pretty big lead for his first stop if he is to keep out of trouble.

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  • 13. At 5:45pm on 31 Oct 2009, dudesteven_g wrote:

    I kinda know what RedAndBlues means about Hamilton, I know I definitely like him more as a driver now that he's experienced what it's like to try and race in a car that's not so competitive. It looks like he's learned from that experience too, though who knows what is going to happen next season. Agree with the article, just can't see anyone catching him tomorrow, it'll be more interesting to watch what happens for the other podium spots.

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  • 14. At 5:47pm on 31 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    "By the way, why are the rear half of the field fuelled quite a way beyond half way?"

    Anyone outside the top ten can adjust their fuel load. Those inside the top ten can't. I'm thinking they are going for a one stopper and hoping the two stoppers get caught in slower traffic.

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  • 15. At 5:48pm on 31 Oct 2009, robwales62 wrote:

    just watched quali on the Sky+ box. Loved the coverage. The opening VT was fantastic, whats the tune? Its on the edge of my tongue. lease help

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  • 16. At 5:58pm on 31 Oct 2009, CiaranJ wrote:

    "Anyone outside the top ten can adjust their fuel load."

    For sure, but some of them are going fairly deep into the second half of the race with the heaviest fuel loads of the season.

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  • 17. At 6:04pm on 31 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    Ah sorry I hesitated before entering that post lol as it seemed a bit basic an answer. I wonder if the track is a lot lighter on the tyres than other circuits so they feel more confident about them lasting. But your right its a little strange that all drivers are going with the longer strategy. Maybe they are giving their teams a break after a long season!

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  • 18. At 6:06pm on 31 Oct 2009, donsimon wrote:

    Should be a cracking finishing race for the 2009 season.
    A group of mates watch it in our local pub, real ale in front of us and a big TV to watch it on.
    I take my laptop to get live timing and also so we don't have to listen to Legard's crass commentary.
    Good luck to Hamilton and Button, it would be great to get them both on the podium.......

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  • 19. At 6:10pm on 31 Oct 2009, journay wrote:

    Yup, cheers for the link Mercury m8, available information is some truly high-tech and impressive stuff :). I agree with united_dreamer regarding the comment about Lewis's light fuel load. I think McLaren were too needlessly aggressive. Considering their overwhelmingly superior pace, they could have afforded to fuel a bit heavier, pitting around lap 20 and would have still conceivably qualified on the front row. However, I still feel that Lewis will build enough of a lead to avoid being leapfrogged by Seb in the first round of pit stops. However it can be tighter than is being predicted since Seb can really pound the tarmac while Lewis is out of the way.

    The top five drivers have all been pacy so there are no room for errors. It should be an exciting race :).

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  • 20. At 6:30pm on 31 Oct 2009, CiaranJ wrote:

    Vettel may have to watch those light fuelled Brawns at the start and Webber's "front wing crusher". They could really help out Hamilton but I don't think they'll need to.

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  • 21. At 6:31pm on 31 Oct 2009, Estesark wrote:

    I think those qualifying results have put the final nail in Kovalainen's coffin at McLaren. I like the guy, but he just isn't fast or consistent enough.

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  • 22. At 6:34pm on 31 Oct 2009, Croftalicious wrote:

    Im glad that Hamilton has done well, after everything that McLaren have put him through this year (building a RUBBISH car, which, if im honest, would probably still be only slightly above average without the KERs system, and the whole "Lie-gate" thing at that start of the year...) he deserves to go out with a bang. It definately does reflect well on Lewis that his performances this year have always been his best, even when his car sucked.

    LH-JB on the podium together tomorrow? call it a long shot...but I have a hunch...

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  • 23. At 6:41pm on 31 Oct 2009, Ginger wrote:

    Looks like Hamilton will be in a racing himself tomorrow, much like Webber was in the last race. The podium places should be close but I can see the Red Bulls taking them. JB will do well to make the podium given that. Would be nice to see Lewis and JB on the podium as it hasn't happened before.

