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Just how hot is Jenson Button right now?

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F1 Mole | 03:43 UK time, Saturday, 28 March 2009

His Brawn Grand Prix team may well be tipped to get on to the top of the podium in Australia but the Mole understands Jenson Button was really feeling the heat in Friday's practice sessions.

A tiny hole in the Brawn cockpit left the Englishman exposed to some leaking heat from his radiator.

Unable to keep taking the heat in his sensitive regions, he had to leap out of his car.

Jenson Button and new Brawn sponsor Richard Branson soak up the sun in Melbourne

By then, Button had already been through the rigours of an official media conference at Albert Park.

It is fascinating to watch the drivers squirm their way through the sessions; Fernando Alonso texting on his mobile, Lewis Hamilton hanging his head with his shades around his neck and Sebastian Vettel smirking like a naughty schoolboy.

The stare of the media room is one place where the drivers really stick together.

When the drivers were asked about the diffuser row, Grand Prix Drivers' Association director Mark Webber gamely answered - with a very nicely judged response - before Hamilton said: "I agree with Mark."

What did Alonso think? The Spaniard pointed at Webber. And rookie Sebastien Buemi? He also pointed the finger at Webber - a rare moment of driver unity.


  • 1. At 08:23am on 28 Mar 2009, dawdawes wrote:

    A superb job by JB and Rubens,its about time a minnow came good.

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  • 2. At 08:43am on 28 Mar 2009, Katyaa wrote:

    Stunning, just what the doctor ordered - can't wait for the race, so much positivity for Jense and Rubens - go guys, you can do it - 1, 2 - Jenson 1 though :-)

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  • 3. At 08:47am on 28 Mar 2009, danbanfa wrote:

    congratulations with the coverage this morning a few teething problems but not bad for a 12 year sabbatical, it was strange watching and waiting for an advert that never came!

    I only got into F1 near the end of the BBC's last coverage so have only really ever known ITV, Am glad Martin Brundle has come across as he is second to none but finding it pretty hard to enjoy hearing jonathan legard, he sounds like he is comentating on a horse race, with brundles experience and ability to convey technical information into layman's terms i find legard's contribution almost a 'dumbing down' of the action, and although James Allen was not everybodies cup of tea his excitement worked well against Brundles controlled & witty comments.

    I look forward to tomorrows race!

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  • 4. At 08:48am on 28 Mar 2009, simptheo wrote:

    Excellent qualifying session, the field was so close and top man Jenson on pole. The qualifying was only slightly spoilt by the truly annoying Eddie Jordan!!

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  • 5. At 08:57am on 28 Mar 2009, ferrariSchumi wrote:

    HI All,

    I on the other hand never enjoyed the commentary, i am not sure on the guys names, but the guy in with Martin Brundle, sounded like he was commentating the horse racing, not only that, when Martin Brundle started to talk, he just spoke over him...Not good.

    As for that other chap who was with DC and EJ, what is he doing there..he just seemed out of his depth..DC and EJ were good, atleast we got opinions from pros, not some chap who looked out of sorts...

    Quali was good, Brawn has always been the man, and well done to him, JB and RB. Nice to see Virgin in F1 and with Brawn..good match..

    I still say watch those ferraris, i think they are filled with fuel, they would have known they never had a chance at pole, so now it a strategy game rather then pace...Damage control...Plus if they get as high as possible and those rear diffusers are disallowed, those teams using them will lose all their points, putting Ferrari back at top...

    I will be watching and waiting on the outcome of that be honest i do not mind if it stays..well done to those guys for spotting this and making use of its adb=vantages..

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  • 6. At 09:08am on 28 Mar 2009, Thesurfingsquid wrote:

    I have been a JB fan since the start, so fantastic to see him getting the drive he deserves!
    Eddie Jordan is annoying and Legard sounds like he is acting the part of the commentator. Early days though.
    Thrilled that the season has started!!

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  • 7. At 09:31am on 28 Mar 2009, evofour0 wrote:

    I was really pleased when I heard the BBC had got the F1 coverage back. But so far I've found it very average. I was never a great fan of James Allen but he was far better than Legard. Eddie Jordan is hopeless. DC was OK. Jake Humphries was also OK. Thank god they managed to get Martin Brundle on board. Girl in the pits very average.
    Cutting from the press conference to give Branson free publicity was very poor.
    Really hope it improves.

