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Photo spoilers: Smoke and Amira's

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Week commencing 31 October 2011


Although he's lurking in the background, Yusef is in the eye of this storm. Amira's nose is clearly out of joint, but will Christian be able to turn the other cheek?

Christian, Syed, Amira, Yusef and Zainab


Ladies' Man

Anthony goes to the salon to see The Square's most polished double act. But what is he after - surely not a man-icure?!

Jodie, Poppy, Anthony


Point blank rage

Uh oh, you don't want to be on the receiving end of Zainab's nail biting fury! Will Yusef manage to twist her back around his little finger?

Zainab and Yusef


Ah no, it's just Roxy. Rather than letting down her hair though, it's more likely that she's pulling it out! Janine's on the war path - but why?

Janine and Roxy

Daddy (not) cool

Jack looks ill at ease, or is he worried sick? The main question is - what are they all doing in Walford General?

Roxy, Jack and Carol

Mum's the word

Looks like Roxy needs some Booty sleep! Why does the last lady Mitchell in Walford (apart from Amy) look like a broken woman?


Enough to send you Dot-ty!

Who said living with your sister would be a bed of roses? Is Dot starting to think that having her's around is like a thorn in her side?

Dot, Rose and Reverend Stevens  

Cat's out of the bag

Anthony's been having a little bit of trouble working out which booty-licious girl he likes. Should Jodie now worry that her mate may take a pop(py) at her?

Jodie and Anthony


  • Comment number 1.

    whoooo first one to comment. looks like a great week. zainab is finally telling yusef that she had enough, go on zainab. i wonder what happened to amy i really wanna know. i think syed and amira should get back together

  • Comment number 2.

    I can't stand Amira, Yusef and Ben plotting against Christian & Syed, they have overcome so much to be together and they are the most loving couple in Enders. I know they're relationship will be really tested but i am sure they will come out of this situation an even stronger couple. Long live Chryed ♥♥♥.

  • Comment number 3.

    I LOVEE AMIRRAAA!!!!! SHE'S SO FEISTY!! HOPE SHE BREAKS UP Christian and Syed! And Hope she breaks up their relationshio just like Christian broke her heart! GOO AMIRAAA!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! I dislike Christian (you might have gathered that)
    Amira and Syed should be together, and Christian should be Roxy... Syed and Christian DEFINATELY SUIT EACH OTHER! IT LOOKS SO ODD... And when they kiss.. *no comment.*

  • Comment number 4.

    Agree with Elaine, Christian should leave Amira and Syed alone. Amira should get her husband back. Christian snatched Syed of Amira, she should do the came. Cant stand Zainab and Yousaf. They should both suffer. good week

  • Comment number 5.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 6.

    erm syed is gay! why would ppl want him to get back with amira?! if syed got back with her she wouldnt be happy he likes men!!

  • Comment number 7.

    Regardless, syed should be with someone else, male or female, because christian is just a CREEP!

  • Comment number 8.

    Antony's luck is finally looking up!
    Good for him :)
    Liking the look of this week.
    I like Christian and Syed being together because they gel very well.
    Amira has changed for the worse and its obvious she hasn't gotten over Syed's betrayel
    But still a good week

  • Comment number 9.

    @tariq I just found that out too. For Yusef: Haha! What goes around comes around!
    Why do Eastenders always make Christmas sad? Can't they make it happy for once!?

    Can't stand amira. She is a right nasty piece of work. I think Syed will ruin his relationship with Christian.

    That Janine bit looks so funny! Can't wait for that! :D

  • Comment number 10.

    I don't understand the comments saying Syed should get back together with Amira. 1) He's gay, 2) he's gay, and 3) HE'S GAY. Syed clearly never loved Amira romantically, only as a friend, and was with her because he thought he had to be. Now that he's out and proud, why would he ever get back together with her? He deserves better, Amira deserves better and Yasmin deserves parents who are happy, not just together out of convenience.

