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Episode discussion for week 5 - 9 September

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Nickie | 20:00 UK time, Monday, 5 September 2011

EastEnders fans! Hold your silence no longer! Tell us what you think of this week's episodes or forever live with the agony of not having given your tuppenceworth on the following:

Amira's Secret

Did you watch the exclusive mini-episodes? If not - get watching WITH HASTE. If you did, what do you think? Do you feel for Amira? Or does she pose too dangerous a threat to Syed and Christian's relationship?



Eddie's Dilemma

Loose-lips Eddie should know better than to cheat on Carol Branning. He's just lucky her fearsome older brother hasn't made his appearance in Walford yet. Could Vanessa be his match?

Alfie's heartache

Kat's got a bombshell for Alfie but can you blame him for being suspicious? Or does true love mean that you always support your other half, no matter what? Will Kat forgive him for his reaction?

Oh Mandy

So, Mandy seems to have charmed Ian, has she charmed you? Will she be able to cope with the pain of living with Ian Beale 24/7? And will his insurance cover the inevitible property damage?

Divorced from reality?

Will Yusef convince Amira's sinister dad, Qadim, to give Syed the divorce he craves? Or is there no such thing as a free decree nisi? Should Syed and Christian leave well enough alone?

Discuss this and anything else that takes your fancy (about this week's eps) here!




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