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  • 8. At 10:12am on 28 Mar 2009, red_in_helsinki wrote:

    Best qualifying I've seen in ages.

    Have to do something about Eddie Jordan, though. Need to surgically remove his nasal protruberance from Bernard Charles "Bernie" Ecclestone's nether regions. He also needs to stop referring to Rubens Barichello as "his" driver. That was a long time ago, when there was a Jordan-run team.

    Looking forward to the race.

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  • 9. At 10:36am on 28 Mar 2009, datsuk wrote:

    what i am interested in is if the press will start praising button like they did lewis last year and lewis will be not be in the spotlight anymore and how he will react to that.

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  • 10. At 12:57pm on 28 Mar 2009, seisteve wrote:

    Boy, did I feel sorry for Martin, he has the knowledge the experience and should be number one commentator which didn't come across as Legard spoke over Martin and made several errors on words, location and technology (maybe the BBC are looking for another Murrey!!).

    BBC, you guys did a great job and I love hearing the cars in the background of the commentary team, but remember that Martin got an award or two for doing what he does best and I suggest you let him get on with it by having a whisper in Mr Legards ear. Remind him that it is not Radio and we also see the same pictures!!

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  • 11. At 2:28pm on 28 Mar 2009, Mikeyboy45 wrote:

    Great qualifying session it's amazing how each year they try to slow the cars down, but they just get quicker. Great to see Jenson with a smile back on his face and you couldn't ask for two nicer guys to be setting the pace.

    How long it will last for, only time will tell as the other teams develop their cars, but great to see Ferrari and McLaren having to play catch up for a change.

    Have to say I thought the coverage was pretty good and that the BBC have hit the ground running. Thought Jake did a good job and definitely no worse than the two anchor men that ITV had. Is it just me or does there appear to be a bit of an atmosphere between EJ and DC?

    Can't wait for the race turn one should be very interesting.

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  • 12. At 2:50pm on 28 Mar 2009, f1indica wrote:

    well done to the bbc nice job,(ej? no no no) anthony davidson at practice and david coulhard on race day were great. fantastic to see the pecking order turned on its head. cant wait for the race :)

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  • 13. At 3:26pm on 28 Mar 2009, mblooman2001 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 14. At 4:41pm on 28 Mar 2009, phil_highrez wrote:

    Maybe car number 22 is lucky for British drivers...

    Lets hope its another race win in Australia for car number 22 - and just maybe another championship challenge from car number 22.

    Well done Brawn and Go Jenson - its about time you had the equipment you deserved. Are Honda going to regret pulling out I wonder?

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  • 15. At 4:50pm on 28 Mar 2009, phil_highrez wrote:

    Even better to see the fuel weights released (see the ITV F1 news site!), showing Brawn had the most fuel of the top runners (22-23 laps) which is 4-5 laps more than the Ferraris have - so that is another kick in the teeth for the reds (and just about everyone else in the field!)

    Note to the BBC:
    Not a bad job so far but can you please get your F1 news as up to date as ITV, especially over the F1 weekend. They are not covering F1 this year and they still have more recent news than the BBC site does.

    Also can you please show the top 3 FULL drivers press conference, at least online if not live. Cutting to Branson, as much as I like the fact that Virgin are in F1, was just ridiculous when the top 3 all had something to say, not just Jenson.

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  • 16. At 5:06pm on 28 Mar 2009, KEVCHENK0 wrote:


    Actually both ferraris are running quite light and JB is fairly heavy. They now have to give the weights before the race:

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  • 17. At 5:46pm on 28 Mar 2009, HilleHaveEyes wrote:

    I think the BBC did a great job, great to see all the content without commercials, but...

    I totally agree about Jonathan Legard. Qualifying is not a houserace, don't commentate like it is! It was horrible! Also, Brundle is the main man so learn your place! Martin Brundle has more experience as a combination F1 racer and journalist than anyone else on the planet (although I think DC will be a contender a few years from now, great job from him!) Also agree that Lee McKenzie needs to keep busier in the pitlane, hope we hear from her more on the race days when drivers retire.

    But a great first show, just please, please, please sort out the commentary!