  • Comment number 11.

    i can not believe my eyes as i have cat them over these comments have people gone mad Syed and Amira should get back together can anyone remeber he is GAY by the way Chreyd are the best couple in walford apart from Whitney an Fatboy eastenders has gone a bit boring at the moment and all the producers think about is Kat she is a awful character always moody and miserable hate her oh she slept with a man big deal they would have never made a big as a deal if it was anyone else and poor Jean i really like Jean i think she should get with Norman and i like Pat but she was afwul too her last week i feel sorry for Jean long live Jean i think 6eastenders should do a murder storyline where there are 6 people who could be the potential victim all wearing the same mrs christmas coustume with the same hat so you cant see there hair and the people who are could be the victim are

    1. Janine 2. Roxy 3. Amira 4. Lauren 5. Mandy 6. Jodie

    and then it would there could be two questions who was the murderer and which one was killed? please leave a comment about what you think of my storyline and tell me who you would like to be killed and who you think could be the murderer

  • Comment number 12.

    Honestly Eastenders, can we all please remember Syed is gay. I don't think a gay man should be even thinking of returning to his so called wife. He didn't love her in the first place, he wanted Christian from the start, anyone should be able to see that. She is manipulative and selfish, and lets face it, if it hadn't been for Yusef rocking the boat, She would never have returned. Isn't it time for Eastenders to give us a happy end for Walfords only gay couple.After all, thats life.

  • Comment number 13.

    I have read what happens to amy on digital spy. Its a horrid story. And will definatley bring tears to roxy's eyes when it all takes its toll. If you want to find out go on digital spy-Soaps-eastenders. And it should give a few upcoming storylines including this. And also i don't get why everyone is saying amira is mean. I know the decisions she has made since her return have seemed harsh but why shouldn't they be. I think christian has forgotten that he was amira's friend and he took away her husband. What friend does that. And now all he can do is make mean comments about her and only want to see her to talk about a divorce between her a syed. Thats harsh:L

  • Comment number 14.

    Just found out that Amy nearly drowns in the bath in Ben and Jay's care. Yusef saves her though. But then we find out that Amy has had a fractured wrist for some time...

    Just saw the script peek. MAX IS BACK FOR CHRISTMAS!!! WHOOOOOO! It's about time! :D

  • Comment number 15.

    danny- they did a simalr murder storyline with archie which was brilliant if they did another janine should be the victim and suspects-well everyone and the money would go to ricky or summet like that

    also amira should let christian have contactwith yasmin and syed should get half custody, just a reminder to everyone who says they should get back together, its impossible hes gay just like christian whichalso means no roxy and christian either. the storyline with amy roxy jack ben and jay though should be good :D!

  • Comment number 16.

    Nahh, Amira won't be able to break up Christian and Syed XD

  • Comment number 17.

    Janine's character is far too good to kill off. She is truly very entertaining to watch. But I agree with earlier comments re Kat Slater character. Too moody and sick of her not credible storylines. Should not have brought her back. Also should not have brought back the idiot Mandy. Did not like her character before and still don't. Grating to say the least. Archie was truly the best character ever on the street apart from Den. Scripwriters take note please.

  • Comment number 18.

    omg janine is so rude cant she just get that no one likes her in the sqaure!!!
    awww poor poppy when jodie kisses antony... HE IS SOO HOOTTTT :D i love him...
    i think amira really needs to just back off and accept that syed is with christian... you cant ungay someone with a baby o.O
    awww and poor roxy... will she lose amy?? no one knows... :(

  • Comment number 19.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 20.

    Why is it that Creep Yusef is always hanging around, does he never work at his surgery? this isn't real life, And why can't the Masoods see through him always creeping about as if he lives in their house, normal families would tell him to back off and mind his own buisiness, or haven't they got the guts to tell him, C'Mon Mas biff him one right on the chops. GET RID OF YUSEF THE CREEP!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 21.