    It should have in Oz this year if Lewis hadn't been told to let Trulli thru!

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  • 24. At 6:54pm on 31 Oct 2009, CiaranJ wrote:

    "I think those qualifying results have put the final nail in Kovalainen's coffin at McLaren."

    You do know that he's down the grid because his gearbox packed in, right?

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  • 25. At 7:09pm on 31 Oct 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    Everyone is 99% sure Hamilton will win tomorrow, but just imagine if he stalls on the grid?

    He could drop to 20th and then still win the race, the car is really fast!

    Hopefully Kimi will be with Lewis next year, Mclaren will be dominant

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  • 26. At 7:30pm on 31 Oct 2009, digitalbigtom wrote:

    The theme tune is originaly from Fleetwood mac. The Chain, on the rumours album vintage of 1977.

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  • 27. At 7:33pm on 31 Oct 2009, ledzep4pm wrote:

    Lewis seems to to get more and more dominant this season.

    Hes got to be the hot favorite for the title next year. He's got one of the best cars now ( it'll be even better next year) he's the quickest driver on the grid at the moment and brilliant when it comes to wheel to wheel racing

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  • 28. At 7:38pm on 31 Oct 2009, Highlander wrote:

    Lewis Hamilton now has the largest gap from pole to 2nd place for both actual times and fuel adjusted times.

    0.667 seconds at Abu Dhabi for actual time and 0.603 at Singapore for fuel adjusted time.

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  • 29. At 7:55pm on 31 Oct 2009, cordas wrote:

    The track looks great, can't wait to see how it races!

    RedandBlue - Sorry? Why shouldn't a driver with the obvious talent of Lewis step into a McLaren, if the team think he is good enough to drive their car then its their choice. Should he have turned down a slightly dodgy McLaren drive (the previous couple of seasons McLaren had flattered to deceive) so he could wait for a back row team to offer him a drive? Really? He got the seat he earned, and he has wrung the cars neck (sometimes a bit to hard admittedly) every race in his F1 career.

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  • 30. At 8:26pm on 31 Oct 2009, sassy-sez wrote:

    Abu Dhabi circuit looks great. I've already booked a place at my friends place for next year! Would discount the Brawns yet although I think Lewis has pretty much got it sewn up

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  • 31. At 8:35pm on 31 Oct 2009, Estesark wrote:

    Mercuryking: "You do know that he's down the grid because his gearbox packed in, right?" - sure, but he had already had a chance to set a competitive time, and it was only good enough to beat Nakajima and Alguersuari.

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  • 32. At 9:13pm on 31 Oct 2009, barryallan wrote:

    @26 - i thought he meant the track after the chain, gimmie shelter rolling stones

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  • 33. At 9:19pm on 31 Oct 2009, jiminwatford wrote:


    The opening tune was The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter :)

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  • 34. At 9:54pm on 31 Oct 2009, Its a fair Kop wrote:

    @29 - Just saying that its hard to find out how good a driver truly is unless you give them a shoddy car and see what they can do with it.

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  • 35. At 10:05pm on 31 Oct 2009, Riggadon wrote:

    Come on Hammer!!! We'll have a british world champion and a brit winning the last gp of the season....I'll have some of that!

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  • 36. At 10:57pm on 31 Oct 2009, me wrote:

    'cordas wrote: Why shouldn't a driver with the obvious talent of Lewis step into a McLaren...,'

    I think the point being made wasn't that he shouldn't have done, but some people turned against him because he seemed to have just been gifted a drive in the best car when other apparently better drivers had never had that chance. Plus if you come straight in and win all the time it's a bit hard to avoid looking full of yourself!