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  • 18. At 5:57pm on 28 Mar 2009, truckingscooby wrote:

    ive only seen reruns on pc but would like to say very well done jenson i hope it continues for you & your team,,i followed you with honda & was very dissapointed at the news of honda pulling out of f1,,but its looking good now,,also well done to ross braun for taking it on & richard branson for getting involved,,i shall be watching f1 now with great interest & excitement,,good luck too to rubens keep it up,,,go go go ,,,

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  • 19. At 6:15pm on 28 Mar 2009, Danshevik wrote:

    That was an Hamiltonesque last second pole position winner.

    If their are no reliability issues tomorrow, Button will at least make the podium.

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  • 20. At 6:17pm on 28 Mar 2009, tpott55 wrote:


    You summed it up just about perfectly, completely agree :)

    Great to see JB & RB at the sharp end of the grid, hopefully they can both get on the podium tmw!!

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  • 21. At 6:42pm on 28 Mar 2009, preciousMaccaGirl wrote:

    firstly I really enjoyed the first practice session with Anthony Davidson - he was very good. I liked Jake , but I couldn't bear that Legard guy's voice; it was like listening to a strict school teacher and it didn't help him fluffing his first line either! Thank God for Martin Brundle. I was plesantly surprised by DC's contribution but didn't think the gel of DC and EJ was quite right. Wasn't happy at the loss of picture at end of quali 2 though. Why on earth were the drivers interviews cut short for the Branson advertising trail?? and what was all that 'we've poduced a cleaner fuel' business? Unfortunately i really needed an advert as I found myself needing a bathroom break and a cup of tea would have been good too, but I'll have to not drink on Race day!! lol

    I guess for the first attempt after so long it wasnt too bad, and far better than when the BBC had it before (I remember the programme starting once and the race was already underway). They have learned a lot from ITV's coverage. A 6/10 from me (mainly because of Legard irritating voice)

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  • 22. At 9:51pm on 28 Mar 2009, f1adeb wrote:

    Great to see BGP stuff the lot of them today. What a dream start. Well Done JB,RB & RB2.
    Just one thought I had today though........How many more sponsors will be on that car for the next race.

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  • 23. At 9:52pm on 28 Mar 2009, gp-gudgy wrote:

    Oh dear Honda, what have you done?
    Oh dear Honda, you chose to leave F1!
    You may have feared that all of your hard work had gone to waste,
    But hopefully, now Brawn's in charge, Button may get a taste,
    Of victories that he deserves, and hasn't had for a while,
    And hopefully give him and Rubens, more reasons to give a smile!
    So Good luck all at BRawn GP on your first year in F1!
    And if Jenson comes home first tomorrow, FANTASTIC! JOB WELL DONE!

    All the very best to all at BRawn GP for 2009!

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  • 24. At 10:07pm on 28 Mar 2009, pigster104 wrote:

    Fantastic job by JB and RB, made up for Jenson after his tribulations. LH showed a little pace just prior to his gearbox gremlins - so don't write him off . . . time to see if he really is special, and wring a result from a poor car.
    Worryingly for the competition, JB said his car was much better full of fuel!!
    BBC coverage was OK, but nothing special - the jury's out on MB's commentating partner.
    Jordan was a bit of a pratt I'm afraid.

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  • 25. At 10:20pm on 28 Mar 2009, StewartF1 wrote:

    Now thats what you call a "Hot Lap"!

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  • 26. At 10:24pm on 28 Mar 2009, Kamasa wrote:

    Well I have to say, I am very pleased that F1 has returned to the BBC.
    I love the Intro Music (The Chain) and the fact that there is now no breaks woohoo. :)

    Well done to JB and RB for their pole and second place. It is awesome to see the qualifying soo close in the opening race of the season. I was on the edge of my seat from the word GO.

    I am a Ferrari fan myself, however I would love to see the likes of Brawn GP and Vettel from Red Bull do well this season. I am looking forward to the catch up processes from the likes of Ferrari and McLaren this season.

    Note for the BBC:

    Jonathan Legard was very annoying to be honest, I just wanted to hear more of Martin Brundell's voice as he makes more sense and doesn't mix his words up. It definitely sounded like a horse racing event, or a Radio channel. We can see the moving pictures... honest hehe.

    Eddie Jordon was unfortunately very annoying, I didn't expect that to be honest. I felt sorry for DC as he hardly got a chance to talk due to Eddie's long winded explanations of irrelevant information.

    I think Jake did a brill job for his first F1 experience and his blog is pretty cool also, keep up the good work m8.

