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F1 driver market gathers pace

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F1 Mole | 12:42 UK time, Monday, 31 August 2009

Giancarlo Fisichella may have stolen all the headlines with his shock drive to second place at the Belgium Grand Prix but he wasn't the only driver fighting for a brighter Formula 1 future at Spa.

Out of the top eight finishers on Sunday, only Sebastian Vettel knows for certain who he is driving for next season after penning a new deal with Red Bull in Valencia.

Speculation over the fate of race winner Kimi Raikkonen, said to be on his way out of Ferrari despite having a contract for 2011, McLaren incumbent Heikki Kovalainen, McLaren-linked Nico Rosberg and veteran Brawn driver Rubens Barrichello - all out of contract at the end of the season - kept the Belgium paddock humming.

Amid the hubbub, the fate of BMW Sauber pair Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld, who collected the team's best finish of this season in Spa with fourth and fifth respectively, managed to slip under the radar.

In July, BMW announced it would terminate its four-year foray into Formula 1 as a manufacturer team this year, leaving both drivers without a drive for 2010.

Kubica has since been linked with a move to Williams while his best buddy Fernando Alonso's Renault seat is also up for grabs, once the Spaniard's not-to-secret switch to Ferrari is officially confirmed.

alonso_kubica595.jpgGood friends Alonso and Kubica are central to the F1 driver market this season

Renault, who are putting their heads together to roll out a more competitive car in 2010, are perceived to be a good option for Kubica but, despite rumours in Spa that it was a done deal, the Pole is in no hurry to commit to anything.

The 24-year-old is understood to have followed up talks with Brawn at the European GP with another sit-down in Belgium.

And a third option intriguingly emerged over the weekend - honouring the final year of his contract with whoever BMW morph into.

Kubica is understood to be happy to stay with the team, who have submitted an entry for next season, if they succeed in finding a suitable buyer.

He is said to be close to founder Peter Sauber, who owns a 20% stake in the team but had his takeover bid rejected by BMW at the beginning of August. Now, Sauber and team principal Mario Theissen are working hard to secure new investment for the team before the end of September.

After struggling with a sluggish BMW all season, staying with a team in transition would arguably do little to satiate Kubica's title-wining ambitions and talent. But the Pole is understand to want a one-year contract so he is free to move on in 2011 if a better drive becomes available.

Heidfeld is also confident he will find a drive for 2010 and the German has also been linked with a return to Williams, who he drove for in 2005.

The Italian GP on 13 September could well be an unexpected landmark in Fisichella's career if, as looks likely, he gets the nod as Felipe Massa's second stand-in for Ferrari and Monza traditionally provides the backdrop for handshakes on driver moves.

But in a season where The Mole is learning to expect the unexpected don't bet on things to be quite so straightforward this year.


  • 1. At 2:17pm on 31 Aug 2009, Carlonso wrote:

    Love to see Raikkonen back at Maclaren again,not Rosberg. Kimi wouldn't be phased in the slightest in teaming up with Hamilton.
    Rosberg should consolidate his number 1 position at Williams for at least another season.
    If Williams do switch engine suppliers then there is no need to keep the Japanese dead weight that is Nakajima and swap for another deader weight that is Kovalainen.
    Kubica should wait and see who takes over at BMW. The Renault has not progressed at all and if there are good people that will stay with the German outfit then he would do well for at least one season to stay.
    Heidfeld should consider the same option too.
    Alonso has to bail out of Renault pronto and join Ferrari ASAP. There is only so much magic he can do with such a bad car, so bad in fact that now teams like Force India are showing more promise.

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  • 2. At 3:10pm on 31 Aug 2009, Oliviadesigns wrote:

    @ comment 1: Yes I agree with you on Alonso the Renault is too slow and Nakajima is too nice in his drive for example last race, how come it was so easy to get overtaken!
    I would also like to see Bruno Senna in a seat next.

