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Kat's mystery man: Your thoughts...

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Katy R | 16:00 UK time, Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Last week we asked you who (out of the 5 suspects) would be most likely to turn Kat's head...

It looks like Jack Branning was your man of the match (so to speak)! He received 33.7% of your votes. The only person to challenge him was hunky Ray who nabbed a respectable 24.9%. You pretty much benched Derek (14.5%) and Michael (14.6%), and gave Max (12.4%) a red card!

So, will your predictions be right or are you off your game!?

Max, Ray, Derek, Kat, Michael, and Jack


Here are a few viewer tweets about Kat and her #Lover from last week:

 'Kat's secret man is so gonna be Jack! #Eastenders' 'I really hope I'm wrong but I think Derek is #KatsMysteryLover' 'So after watching EastEnders Kat's 'mysterious lover' is Max'




  • Comment number 1.

    Jack or max predictions ?

  • Comment number 2.

    i dont think its any of the above! it could be some one younger like fat boy or joey! u never know lol

  • Comment number 3.

    Urmmm... I fink itz Derek but that would b just so ewww!!:/

  • Comment number 4.

    I think its Jack or Ray, not Michael or Derek though

  • Comment number 5.

    I don't think it would be ray it's to obvious!

  • Comment number 6.

    P.S whens a new easties coming out!!?

  • Comment number 7.

    I'm pretty sure it's Michael.


    It wouldn't be Derek simply because in the scene where Kat meets her 'secret lover' the shadow on the wall was of somebdy tall and slim.
    Jack and Max aren't in it that much these days, plus they seemed to be more playful than flirty towards Kat, so I don't think it's either of them. And that would be too obvious.
    And I agree, Ray would be too obvious too. Lastly, I read in exclusive spoilers that it is Michael, but of course they might change that plan if too many people start expecting it.

  • Comment number 8.

    For me, it comes to Michael or Derek. My reasons:

    Derek: He doesn't care about Alfie, he never has done. Alfie is just a pawn in his dodgey deals. So that's my reason why I think it's him. But then again, as someone mentioned the shadow not being his size, tall and slim.. which comes to my other victim.

    Michael: It's clear he doesn't care about anyone, and he even said he loved Kat to her face, they were planning on going away together because of the baby. Michael married Janine for her money and he aims to get it! Plus Janine is leaving the soap, so why would she leave? My money would be on Michael.

    Reasons for not being any of the others?

    Max, Jack, Ray respect Alfie a lot, they wouldnt do that to him, Max is engaged, you think he'd do the same mistake again after what happened last time? He did get buried alive by Tanya afterall! And she did have cancer, that brought them closer!
    Jacks a respectful man, he wouldn't do that to Alfie. Ray is also a respectful man, cares a lot for his daughter, and his daughter wouldnt approve of what he's doing.
    And it's too obvious to be Ray, way too obvious.

    They're my thoughts anyway.

  • Comment number 9.

    My thoughts are it's Jack or Ray.

    Derek is currently in a storyline with the whole Alice/Joey family bond storyline so I don't think it's him.
    Max is in an Engagement storyline with Tanya so I don't think it'd be him
    Micheal is in a storyline with Janine about the family unit etc etc.

    Jack hasn't really had a storyline since the Baby Swap storyline and Ray hasn't really had a storyline yet. That's my analysis

  • Comment number 10.

    I think it's micheal ....

  • Comment number 11.

    My money is on Michael too. Kat is really bored, she needs adventure, she needs a bad boy and Michael sure can do being bad. Also, Kat and Michael have always had this chemistry, and they have a child as well. Also, whoever Kat has an affair with, is stalking her and it looks like something Michael would do as he is a psycho. And - he doesn't really care for Janine, he's always been after her money. Don't think it's Ray, he doesn't have enough money to rent a flat for Kat and he is focused on his children and Kim, not on chasing married ladies. Don't think any of Branning brothers would stalk someone like Kat (and she wouldn't put her marriage in jeopardy for someone like Derek).

  • Comment number 12.

    This has now become soooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 13.

    I can't believe the producers think this is a storyline people want to watch. Seriously, Kat's character has been completely destroyed. She shouldn't have been brought back at all. Such as shame that her return came at the expense of losing Ronnie and for what, a diabolical storyline and the most horrid character left in Kat.

    The way Kat has been written is terrible. Realistically none of these man would give her a second look and Jack, Max and Ray won't do this to Alfie so if it is any of them it is completely out of character. This storyline is plot driven nonsense, very contrived with things like Kat giving worried looks to all five of them. She has only slept with one so how are the looks to all these other man explained? Her talking on the phone and s*agging the shadow in the cellar got boring before it even showed.
    I can't believe EE, the programme that won every award going only three years ago, has scooped so low.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Everyone,

    I have received some details about Kat Slaters' Mystery affair and who it turns out that it is either Tyler or Anthony Moon AKA The Moon Brothers... In Advance ... I am sorry for giving out this information to those who wanted to be surprised and find out from the Actual Eastenders Episode.

    Thank you ...
    Good Bye ...

  • Comment number 15.

    SimonCowell107-Made me giggle. Tyler and Anthony are both skint, and they can't get any money from their Dad who is skint too. Kat's lover rented a flat for her to see her whenever he wants AND bought her a phone to keep in touch with her. Also, they are young, good looking lads who can have any girl on the Square they want - why would any of them want a married middle aged woman?

  • Comment number 16.

    P.S. On the other hand, if any of that is true, it's Anthony. Because he does have a history falling for stupid and married women and it's Tyler who gets any lady he wants, but all Anthony gets is rejection. And maybe he has done something he should't have done to get the money? AND he is leaving, so will he run away in shame? That would be such a rubbish exit story line - I mean -EWWWWWW!:(



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