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Thanks For The Feedback

Mark Beaumont Mark Beaumont | 10:30 UK time, Monday, 18 May 2009

Mark At Home In Edinburgh

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far - it's great to see so much support for this expedition. Word of mouth is the best way that we can make this adventure a huge success so do send the link to your friends and family to let them know that Cycling The Americas is about to start and that they can follow for every pedal turned and mountain climbed.

In the past six months whilst I have been finishing writing my first book as well as training and planning for this expedition I have been keeping quite a low profile. During this time it has been amazing and 'real fuel for the fire' to get the continuing feedback since The Man who Cycled the World documentary which was shown last year - it has also been tough not to answer the questions of 'What's next?' It's great to finally be able to announce the new expedition and there will be a lot more information online in the coming week before I fly to Anchorage.

In response to your comments... Have a great cycle to Seville Cris and Kenny and congratulations! Thanks for the support from all at DHS and the other schools/groups who have already got back on board. That is a sweet poem Gunes and thanks for ordering the book - I hope you enjoy it when it arrives. Sarah, I have indeed been following James Bowthorpe who is doing amazingly well and I wish him well in his cycle and fundraising.


  • 1. At 2:05pm on 18 May 2009, AngelaH77 wrote:

    Hey Mark
    So.. another wee bike run then!?! :) what a great adventure!!
    Good Luck! No speeding! Keep blogging! Play safe!

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  • 2. At 7:43pm on 18 May 2009, EddoKloosterman wrote:

    Hey Mark,

    Only found out about your previous and upcoming trip this weekend by chance (well, the blog of Alastair Humpreys). Good luck on this magnificent adventure, hope to do it myself one day!! Keep yourself in one piece!

    Cheers, Eddo

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  • 3. At 10:44pm on 18 May 2009, AmBioranMor wrote:

    Hey Mark

    Just read about your next trip today - about time too! Good luck, we will be following your progress. Oh and watch out for the carpet tacks!

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  • 4. At 1:05pm on 19 May 2009, excyclist wrote:

    Hi Mark as an ex.cyclist I'm looking forward to your run. Good luck to you

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  • 5. At 3:50pm on 19 May 2009, grahamhubbard wrote:

    I help run a cycle training Co in Nottingham and often have to try hard to persuade people to even ride for 20 mins. So when I tell them what can be done -- you and your long distance adventures -- it makes them realise that it really is a matter of attitude. Thank you for being an inspring example. Also it is good to hear that you are going to continue to push boundaries. I hope you continue for many years in the same spirit as Sir Ranulph Fiennes was to a previous generation.
    Graham at RideWise

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  • 6. At 5:56pm on 19 May 2009, sideburns1970 wrote:

    Good luck getting to the starting line ;o) I'll wait until you start before wishing you well on your trip although I have noticed you are doing it the easy way ie by start in the north and heading south you are in fact going downhill all the way.

    Take care


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  • 7. At 9:25pm on 19 May 2009, quentin_ford wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 8. At 2:04pm on 20 May 2009, crombiejason wrote:

    hi mark great to hear your up for an other adventure can`t wait to follow your route remember we are all thinking about you ( and your family esp. your mum)good luck and keep your pecker up lots of love frank and family plean

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  • 9. At 9:57pm on 21 May 2009, LukePad wrote:

    Mark, good luck with the final bits of preparation....would love to join you on my claud butler urban 300!!!....but alas job, bills, family and pet dog mean I can't! Really looking forward to following your progress.....All the very best with it all, take it easy, take care and be well, from
    Me, my family and the dog!!!

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  • 10. At 2:55pm on 27 May 2009, renroc-cafe wrote:

    Hi Mark,

    Great to hear you are on your way..!! apart from the minor hiccup!
    Love from us all here at renroc. Keep cycling we will keep up with your news on the blog. Hugs and kisses Jane, Billy and the Renroc Gang xx

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  • 11. At 4:57pm on 16 Jun 2009, excyclist wrote:

    Have been following you all the way so far. Keep up the good work. Wish I was still as fit as I used to be !!! Ex-cyclist.

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  • 12. At 8:53pm on 17 Jun 2009, tyrone0048 wrote:

    Hi Mark
    We will be checking on your achivemnts daily till next year we are with you all the way.

    Andy & Family

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  • 13. At 08:10am on 24 Jun 2009, excyclist wrote:

    I'm trying to lose weight but I won't be doing it your way! Love following you journey.excyclist

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