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  • 3. At 3:13pm on 31 Aug 2009, alan_f1 wrote:

    I have been an F1 fan for 16 years now, and this is the most exciting season yet. Don't get me wrong, last year was great. It was even better so see a Brit become world champion, but there was too much controversy surrounding hamilton. Although we have had just as much this year, it has been a much more exciting season on the race track. I honestly thought Button was going to walk away with the title in the bag a few weeks ago, but it has totally been thrown in the air, and now we have the possibilty of Button, Barrichello, Webber or Vettel. Personally I would like to see Barrichello become world champion. He comes across as such a dedicated person, genuine and sincere. I'm sure most of the drivers are. One thing I'm not looking forward to is the end of the season. There are too many drivers who are uncertain about their future, and who have no contracts. To me it doesn't make sense to shift from from team to another. Not with so many drivers. It's just like the Premier League with all the football players moving from one team to another. Clutching at straws for success. But I suppose in f1 there is so much money involved that the sponsors are piling on the pressure for some championship points. On the subject of sponsors, is there any news on sponsors for Brawn GP. after accumulating all these points I find it hard to believe only Virgin has its name on the car.

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  • 4. At 3:18pm on 31 Aug 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    If the last three races are repeated the table will look like this…
    1 Button 76pts, 2 Barrichello 68pts, 3 Vettel 59pts, 4 Raikkonen 58pts, 5 Webber 75.7pts

    (Raikkonen will be 18pts behind first place with two races to go, and in 2007 Kimi picked up 18pts more than Hamilton and won the title)

    WORLD CHAMPION 2009??? You never know with Kimi!

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  • 5. At 3:52pm on 31 Aug 2009, Nadaliator wrote:

    I hope Kubica gets a competitive car next year, whoever he is driving for, it's always sad to see great talent go to waste in a poor car - look at Button/Alonso/Webber over the last few seasons!

    I just hope Ferrari make an announcement at Monza confirming the driver line-up for 2010, my dream for the last 6 years has been to see Alonso and Button at Ferrari, if Jenson can get a WDC with Brawn and Fernando at the Scuderia next year I'll take that!!!

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  • 6. At 5:23pm on 31 Aug 2009, Timcoal wrote:

    @comment 2. Bruno Senna...... Please?!! People hyped up Piquet Jr I don't think many teams will be jumping at the chance to give young Senna a seat. I think once he has done a few more years in formula 3000.

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  • 7. At 7:42pm on 31 Aug 2009, Stee_vee_E wrote:

    Just one point on the Fizi/Ferrari subject. I believe Montezemolo said years ago that he would never have an Italian driver as the stress caused by the Italian media (Paparazzi etc) would be too overwhelming.
    Everyone commentating seems to have forgotten this point.

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  • 8. At 8:16pm on 31 Aug 2009, me wrote:

    I am totally puzzled as to what Brawn are playing at. Clearly unless the car is perfect, Rubens is a better driver than Jenson - I like Jenson, but he simply can't perform in a car that isn't just right for him, we saw that for the last 2 years. Brawn are going to look very, very silly if they keep Jenson and sack Rubens, only for Rubens to win the championship with no drive for next year!!!

    And why on earth is Fissi taking the Ferrari drive? He's leaving a team on the up for maybe just a handful of races in an iffy red car, followed by retirement! Unless he's had enough anyway I spose and just fancies a big pay cheque...

    And as for Renault - if as is being rumoured they got Piquet to crash on purpose at Singapore so Alonso could win, and the FIA can prove it, that will be the end of them in F1 I think - their board won't want to continue in a blaze of bad publicity, or want anything to do with Flavio.

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  • 9. At 8:42pm on 31 Aug 2009, natchonatchoman wrote:

    I so hope Kimi goes back to Mclaren. I cannot stress enough how awesome it would be for Raikkonen and Hamilton to be team-mates. They would be my absolute dream team!