    Now we've seen him in a bad car too, showing guts, determination and no little skill, and maybe some of those 'apparently better' drivers weren't better after all. Plus we've seen Jenson win a WDC, which is fine and well deserved, yet there's this little niggle that won't go away that if you put HIM in anything but a perfectly set-up car.. well frankly, he's average at best and gets thrashed by Rubens every time. So this year Lewis couldn't win the championship, but he has won a few hearts and minds.

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  • 37. At 00:07am on 01 Nov 2009, yorkshiregweilo888 wrote:

    I think we will see what we have all been expecting and wondering about for the last few races. Vettel's Renault engine will eventually go KAPUT.

    Lewis, Jenson and Webber for the podium (Lewis to win, not sure which way round 2nd & 3rd) Rubinho to take 2nd in WDC with a 4th race placing. Trulli will cock it up as usual.

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  • 38. At 00:32am on 01 Nov 2009, sinusuhas wrote:

    Jenson might be world champion today but then there is no comparison between him and Hamilton.You can be a champion of circumstance [ read by default] and a champion by brilliance....The engineers at Brawn GP handed Jenson the championship after his toil in the shadows for 10 years but Hamilton announced his intensions from the very first F1 drive.People could be jealous of his success and lady luck can allude him several times..but a true champion in him can never be suppressed....He surely is the only person alive today who can surpass the 'Great German' by a mile....

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  • 39. At 00:39am on 01 Nov 2009, delminister wrote:

    it will be good for hamilton to win a pointless race just due to kers.
    i can only hope the new teams next season shakes up these over blown bigger teams that have done nothing all season except moan.

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  • 40. At 01:09am on 01 Nov 2009, toddorov4 wrote:

    its really clear wat is the best car this weekend mclaren ! heikki is the worst driver iv ever seen u would near tink he is being paid 2 make hamilton look gud! anyways mercedes engines are the best proven this year! people on here need 2 wise up and look at the facts hamilton is nothing yet good driver maybe but i for 1 would say there is 2 beta drivers than lewis hamilton in f1! kimi raikkonen and fernando alonso are the best drivers without shadow of a doubt! by the way i am british and do know wat im talking bout before u ask and i do support hamilton jus gets annoying when people blow him up 2 be gods gift cause hes not!

    i honestly think it will be a brawn top of the podium 2morow ruebens id say ! also watch out 4 kimi with fuel load in 11th tink mite get podium!

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  • 41. At 02:43am on 01 Nov 2009, subotter wrote:

    I am not quite as old as Murry but have followed F1 since its inseption and am very dissapointed at some of the coments on Lewis esspecialy by toddorov4 when sugesting that a two times wc is better than him when he carnt even beat him in his rookie year.I agree with Murrey when he says Moss was the greatest British driver (especialy in his Vanwall) but Lewis is the most talanted young driver i have seen and this is not hype
    A definate easy win today

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  • 42. At 07:49am on 01 Nov 2009, Pete Mathias wrote:

    Looking back over some of the "Classic" races there have been a few names that have cropped up which had all the promise of being great drivers but never made it beyond a second (or even a first) season. As with life, being in the right place at the right time is a big factor in motor racing but,most of all, if you get a chance like Lewis then you still have to have the talent to make a success of it.
    To step into identical machinery along side a double World Champion and out perform him ,for whatever reason, shows true talent.

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  • 43. At 08:09am on 01 Nov 2009, I am a number not a free man wrote:

    KERS - Kills Every Race Single-handedly ??

    It's like that advert when the woman presses the 'must go faster' button, and low and behold, the car does exactly that. Do you need much skill to press it, I wonder ??
    Yes, I know all cars had the capability to run it, but the truth is, they don't. Any chance the Beeb could publish a grid taking fuel and KERS into account ??
    Won't be sorry to see it go next year ( unless the powers-that-be change their minds, and they are a fickle bunch sometimes ) - and hopefully they'll replace it with other 'Wacky Races-esque' gizmos - Oil slicks, thumb-tacks, flame-throwers, and the ability for the car to kinda rise up on stilts when it needs to overtake ( and let's face it, there is scarcely enough of this in many races ).


