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Photo spoilers: Tyler takes a hit

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Rob Francis | 09:40 UK time, Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Week commencing 12 September 2011

Ring leader

Tyler's packing a punch as he prepares for the fight of his life. Will he be a hit with the crowd, or on the ropes?

Tyler Moon


In safe hands?

All bets are off unless Anthony can lay his hands on some cash to put on Tyler's fight. Does Eddie know you're making a withdrawal from the bank of  Dad, Tyler?

Anthony Moon


In yer face!

Vanessa and Carol aren't seeing eye-to-eye over Eddie, as the latter lets rip with a right old ear-bashing.

Vanessa and Carol



M appeal

Steady boys, one at a time! When Phil solicits a lap dance from Mandy, it's up to white knight Ian to step into the ring once again. Will Phil get his way?

Ian, Mandy and Phil



Moon and (more) Sons

Eddie has a surprise in store as he introduces secret son Craig to Michael. Will Michael be relatively pleased with the new Moon in town?

Eddie and Craig



It's less of a handout and more of a hand it back as Jack catches Darren with his fingers in the till. Silly boy!

Jack and Darren


On the ropes

Tyyler takes time out - on the canvas! Has Yusef got a magic sponge to bring him round, or are things more serious than that?

Yusef, Eddie, Tyler and Anthony




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