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  • 10. At 8:50pm on 31 Aug 2009, LegendaryDaggers wrote:

    @comment 6 - Check your facts
    1) Formula 3000 doesn't exist anymore, and was replaced by GP2 in 2005
    2) Bruno Senna left GP2 at the end of 2008 to concentrate on getting an F1 drive, and had a contract with none other than Ross Brawn whipped from under his nose by Rubens
    3) Bruno Senna is a legend, well worth a race seat

    @comment 8
    Agree with the Fisi Ferrari thing, but if you think about his situation. An Italian with the chance to drive a Ferrari at his home GP in front of the tifosi. Then he might retire, but it would be a dream come true for any Italian, he said it himself.

    @comment 7
    If Montezemolo did indeed say that, then he must sack Luca Badoer, he's Italian, and if he said it years ago, he's probably forgotten. Even if he remembers then with the option of Fisi or Badoer he'll soon change his tune!!

    Personally I would say Nakajima has been fairly unlucky this year, he has been running well on a couple of occasions and been fired off or had a slow pitstop. I agree he has been no where near Rosberg, for me possibly driver of the season so far, but the 0 points he has is not a fair reflection of his performance. And he may be safe anyway even if Williams lose their Toyota engines, if Toyota themselves decide that they then need a Japanese driver, provided they are still in F1 next year!
    Toyota need to be there next year or Glock won't have a drive which would be a disaster, he has matured so much as an F1 driver and is now consistently beating Trulli.
    Also Button is woeful now the car is not exactly built around him and secondly can't hack the pressure of leading the championship. Now Barrichello is outscoring him and he's crumbling, and Ross should consider whether he can take the team forward in 2010.
    There are a few drivers for me who are a waste of space and need to be dropped - Kovalainen and Trulli. All the 3 rookies, Buemi, Grosjean and Alguersuari, need more time to judge in my view. However it looks very positive for all 3, and Martin Brundle was way too harsh of Grosjean and Alguesuari over the Les Combes incidents at Spa.

    Finally, @comment 8, who could possibly want anything to do with playboy Flav??

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  • 11. At 9:13pm on 31 Aug 2009, me wrote:

    Whoops! Ian Phillips looks like he needs a new job too...

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  • 12. At 9:42pm on 31 Aug 2009, Nadaliator wrote:

    Comment 8:

    Fair enough about Button, but can't we say the same about Kimi, Alonso, even Schumacher? Sometimes tracks and personal driver set-ups don't work so well. Both Raikkonen and Alonso had problems adjusting to tyre changes in 2007, Schumacher in 2006 didn't really spring to life until after Canada. Let's see what happens in Monza before judging Button too harshly.

    As for Renault and the 'probe'. I've watched that race quite a few times and nothing about it screams cheating, just fortune and questionable timing. I get the impression that Piquet Jr and Snr are mighty miffed about their treatment by Flav, and rightly so, but let's wait and see whether this is a case of sour grapes.

    Hell hath no fury like an F1 driver scorned...........

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  • 13. At 10:20pm on 31 Aug 2009, me wrote:

    Just came across these quotes from Badoer, re a Monza drive.

    "Going to a track that I could drive with my eyes closed, I am sure that I could get a good result." Yes, probably best try it like that then...

    "If I had to set myself a deadline, maybe I would do it for after Monza - I would be the first to say 'Lads, it's not working out'." No, you would be the last to say it, everyone else has said it already lol!

    Ferrari should tell him he isn't driving and stop him looking silly, it isn't fair he's a decent bloke.

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  • 14. At 11:05pm on 31 Aug 2009, dgmcl3284 wrote:

    Here is my prediction for who will be driving for who in 2010:
    RED BULL-Webber-Vettel
    TORO ROSSO-Buemi-Alguersuari
    FORCE INDIA-Sutil-Liuzzi
    CAMPOS-de la Rosa-Pantano
    MANOR-Di Grassi-Carroll
    notable absenses: Raikkonen (-->WRC), Nakajima, Piquet, Wurz, Loeb, Senna, Davidson, Bourdais, Sato, Schumacher

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  • 15. At 01:56am on 01 Sep 2009, Stee_vee_E wrote:


    Re your response to my original post 7,
    I thought we were discussing full time F1 racing drivers, not a last minute 'stand in' team test driver. Thought you would've spotted that. Slight difference.

