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The countdown of revelations... 7... 6....

Claire | 20:00 UK time, Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Revelation 7: Mr & Mrs Malloy

Ryan and Janine actually got married?! Turns out they have bigger hearts than we thought. Even after Janine revealed she went home with another man Ryan still said, "Let's take the risk. Let's get married". What a man. Forgiving and forgetting is rare in Albert Square. It brings a tear to our eyes.

Revelation 6: I killed your husband

Oh Stacey. Why did you go and open your mouth? Peggy received a big shocker tonight when Stacey revealed, "I killed your husband. It had nothing to do with Bradley". And with Billy opening the door to Phil, Peggy's night is about to get even worse. Tune in on Thursday for an explosive episode.

Janine and Ryan's Wedding

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