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  • 44. At 08:38am on 01 Nov 2009, Pete Mathias wrote:

    companygimp. KERS is already taken into account with the extra weight they have to carry and the restrictions on where the weight can go in the car to achieve good balance AND the fact not every track suits KERS!!!!! Yes it does come down to skill otherwise why are the likes of Kovalainen and Fisichella, both in KERS cars frequently out performed by the likes of Red Bull and Brawn....(non KERS cars in case you haven't noticed)????? Especially when Fisichella done so well in the Force India!

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  • 45. At 09:31am on 01 Nov 2009, Sportsfan87 wrote:

    If lewis had started the season the way he is ending it, then he would of won the WDC at a canter. class above everyone else in qualifying yesterday, should be a certainty to win today providing the car doesn't falter but i don't think it will its one of the more reliable cars out there.

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  • 46. At 10:01am on 01 Nov 2009, rovert1959 wrote:

    Why does the BBC not show F1 in HD, I would have thought F1 was made for HD. Anybody know why it is not on BBC HD & if it will be next season?

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  • 47. At 10:11am on 01 Nov 2009, domtv09 wrote:


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  • 48. At 10:13am on 01 Nov 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    @46... F1 is in HD for this week to try it out, however F1 isnt on BBC HD this weekend, so i'm guessing it will probably be on the red button as the've just made the red button HD quality.

    Bernie said that if people liked the HD quality, it will become permanent next year

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  • 49. At 10:27am on 01 Nov 2009, Green2010 wrote:

    United_dreamer, I totally agree with what you said during the 1st 3 posts above.

    RedAndBlues, I can not agree with your comments in the 1st 3 posts above. Why would you not like someone because they are a quick driver in F1???? That's what the sport is about. The fact that he was given a place to drive with McLaren is purely down to his hard work ALL HIS LIFE, he did not start out in F1 you know and he has always won races even as a little boy in go-karting, and has had to fight for his success.

    Over the past 3 seasons Lewis has never had the fastest car - Ferrari have (with the exception of this season). The simple fact is that Lewis is so good that he able to make the best out of what he has. Take this season for example, nowhere near the best car yet he is still winning races and on podiums. We cannot say the same for the current world champion. Lewis never moans, never complains, he just gets on with the job whatever the situation (that's who I'd want in my team!).

    On that note you may say that Hamilton did not win races at the start and Jenson did. Well, everybody needs at least a half decent car underneath them (do you think Schumacher would have won all those titles in a Lesser car than his Ferrari at that time?!). For Hamilton the car was simply undriveable at the start of this season - now he has a half decent car and you know the rest.

    You could even go as far as to say that Jenson was lucky to win the 1st 6 out of 7 races as it was down to the fact that the other teams (Ferrari, McLaren, BMW) were so poor and were not up to standard. When was the last time Jenson won a race convincingly and without complaining on the radio?!

    Finally, this Kers business has been bugging me. People (including some commentators - Not EJ) talk about Hamilton and Kers as though it is the Kers that wins the races. 1) The kers is probably more of a hindrance than anything else due to all the extra weight and the fact that it can only be used in certain places (F1 is not an episode of The Fast and The Furious!). 2)And most significantly, there are at least 3 other kers powered cars which are nowhere near Hamilton in terms of speed (just look at the grid for today's race in Abu Dhabi - where are Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Fisichella??! All have kers).

    I wish people would get real and stop the jealousy, hating (or what ever the problem with Hamilton is) on a great world champion who has done Britain proud.


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  • 50. At 10:42am on 01 Nov 2009, handsomeFelipe wrote:

    Before I read Green2010s blog, i was about to try to compose a similar reply. but he has said it all. Why doesent everyone celebrate the fact we have two world class british drivers, one previous and one present world champion. Next year will be brilliant, these two drivers are the best, and the main factor will be the technical and engineering side of the relevant cars they drive.