    Just scanned the web and it appears my memory was correct as other people remember Montezemolo referring to Ferarri's 'no Italian driver' policy (around the time of MS retirement).
    Although I must confess the actual interview's not been so easy to find, possibly because I plainly remember seeing live & not written.

    Still, its true, Monte may well have changed his mind.

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  • 16. At 02:15am on 01 Sep 2009, WonderSpurs14 wrote:

    Love this time of the year! Fisi should run on the back of the result with Force India until after Monza. Taking that much pressure with a new drive with the Ferrari in the harsh climate of Red Italian camp sites would be too much for a Journey-man to survive. Let Badoer do some more testing and get the car right for a grand entrance in a more Commercial Singapore black out.
    Hamilton should be partnered with the pokey looking Rosberg.Rosberg has immerged under the radar but ready to make the F1 turn on its head. Mcclaren will dominate next year and that pairing will grow together and fight together. Kova has never even turned up in my opinion, How many of you thought we had another Raikonen on our hands when he showed up? Where is he going now? I remember seeing him on I**1 doing some motocross.

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  • 17. At 10:41am on 01 Sep 2009, bravef1man wrote:

    button has lost the title he has shown that its not the car as Rubens s out performing him on hot tracks so there is no excuse for his poor recent performances, history has shown jenson can only perform in perfect cars BAR 2004 or if he has no pressure ie vilenuve was expected to totally best him in 03 and button totally ut performed him, hence nw the pressure is getting to him nad he doest have the type of experince or talent to cope. any one can win in a good car look at heikki last year taking his only f1 win. . driver predictions

    ferrari- Alonso-massa( if can race) Riakkoen
    Mclaren- Hamilton - Raikkoen ( if massa fit) rosberg
    Brawn- Button-Rubens
    renault- kubica-kovalieon
    red bull- Vettel- webber
    toyota- trulli- glock
    torro rosso- alguesaria-liuttzi
    force india-fisichella-senna

    bmw-heidfeld- kubica (if still here as another team

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  • 18. At 11:29am on 01 Sep 2009, razor_blade01 wrote:

    In the last 3 races Kimi has scored more points than anyone else. That makes him one of the form drivers right now. People who say that he hasn't got any motivation in him, are you even watching the races. He wants to stay in Formula 1 but Ferrari don't want him, someone in the high ranks at Ferrari dosen't like him. If Ferrari don't want Kimi, he should just stuff them and go to a team that really wants him.

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  • 19. At 11:57am on 01 Sep 2009, cordas wrote:

    Button has lost the title? Really I aren't aware that its been decided yet... Yes he has had a slump in form but so have many Champion drivers in the year they won the championship.... Time will tell if he gets his act together or not, as it stands he is still odds on favourite to win the title because he has a 16 point lead over his nearest rival, add into the fact that there are half a dozen drivers realistically contending for the win let alone 3 title contenders and the ball is still in his court... That said he does need to get his finger out.

    I think Rosberg should be looking to leave Williams (unless they can get a Merc engine tied up soon), he is having a good season and should be looking for a race winning team whilst he is hot property. A middling season next year at a middling Williams could see him become one of a long list of good drivers who never had a race winning car to prove just how could they can be. If McLaren are the only top team interested in him then he should go there, yes partnering Lewis will be daunting but if he wants to win a DWC he is going to have to beat more than just his team mate.

