Face recognition

  • Tim Weber
  • 26 Jan 07, 01:32 PM

As I mentioned before security is tight, and when entering the conference centre we have to check in using our electronic badges. When I hold my badge against the reader, my picture, name and access rights show up on a computer screen. Then all things metal and all bags go through an x-ray machine

Without a badge, you won't get far here. For some, though, the staff might be tempted to make an exception. But they don't.

As I rush out of the conference centre to go to a briefing, Bono walks up and as he is without a bag or other accessories, he tries to jump the queue at the x-ray machine.

But he is turned back firmly by a security guard. Just as she does so, she hesitates.

"Bono?", she asks. He nods. She smiles - but points him to the badge reader regardless.

Security is tight in Davos.

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  • At 02:13 PM on 26 Jan 2007,
  • Pat wrote:

if only bono had to go through more security checks, the world would be a better place!

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  • At 02:44 PM on 26 Jan 2007,
  • Jonathan wrote:

Couldn't agree more. Turns up to an event full of our elected representatives and someone with an ego the size of the hole in the ozone layer thinks he can sidestep security. Queue like everyone else!

yeah, Bono should Queue forgodsake.

Great history.

I think, Bono is doing big efforts to help Africa

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