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Programme 1 - Extra Videos!

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Graham Gillies | 22:35 UK time, Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We hope you really enjoyed Mark's first programme, North America. Don't forget you can watch it again on iPlayer for the next three weeks. There's an extra special treat here for everyone. Three exclusive videos that Mark filmed on the road from Alaska to the US/Mexico border.


Video, Wild Camping

Mark tries to find a quiet spot to pitch his tent off the highway in the Wastach Mountains of Utah, USA. Camping out can be difficult and dangerous in parts of the United States as wild animals and natives can be very territorial.

Video, Sign Post Forest

Mark stops at the remarkable Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake in the Yukon, Canada. The forest was started in 1942 by a homesick soldier who marked the way to his home with a simple sign. Now over 65,000 signs have been put up in the forest by travellers along the Alaska Highway.

Video, Lonely Restaurant

To cycle the massive distance of the Americas, Mark has to consume over three times the calories of a normal adult male. That means eating lots of large meals, but dining solo in restaurants also serves as a reminder of how far away from home he is.


  • 1. At 11:36pm on 23 Mar 2010, nelsonsclaret wrote:

    An excellent first show. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Brilliant effort Mr Beaumont, would love to do something like this myself. I would have been scared too in the presence of those grizzly bears! Can't wait till the next episode :-D

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  • 2. At 11:42pm on 23 Mar 2010, David wrote:

    What an inspirational program! Climbing Mount McKinley..."the first major challenge" of Mark Beaumont's cycle tour of the US? Never mind all those miles clocked up on the saddle. Fantastic. Makes me want to make the effort to DO something! :-)

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  • 3. At 08:33am on 24 Mar 2010, Graham wrote:

    Wow...what a challenge. A friend and I are riding from Mexico to Canada through the Rockies this summer so it was great to see Mark undertaking a much bigger challenge. We will supported for three of the six weeks ride though by one of those dreaded RV's! Can't wait for the next two episodes.

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  • 4. At 10:47am on 24 Mar 2010, geegeedee wrote:

    Just watched the first doc. It was excellent.
    I've been following the online journey on a daily basis and I'm so glad that I did. Obviously due to time constraints for the TV there was so much that had to be omitted or shortened and I don't think the doc made it look as difficult as it obviously was at times. Alaska to the Mexican border in 50 minutes, including climbing Denali - easy peasy? I think not!
    Also the daily chore of finding enough food and water was sort of glossed over but maybe that will show up more in the next two instalments.
    The views of Denali were fantastic as was the scenery from the road journey. Great camerawork.
    While watching the doc I realised that I had not been aware of two climbers having fallen and died on Denali at the time you were on the mountain. Did you mention this at the time? I'll go back and check the blogs when I've finished this.
    Congratulations again Mark. looking forward to the rest of the series and just about to listen to the Radio Scotland doc at 11 am.
    George in Glasgow
    Still no plans to include Glasgow on the tour itinerary?

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  • 5. At 3:55pm on 24 Mar 2010, geegeedee wrote:

    Ok, just listened to the radio diary and it was excellent as well although different in that it was all about the Denali climb but it gave a very good idea of the challenges faced by the climbing team. Much darker feel to this than the TV doc obviously because of the two climbers on another expedition who fell. I went back to read the blogs in June on Denali and there was no mention at the time of these fatalities.

    Sounded like you were really looking forward to getting off the mountain and on to the bike even though you had all those miles and months ahead of you. Can't say I blame you!

    Any chance of a further and extended TV doc covering more of the climb, sort of similar to the radio diary?

    Roll on next week for the next instalments.

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  • 6. At 08:32am on 09 Aug 2010, U14560718 wrote:

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