    I think part of the reason the rumours of Kimi leaving Ferrari are so strong is because Ferrari really want Alonso and Alonso's passion/drive, without having the trouble of having an upset Alonso in the car... look at the damage he did when he had a rookie challenging him and occasionally beating him... just imagine what it would be like if he and Kimi were in the same team. Kimi thrives on a challenge..... Alonso hates it. Ferrari know that Massa can work well with a dominant team mate, Alonso knows that Massa has played 2nd fiddle and is an emotional driver... So I would imagine Alonso will be far happier teaming with Massa.

    I think Lewis and Kimi would make the ideal driver partnership for McLaren as I think they would both get on and do their thing and not get to het up about each other.... Just remember it was Alonso doing the brown stuff stirring and dummy spitting at McLaren, Lewis was the one shrugging it off and getting on with the job at hand of racing. The fact that Rosberg Snr has stopped Nico from going to McLaren before because he didn't want his boy alongside Lewis hints at possible problems... or it could just have been Keke knowing his son and thinking the time wasn't right.

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  • 20. At 12:05pm on 01 Sep 2009, razor_blade01 wrote:

    Also on a different note, people who say Kimi only won because of KERS and Fisichella was unlucky not to win is crap. Firstly, every team was offered to use KERS and most of the teams said no. And secondly, Ferrari and McLaren are having to carry the extra weight because of KERS which does slow down the performance of their cars. I will amit that Kimi didn't have the fastest car on the grid, but what im trying to say is that you can't blame it on KERS because Force India didn't agree to have it and they paid the price for it. I personally think that either everyone has KERS or no one. Thank god they scrapped it next year so there's nothing to complain about.

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  • 21. At 1:45pm on 01 Sep 2009, Armando666 wrote:

    in relation to rosberg i think EJ said on the weekend that he should stay for one more year at williams. I'm kind of torn with that one. I think he should go to mclaren and going next year means that he'll have a year to get used to the team and they way they work etc whilst being a number 2, then in his 2nd year he can really take it to hamilton. As long as they have a decent car. Then again i think that one more season at williams might not be a bad idea. He's the numebr one at williams and they are looking in good shape and with all the reductions in cost etc it might not be a bad idea to stay in a team that has consistantly been improving. Lets not also forget that williams were a force to be reckoned with in the 90's there's nothing to say that won't happen again.

    being a massive ferrari fan i want nothing more than alonso to move there and am very excited when they eventually announce their line up for next year. Having said that i've followed kimi's career since he first joined F1 and wanted nothing more than for him to join ferrari, he won a DWC and then, not a lot after that. His performances of late have been amazing and i don't want to see him go anymore and i want massa to stay also. So what then...*cry* 3 car teams...hmmm not too sure if i like the idea of that.

    on a side note i don't think button has lost the title he's still sitting fairly pretty and i'm sure we'll see him on the top step again before the seasons out. Being an aussie i'm gutted that webber has managed to capitalise more on buttons recent lack of performances but hey that's racing. Too be fair the drive through on sunday didn't help.

    On the drive through, would love to know other people's opinions, does anyone else think it's totaly unfair for the driver to get a drive through for what is essentially a team mistake. I can't see how the punishment fits the crime for that one.

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  • 22. At 2:07pm on 01 Sep 2009, cordas wrote:

    On the drive through I think that the team should be docked all constructors points for unsafe pit releases, I would also give a clear window like don't release if a car is within .x of a second or x metres of your pit bay. I am sure there is technology that could handle this in a similar manner to pit lane speed limiters.

    I do think Marks penalty was fair given the current rules, the release was definitely dangerous.

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  • 23. At 2:09pm on 01 Sep 2009, jigols wrote:

    I believe next year will be a fight between Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel. Those are where the money makers see the best return and will be working towards those three guys. Hamilton's a great driver and will adapt to the new rules (no refuelling), Alonso is still the best driver out there and will shape Ferrari much more solidly than KR or FM. Vettel is superquick and is very laid back, plus with plenty of time on his side (he's only 22) is quite happy to tangle with the best of them.

