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Brendan Little on creating a veg patch

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Brendan Little Brendan Little | 09:31 UK time, Friday, 24 September 2010

Brendan Little, gardening expert for BBC Northern Ireland answers your questions about growing veg. Send Brendan a question.

Suzanne from Hamilton asks: Next year I'd like to create a vegetable patch. I've read your tips. When is best to start preparing the ground? When is best time to start planting the seeds? Is it better to bring the seeds on in the greenhouse then plant them out?

Answer: Hello Suzanne, now is a great time to begin the planning of your veg patch. My advice is to build one or two raised beds but do assess your site first remembering that your veg will need maximum light. Fill the bed or beds with a good garden soil mixed with compost aiming for a light airy medium that will retain moisture without flooding. If you are just starting out I suggest that you go for direct sowing. Most people tend to sow too thickly so keep this in mind. Seed packets give an outdoor sowing time on the back of the packet and I always stick to this. Trying to 'jump the gun' always leads to tears!


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