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Top Class Comedy

Steve Saul | 18:36 UK time, Tuesday, 14 June 2011

We like to think that BBC Comedy has always been in a class of it's own...

Here at BBC Comedy HQ we've noticed a lot of love for our new Class Collection on our Facebook and Twitter accounts so we thought it deserved a salute on our blog.

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Most script writers say the trickiest part of creating a strong situation comedy is finding the right 'sit' to enable strong characters to provide the 'com'.

The Office would have been many things had David Brent not wanted to be a "a chilled out entertainer" and focussed his 'talents' on being a competent General Manager... but it certainly wouldn't have been as laugh-out-loud funny.

Would Only Fools and Horses have been as hilarious and poignant without Del Boy's heroic drive to escape the poverty trap?

Surely Fawlty Towers would have been a tumble-weed strewn desert of dullness if it had featured a chillaxed Basil Fawlty, at peace with his place in the world and hopelessly in love with his doting wife, Sybil?

In fact it's hard to think of any comedies that don't, to some extent, satirise the frustrations, prejudices or limitations of social class. Even the sci-fi comedy of Red Dwarf mined it's gags from stark contrast between Rimmer's aloof snobbery and Lister's vulgar slobbery.

We think this collection features some of the sharpest writing and most beautifully observed characterisations ever produced by the BBC.

What do you think? Favourite clip? Have we missed anything?

Tell us in the comments below, by posting on Facebook or tweeting @bbccomedy.

Don't worry. We won't answer back. We know our place. 


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