    Hi everyone!. Right this is what i think.... Kat is a brilliant actress but the producers make her come across as a moody old women! Give her more of a juicy story line to get stuck in2.. Syed & Ameria should NOT get back 2geva! This storyline could be made in2 somerhing brilliant like Ameria having to leave or getting killed off and Syed and Christan getting full custody of Yasmin.. Poor little Amy she doesnt get paid that much attention at the best of times does she......... Jack should be sorting this out once and 4 all!. Mandy and ian relationship is an absoloute joke!!!.... So glad Max is coming back as i love him! Defo think him and Tanya should get back 2geva he will make everything ok in the Branning household!. Hope every1 enjoys it next week.xx

  • Comment number 22.

    I think this week looks amaz!!! Christian and Syed should definatly stay, they are perfect!!!!!! Amira is just anoyin!!! i agree with ava sawyer LONG LIVE CHRYED

  • Comment number 23.

    This week looks really good and I hope Christian & Syed don't split up cause their the best gay couple in the soap! If they were to split up cause of Amira then there will be no gay couple in Eastenders really. GO ON ZAINAB show him whos boss haha! I hate Yusef, I'm sorry, if anybody here likes him, yeah he is a good actor as 'the villain' but I just think he needs to go, sorry but i really don't like him in eastenders. Hollyoaks, stylus is much better sorry... anyway i know hes getting a bit too old now but where is Jim, cause Dot never seems to be with Jim anymore, i know hes had quite a lot of strokes and stuff but it feels different when Dot's with all these other men. Its a good job she stands up to them and tells them to leave her alone, I love that about her! I don't know why but I would really like Roxy and Jack to get together... I don't get the Janine storyline thing cause she bought Tanya & Greg's house so Greg left and Tanya moved into Max's then Janine is going to buy Roxy's... it dont make any sense sorry but shes kicking people out of there own homes and you just don't do that.. haha but i guess thats what makes her a villian!! Shes an amazing actress though i have to say as a villain!! Oohhh i've just read on Digital soap spy that Max will return in apparently what is called 'the huge Branning week' which will be aired from November 21st and its on for five nights just for that week! Apparently Max will return joined by his fearsome brother Derek! Its also somewhere on the Eastenders Website. Wow what a shocker! Whatever happens in eastenders is always great and the endings are always the most shocking duff duff moments ever so keep it up actors,actresses,producers,directors etc your making a huge soap like this its fantastic thats why its my favourite soap!! By the way apparently Branning week will be a load of lies and secrets which will rock the family in a week that Walford is sure to remember, I know i will!! Thank youu to everyone at Eastenders, we love you all!! xx

  • Comment number 24.


  • Comment number 25.

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  • Comment number 26.

    i'm, fed up with Usef conniving makes me sick and hopes that this fiasco soon comes to an end... grrrrr

  • Comment number 27.

    I think its great to have a gay couple on eastenders!Christian and Syed are great together, and apparently CHristian asks amira to move in with them! i mean!?!? Yuesef is just getting to me, i cant belive what he did with the DNA test! sooooo unfair!!! i want Chryed to have a happy life together!!!!!!! i love watching them, they are great actors im loving going into their storyline!!! Yuesef dies in a fire! WOOP WOOP!

  • Comment number 28.

    On a completely different note! why do christian and syed ALWAYS have a take away for there tea when all they go on about is being skint!! come on EE not real life!

  • Comment number 29.

    Those DNA results… Who’s the daddy of (Da da daaah!)… Syed??? What if the results of the DNA test show that Yusef could be the father of Yasmin but they are by no means conclusive... They show that Yusef is somehow related to Yasmin... Could it be that Yusef is infact the father of Syed?… Think about it… What a twist that would be!

  • Comment number 30.

    and another thing, it says in the next few episodes that dot and rose are vying for the attention of the priest. DOTS MARRIED and she preaches to other people that they should not cheat! talk about the kettle calling the pot black!