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  • 24. At 2:47pm on 01 Sep 2009, cordas wrote:

    I would write off Button in a Brawn car either... I think that Ross should be able to give him a great car next season as well, and Buttons smooth driving style will suit no-refuelling as it will not only save fuel as well give him better use out of his tyres. I won't write Alonso off but I think it will take him a little while to adapt to the new car and way it handles, but I think he will master that easily, the same goes for Lewis.

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  • 25. At 10:08am on 02 Sep 2009, hackerjack wrote:

    You make an excellent point regarding Kubica as I don't honestly see how moving to Renault in 2010 would be a step up for him.

    Renault are notorious for their fluctuating fortunes being linked to big name drivers, effectively the only times they have been competitive over the past 20 years is when they had Schumacher or Alonso in the team, it is no coincidence that these are the years that they generated more sponsorship and got more funds from the parent company. Kubica is a good driver but not in the same league commercially and Renault are already without ING for next season so I don't see them having the capability to produce a car capable of challenging the Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull.

    Brawn are in a similar dilemma as they will not have Honda money this winter and Williams have been in that situation for years already.

    Would BMW, who if they can survive would keep most of their good engineering team and already have a working relationship with Kubica, really be a lesser option? In my mind no.

    Let's be honest, RBR have their lineup announced, Ferrari have two drivers already (Massa and Alonso BTW, Raikkonnen to take a year out to do other things for FIAT before returning in 2011 either to Ferrari or elsewhere if the Massa/Alonso combo works) and McLaren have Hamilton and a straight decision most likely between Kovelainnen and Rosberg. Outside those three teams you will find Williams, Brawn, Renault, BMW and Toyota.

    I do see Heidfeld moving on though, if only because BMWs second driver could well be determined by sponsors/engine suppliers and there is an ideal place waiting for him at Williams alongside Hulkenburg if as expectd Rosberg moves on and Nakajima leaves with the Toyota engines.

    As of two races ago I would have said the chances of Barricello remaining with Brawn (and possibly F1) were very slim, he does however seem to have rediscovered himself as of late (an unkind observer would point out that he is performing only now that the car is less able and thus expectation is reduced). It's still touch and go for me and so much (as will all the midfield teams) depends on sponsorship. I just feel that Button and Senna will bring in more money than Button and Barricello so unless they get a major sponsor soon (possible if they manage to win the WDC) I expect them to hire the youngster. It could be the irony of ironies that should Barricello's challenge to Button lead to neither man winning the title then he could drive himself out of a job!

    Where would Barricello go? Well if my other predicitons are right (esp. Alonso/Kubica) then there is a seat waiting for an experienced pro alongside Grosjaen at Renault that would be ideal. Renault's other options appear to be limited to Luca di Grassi and Sebastien Bourdais, neither of whom when paired with Grosjaen will look like a threat to anyone, including those elusive sponsors. Kovelainnen is another possible but it just doesn't feel like a good match to me.

    So that sorts McLaren, Ferrari, RBR, Brawn, Renault and Williams then. Toyota (provided they compete) will stick with Glock and probably bring in Nakajima once their deal with Williams is over, STR have no reason to change their lineup.

    That leaves one seat at BMW/Sauber, Force India and the new teams. It also leaves us with some very decent drivers left to place. BMW/Sauber should have the pull to pick whoever they want for their second drive, most likely from Trulli, Fissichella, Kovelainnen and Sutil depending on sponsorship issues, on a purely racing decision it should be Sutil though a large part of me would love to see Raikkonnen surprise me and ask to be loaned back to work with Peter Sauber again, it's just not going to happen though.

    If Sutil leaves Force India then Fissichella will likely continue there and given their hope to continue developing as a force in F1 I would suggest that they go for a second experienced driver as well, Kovelainnen or Trulli? Not sure it matters which to be honest but Kovi will likely be cheaper and bring in more cash (two drivers of same nationality can somtimes lead to overlap).

