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The Now Show Christmas Panto

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David Thair | 14:30 UK time, Thursday, 23 December 2010

He's behind you! (Marcus Brigstocke)

It's Christmas! That must mean it's time for The Now Show Panto. And it is. Here's producer Colin Anderson with more:

Since this was our Christmas Panto recording our engineers, Marc and Gary, pulled out all the stops and put up the special showbiz star curtain (above). We hope you'll agree that it adds an extra sparkle to the show!

The Now Show Christmas Crackers

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis are joined by Mitch Benn, Marcus Brigstocke, Jon Holmes, Laura Shavin and a special guest for tomorrow's panto special. As if that wasn't exciting enough, they've been releasing an new Christmas Cracker joke every day this week. Here's today's:

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Tune in to The Now Show Christmas Panto on Christmas Eve at 6.30pm on Radio 4


  • Comment number 1.

    As it was a giant Xmas cracker for the stage. I, Mavarine, was at the other end, holding onto that side of the curtain, and when they said "PULL!!" I pulled as hard as I could, it was an exciting performance, well it was either them lot or me.

    So, Santa said I could keep them, all three of them comedians that appeared in the above photograph-y to being a smile to my face all year around, well until next Panto season anyways.

    As I've been a good girl this year...yes he did, oh yes he did, yes its so, and he did...

  • Comment number 2.

    Like many I wonder how tall John Holmes must really be, given he's the subject of so regular a gag on TNS. So I googled "John Holmes height", and at the top of the page, as though I'd been searching for dollars or farenheit conversion, it just said John Holmes Height — 6 ft - According to wikipedia.org and answers.com.

    So apparently a John Holmes is a universal unit of measurement! And yes I know I spelt his name wrong.

    So how tall is he really, BTW? :-)

    Merry holidays

  • Comment number 3.

    At 5:01pm on 26 Dec 2010, Andronico75 wrote:
    So how tall is he really, BTW? :-)

    On 26th Dec 2010, Mavarine wrote:
    If one measures from the feet up, that would no problems, as you'd count him in bare feet (depending of course how Mr Holmes is standing and against what?) But at which point does one stop counting, at the head, is that: full frontal to the forehead where there's likely to be a full head of hair (which can be misleading in the calculations), to the crown point straight in the middle of his head that is the skull cap or calvaria, or from the back end at that flat section wear the hair grows so slowly due to rubbing the pillow at night: hair friction just before reaching the highest point of his head.

    Happy holidays too!!

    ps. and would the measurement likely to have been done digitally with the latest technology or by fingers and a tape?


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