    Replace Eddie with Mark from ITV and get a new commentator to go with Martin. Also don't cut out the press conference as we all want to see it, ITV used to do that sometimes and it was equally annoying :(

    Overall a pretty good start to the season BBC, keep up the great work.

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  • 27. At 10:55pm on 28 Mar 2009, rsachris wrote:

    Jonathan Legard was very annoying to be honest, I just wanted to hear more of Martin Brundell's voice as he makes more sense and doesn't mix his words up. It definitely sounded like a horse racing event, or a Radio channel. We can see the moving pictures.

    i agree we can't listen him talking over martin all season

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  • 28. At 00:13am on 29 Mar 2009, TheHistoryGirl wrote:

    First things first: well done Jenson! I am absolutely thrilled that things are finally coming good for him. I was a huge fan from the off and it is such an adrenaline rush after having to endure some dismal seasons at BAR and Honda - if I feel like this god only knows how elated he must be! I think I may have to dig out my Jenson t-shirt which I purchased c.2000 for the race, which I can not wait for!
    As for the BBC coverage I liked Jake and I think people will get used to him as he settles into the role, he clearly has a passion for the sport which I think will come across more as the season progresses. Also liked DC, very informed and opinionated which was nice. All I can remember about Eddie is him going on and on about how wonderful Bernie is and subsequently feeling nauseous.
    The biggest let down for me was certainly Jonathan Legard. Maybe this is because I really REALLY didn't like James Allen - I felt he spoke to us like we were idiots most of the time and was generally OTT in a bad way. Therefore, I was most excited about a new comentator alongside MB, but unfortuatly Legard just grated. It was terrible the way he kept speaking over MB, getting things wrong, trailing off sentences, and at the end of Q3 I thought it was abismal the way he just focused on Jenson (even worse than Allen was with Hamilton), not even realising who else had crossed the line and in what position! If anything this took away from Jenson's superb lap.
    Also agree with the website comment, ITV did a cracking job with their website, and whilst I won't miss having 'pit babes' thrust in my face every time I want to check in on F1 news, BBC have got to keep up to date especially during a race weekend.

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  • 29. At 09:56am on 29 Mar 2009, ScottyMuser wrote:

    was it just me, or did anyone else get irritated by Brundle calling a lrage part of the race WRONG (similar to in the old days on ITV in that respect). For instance, Kimi was SHOWN coming into the pits, with a slightly damaged wing,them changing it, then less than a minute later we get a replay of how he did it (scraping the wall) and Brundell got all excited and saying how Kimi has made a mistake, and it could cost him as he may have damaged the front wing, seemingly not even realising what a replay is FOR. And then there was the comments at the end of lewis, when clearly ANYONE who had been following the racing knew that Trulli was a good second AHEAD of Lewis on the laps leading up to the vettal and kubica crash, and the only way lewis could therefore have gotten past was by mistake under the safety car condition. I actually though Legard did easily as good a job as Brundell, didn't get as many things wron,g stayed calm and informative

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  • 30. At 11:26am on 29 Mar 2009, SwimbabeUK71 wrote:

    Fantastic result for Jenson and the team.
    Glad Martin is still with us but Jonathan Legard needs to work out he is commenting on a F1 race not a horse race and know his place when Martin is talking. The girl talking to the drivers is not great either - she needs to show some kind of excitement and ask better questions.
    Whilst it was quite annoying I do actually miss James's "Hello everybody"........
    Great race to kick off with.

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  • 31. At 7:50pm on 01 Apr 2009, danbanfa wrote:

    well now i have found the blog area again can i say my opinion of legard has not changed from my initial impression watching qualifying, bumbling through the race trying to talk about the kers system in which he obviously has not got a clue about, is he reading off a prompt board?

    i agree with a previous comment to say the first race coverage was average with potential, Brasons free advertising instead of press conference is not on, obviouslly you cant avoid advertising which is not a bbc policy but they do not need to promote branson he does not need it!

    one last point, i am a massive hamilton fan but it seemed the later stages of the race focused on hamilton when we should have been watching other battles; jenson at the front being chased by vettel, ferrie accidents etc,

    looking forward to the next GP it can only get better and yes its great to have the chain back!

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  • 32. At 11:34am on 04 Apr 2009, jamie346 wrote:


    Can you tell David Coultard that Scottish Summer Days are not like a Malaysian monsoon shower. We might not have Monaco weather but it is not like David suggested. Rather have our temperate Scottish Summer than the humid hot conditions that many countries have

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