    Of the new teams only Manor have kept quiet about who they intend to hire. Campos have already stated they wand Pedro de la Rosa (presumably only because he is spanish) and have also mentioined hiring a woman, specifically Natacha Gaschnang, but I can't believe they would take a punt on her in their first season. Much more likely is another linked name, Russian Vitaly Petrov, who is currently second in GP2.

    USGP have again stated that they intend to use Americans though everyone in the real world expects them to go with one experienced driver, rummoured to be de la Rosa or Alex Wurz but I still have Trulli without a drive too, and one American junior in 2010. They have actually been more successful than most of the field in attracting sponsrs for 2010 so money may not be an issue for them and in any case most of their sponsors would was a US driver too. Jonathan Summerton, Ryan Hunter-Ray, Travis Pastrana, Graham Rahal and Marco Andretti (via his dad but probably not in season 1) have all been mentioned with A1GP drivers Summerton most likely at the moment as the rest are all seemingly happy in their current disciplines and I dont see too many taking a punt on USGP in 2010. If they survive the year you will see far moe interest for 2011.

    Manor are the quiet ones and other than a link with Adam Carrol I haven't heard much. All I can suggest is that it would be a shame to see a new British team appear on the grid and not have a spot for Anthoney Davidson in it, especially as I dont see Brawn holding onto him for 2010 due to budget cuts. Can't see Trulli going without a drive so i'll stick him here.

    That leaves the likes of Bourdais, Piquet, Di Grassi, Klien, Pantano, Carrol, Chandook, Liuzzi and a few other possibles all sat on the sidelines and ultimately I'd rather see them given a chance than recycling the likes of Wurz and De La Rosa but I understand why teams would want experience.

    For me here is 2010:

    RED BULL : Webber & Vettel
    FERRARI : Massa & Alonso (Raikkonnen to test and then take a year out)
    McLAREN : Hamilton & Rosberg
    BRAWN : Button & Senna
    BMW/SAUBER : Kubica & Sutil?
    RENAULT : Grosjaen & Barricello
    WILLIAMS : Heidfeld & Hulkenburg
    TOYOTA : Glock & Nakajima
    TORO ROSSO : Buemi & Alguersuari
    FORCE INDIA: Fissichella & Kovelainnen?
    USGP : Wurz? & Summerton?
    CAMPOS : De La Rosa & Petrov?
    MANOR : Trulli? & Davidson?

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  • 26. At 01:45am on 05 Sep 2009, U14102384 wrote:

    REF 25
    "FERRARI : Massa & Alonso (Raikkonnen to test and then take a year out)"
    HahAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHHEEHEHEHEHHheehheehehehehehheheheehehe etc...

    so - Raikkonnen is going to open up an ice cream parlour on his sorjourn.
    do you really think he'll play second fiddle to ANYONE?
    oh - and Fizzi's off to Ferrari after much can one write and allow so many open goals?

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  • 27. At 00:43am on 06 Sep 2009, turner2109 wrote:

    Bruno Senna will definitely be driving next year possibly williams or Brawn Gp depending on what Barrichello wants to do. The new teams will be trying to sign more experienced drivers such as Trulli, Barrichello, Kovolainen with the second drivers being mostly GP2 hopefulls. USGP will obviously sign an american youngster possibly someone such as heidfeld or trulli could partner them with talks of there being an american female driver as part of the line up.

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  • 28. At 3:44pm on 17 Sep 2009, delminister wrote:

    with three or four new teams for next season there will be movers and any of these new teams with the right driver could do a brawn next year so speculation should be rife along the lines of who is going to be in the hot seats of these new teams.

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  • 29. At 06:46am on 24 Sep 2009, the_stath wrote:

    I'm thinking 2010 will look something like this...




    Red Bull




    Force India

    Scuderia Toro Rosso



    -De La Rosa


    Notable absentees
    -Trulli (too old and slow)
    -Fisichella (Ferrari testing)
    -Senna (useless)
    -Piquet Jr (who'd hire him now??)

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