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Mark On BBC Breakfast

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Graham Gillies | 16:01 UK time, Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mark was live from Canada on BBC Breakfast on BBC One and the BBC News channel at 0900 BST, Friday 31 July.


  • 1. At 2:09pm on 31 Jul 2009, corbettbagger wrote:

    A bit puzzled by your route, looks like you've made a bit of a short cut, an easy option, over the relatively flatlands of Prince George and Williams Lake. I thought you were going to stick to the Rockies. You have missed out one of the great Rockies highways Route 93 through Jasper. You could of taken a day or two off and baggad a few hills. Are you not going to kick any cairns in Canada?

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  • 2. At 7:22pm on 31 Jul 2009, metalmikeonhisbike wrote:

    Do you mean to say that you didnt cycle to the top of McKinnley? lol brilliant question!
    Good luck in the US today, washington state is on my list of must see destinations some day, hope you enjoy it.

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  • 3. At 11:22pm on 31 Jul 2009, orchid65 wrote:

    I missed the broadcast this morning, so great to catch it now. I too thought the comment about cycling to the top of Mount McKinley brilliant, how stupid can you get?! Mark, you are doing fantastically well, we are all behind you. Stay safe!

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  • 4. At 08:44am on 01 Aug 2009, geegeedee wrote:

    Come on folks, give them a break. Yes it sounded a daft question going up McKinley on a bike for those of us following Mark's journey online but bear in mind they, and probably a lot of their viewers have been watching the Tour de France and on that they are cycling up mountains, Mt Ventoux etc.

    All the best Mark and enjoy America and especially the food!

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  • 5. At 2:22pm on 16 Sep 2009, grahamg2007 wrote:

    You can see Mark's homemade studio for BBC breakfast here.


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