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iGod: A Series of Comedy Apocalypses...

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David Thair | 11:30 UK time, Wednesday, 22 December 2010

David Soul

iGod's Narrator writes...

Greetings humble reader,

Y'know, you dopes are always trying to predict what's going to end the world. Hell, I've heard just about every theory going: "global warming", "bankrupt biosphere", "origami tsunami", "immigrant plastic bags", "virulent hypochondria pandemic", "Top Gear stunt", "terrorist chocolate orange", "pyjama-geddon", "llama-geddon", "we'll all be haunted to death by the furious ghosts of plughole bacteria"... The list goes on and on and on, and then stops.

The truth is, trying to predict the apocalypse is as stupid as trying to perform intrusive orthodontic surgery on a famished hippo, whilst dressed as a giant marble from the tabletop game Hungry Hungry Hippos. That's because - as my new Radio 4 show iGod proves - the possibilities and varieties of apocalypse are far greater than you folks could ever imagine... I guess, apocalypses are like pasta or breakfast pastries, in that respect.

Each week in iGod, I'll be showing you how the population of a different parallel world was accidentally wiped out by an ordinary bloke called Ian. In last week's Episode One, Ian inadvertently caused the mass extinction of parallel earth 5003 through his dodgy cooking. If you chumps and chumpettes missed it - you can listen here for ONE MORE DAY.

And in Episode Two at 11pm tonight or on iPlayer from tomorrow , Ian unintentionally wrecks parallel earth 413 when his Ego gets out of control and he falls deeply in love with himself. Check out this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW CLIP in which a self-lovestruck Ian takes himself out on a date with himself:

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In coming weeks, bubblewrap addiction, designer diseases, reverse strip clubs, robots based on Ian (Iandroids, if you will), a mini meteorite, and the Pope's cheese sandwich all contribute to the Ian-inflicted accidental armageddon.

So tune in to iGod. It's been described as "delightful and scary at the same time". Basically, it's like eating cake at gunpoint. Mmmm... Enjoy, folks...


Exalted Narrator.

iGod is on Wednesday nights at 11pm on Radio 4 until Jan 19th. It stars David Soul (Starsky and Hutch) as the Narrator and Simon Day (Bellamy's People) as Ian.



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