  • Comment number 31.

    deeplydippy dat aint appnin buh ih wud some hell of a storylyn.......
    yuesefs gana ly n say dat its not syedz n der all ganna kik of buh masoods gana say dat yuesefz lyin n l8a he admits ih n zainab as a go at him.........we need a nyc story lyn 4 syed n christian..........n woh da hellz janine playin ah ? ? ? :)

  • Comment number 32.

    i think yusuf is trying to stur trouble amira wants to get back with syed so they can be a family again but he can choose antony is lucky to get jodie but would her best friend poppy like it

  • Comment number 33.

    ooohh anthony... you just missed her lips... :-/ *awkward*...

  • Comment number 34.

    i just wished all the truth about Yusef having burnt Zainab and wrecked the massod's comes out its taken a long time and its getting kind boring its like we are losing the whole Masood story point.And Ben is quite boring if there is nothing good for him why does not he just leave.

  • Comment number 35.

    aww Anthony you just missed her lips I think he suits poppy not Jodie or maybe he should have them both.

  • Comment number 36.

    rose is a pointless character, why is denise still there she dont do nothing. they should bring back todd and he could turn out to be fatboys brother and then they can bring back his dad ashley. todd was played by ashley kumar for all who dont know who he is and whitney kissed him

  • Comment number 37.

    why is it if u have a illness, disorder etc u cant find romance (jean) or if ur not some skinny model loooking female u cant find romance (heather) thats just wrong. lola needs 2 stop bleaching her hair

  • Comment number 38.

    who is blaming amira for wanting to take back what rightfully and legally belongs to her? she is still legally married to sayed and even with his baby. who says sayed can`t be degayed? another serious and effective counsellor should be arranged for sayed and this time should be finally degayed. let duncan come back for ben for those who want gay couple and christian to his other gay partner before he lured syed to it. he has never got married so is ben but syed was legally married and has tasted that life, cure him and let him stay with amira. yusef has been exposed now, masood should make a report to the medical council and his license revoked and give back doctor`s profession etics

  • Comment number 39.

    The story line of Yusef shaking things up for the Masoods, is dragging out too long.. But then again, that is how Eastenders writers do it, drag it out, until you loose interest. Their granddaughter will be in college before the writers will expose Yusef lies and deceit ..I prefer to move it along and let it explode, so then move on to more story lines...but apparently according to Digital Spy.. Yusef is still going to harass Zainab, the woman is supposed to be smart, she should catch on that he is up to no good..
    BUT the story lines are getting a lot worse, now we will see Ben making up serious allagations against Christian...I do not like the up coming story line... Accusing a gay man of molesting, all because Christian does not want to have anything to do with Ben...
    I think in real life, too many kids that do get sexually molested, are turned away and no one believes them.. and now Eastenders writers are laying the emphasis on that, showing how kids can make serious stories like molesting up... I think that is going too far, they should knock this on the head and show that just because a man is gay, doesn't make him a child molester... And the character Yusef using it to add more fuel to the fire is just ridiculous .....
    ......And The character of Phil Mitchel, the story line of made up tales of molesting is making him look like a fool...his scheming son already told him lies about Patrick.. and now Phill is ready to fall for another lie... sigh.... How long will this outrageous story line drag on for?? Until the rapture? lol.......... The whole Ben making up stories about some gay man molesting him is making things so much worse for real life gays...and WORSE for the kids that do in fact get molested and no one believes them
    I have seen too many accuse gays of molesting.. Eastenders writers should know better.... knock it on the head already..you are making it harder for kids in real life that do face sexual abuse...who will believe them once more see how easy Eastenders make it look.... It is unfair.!!!

  • Comment number 40.

    the storyline of eastender is getting really boring,Ben keep on behaving wirdly accusing everyone for nothing,i do not understand the phil and shirley part and the masood i am still waiting for all the truth to come out we saw in the episode of the engagement of tamwar yusef's brother telling him that we put zainab on fire and since nothing about that ,why is the truth about yusef taking so long to come out or maybe it will be at christmas as usual on eastender .................


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