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Episode discussion for week starting 12 September

Nickie | 01:00 UK time, Monday, 12 September 2011

This week, in the blue corner... Topless Tyler Moon, Carol 'the Fury' Jackson and Dirty Flirty Darren Miller. Have your say about the week's knock-out action in Walford, or forever hold your punches...

We hate to say I told you so but...

What did Vanessa expect would happen when she nicked Carol's man? Is Carol justified in her wrath? Or did her... how can we put it... difficult temperament contribute to Eddie's dalliance with Vanessa?

Fight night

Tyler takes to the ring for the big fight. Will Whitney be knocked out by Big T in his boxing shorts? Will Tyler reign supreme? And will Michael regret setting his brother up in order to get back at his dad?

Eddie's secret

Michael discovers Eddie's secret... and may want to erase the past month of Machiavellian scheming. Can they put the past behind them? Or is it too late for a true reconciliation? 


Dirty Darren

Darren jumps to conclusions when he catches Jodie in a clinch with Anthony. And retaliates in kind... But which lady suits him best? And doesn't he know that a secret never stays a secret for long in Walford?





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