Does anyone out there like me?

  • Richard Sambrook
  • 26 Jan 07, 03:32 PM

"If you want an employee who is really efficient and dependable advertise for a woman who has never had an orgasm." It's not all big issues at Davos. For the last two years one of the sell-out sessions has been with sex therapist and psychologist Dagmar O'Connor. She talks about improving relationships and self-esteem. Her advice is eagerly sought by the CEOs and particularly their spouses trying to balance their power-driven lives. Her message seems to be "Love yourself and remember it's OK not to be perfect" - not an idea that is always accepted in business or public life. But after some frank discussion and tales of dysfunctional relationships most leave the session at least feeling their own lives may not be as bad as they feared.

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  • At 12:45 PM on 27 Jan 2007,
  • John wrote:

I can imagine the furore a job advert that included that would engender.

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