My Davos Moment, part 2

  • Tim Weber
  • 25 Jan 07, 11:52 AM

We've asked participants at the World Economic Forum to tell us about their favourite Davos moment.

Mack Gill of software company SunGard is our second contributor. Mack runs SunGard's offshore operations, which is mainly based in India and employs over 1,200 software developers in Pune and Bangalore. Mack is one of the "Young Global Leaders" invited to come to the Forum.

There is a lot of discussion these days about globalization but being here in Davos lets you see it actualized. The mix of nationalities and cultures you meet here is simply amazing, and that’s coming from someone living in NYC.

My favourite Davos moment so far was at the Forum’s Young Global Leader kickoff on Tuesday where I spent an hour with the head of India for a large private equity fund, three politicians from Mongolia, Japan and the European Parliament, a German banker, a Korean media exec, a British lawyer, and the Norwegian head of a software company. We discussed the realities of managing cross-national teams and how to build real bridges, and it was tough not to feel a true sense of community despite our different passports.

Another plus for me here is the ability to connect with India. While I’m in India every 8 weeks, it’s a lot easier to meet with Indian government and business leaders here in this Swiss village than it is in a country of a billion plus people. Yesterday I had the great fortune to have lunch with the Chairman of Infosys and that is the kind of meeting that makes being here so rewarding.

In the opening session yesterday German Chancellor Angela Merkel quoted an African proverb which I thought nicely summed up the feeling here: if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.

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