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  • 51. At 10:57am on 01 Nov 2009, CiaranJ wrote:

    "Lewis Hamilton now has the largest gap from pole to 2nd place for both actual times and fuel adjusted times."

    No he doesn't, Vettel's gap at Silverstone was huge. His car was truly dominant that weekend. Also, it's easy to set a large gap on a circuit with a long lap time (although times were very close at Spa). I think this shows that:

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  • 52. At 11:04am on 01 Nov 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    Everyone is a bit biased towards Hamilton...

    I'm a neutral and I think Raikkonen is the best, hamilton next!

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  • 53. At 11:24am on 01 Nov 2009, wise-with-youth wrote:

    There is always such a need to find out 'who is the best in F1' and it is a thread that will never be answered as people will always have their favourites. Why not just enjoy the sport, enjoy the fact that we have had two british champions in the last two years or ignoring all that, enjoy the fact that in the last two or three years we have had some of the best formula one acing in history! its the racing that reeally matters is it not!

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  • 54. At 11:46am on 01 Nov 2009, saintmaggiore wrote:

    Green, I am in total accord with your comments. Could not have put it better. Good luck Lewis, we know you can do it. Given an even half decent car you just get on with it. Well done. You make me proud.

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  • 55. At 12:02pm on 01 Nov 2009, exkayalamifan wrote:

    I need to congratulate GETTY IMAGES on capturing lewis/ the sunset and trackside lights of this new circuit in one image. How do I get this pic e-mailed to my collection (for personal enjoyment only??) Thanks.

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  • 56. At 12:15pm on 01 Nov 2009, hlawiczka wrote:

    Hamilton was amazing today but MP4/24 is still not quick enough in high speed corners, it excels in low-speed ones.

    And I guess Trulli will get in front of both Brawns today.

    My fuel load analysis and charts:

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  • 57. At 12:36pm on 01 Nov 2009, christ-almighty wrote:

    Bernie Ecclestone says, re the Silverstone deal. "Sometimes there are things I cannot afford to buy, so I don't have them". I wonder what these things are; and, if he can give us a British Grand Prix next year, should we club together and have a whip-round to help him out?

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  • 58. At 12:57pm on 01 Nov 2009, pmdavis wrote:

    Just watched the Grid walk with Martin Brundle and Eddy Jordan. As usual I was annoyed with the interviewing of so called celebrities who have no real associationn with F1 motorsport. This time it was someone who used to play tennis, some musician who just happens to like cars and someone who took part in a dancing competition. Get my drift? To be honest I would rather they chatted with a brolly-dolly or a trackside marshall.
    Don't do this nexy year please, BBC. Talk to people INVOLVED in MOTORSPORT!!

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  • 59. At 1:00pm on 01 Nov 2009, christ-almighty wrote:

    In reply to sinusuhas' comment about Jenson Button being World Champion by default. This is utter rubbish, F1 is a team sport and if Brawn developed a better car than the rest of the field then that is that. Button still had to be there and drive the thing. Also we'll see how good Lewis is next year when he has to look after his tyres, Jenson is a smooth driver and will benefit from the no re-fuelling reg. A worthy Champ who does not even need to race today, let alone prove his creds by winning.

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  • 60. At 1:49pm on 01 Nov 2009, ladyjoyblogger wrote:

    why is eddie jordon not wearing a poppy

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  • 61. At 5:56pm on 01 Nov 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    Breaking news on the 2010 driver line ups

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  • 62. At 3:09pm on 04 Nov 2009, mike north wrote:

    Was I the only one bored on Sunday ?
    Can't they design tracks for racing cars on to include for
    overtaking places.
    We also need more tracks like the classics such as Spa, Monza
    and Silverstone.
    They also need to allow for Mr. Average a bit more - I haven't
    got a big yacht to moor in the harbour....My tent has done me proud
    over the years.....
    All that aside - I can't wait till March 12th when the cars roll
    out for the new season


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