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Notes From The Now Show: The Now Show Turns 32

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David Thair | 16:10 UK time, Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Now Show's Producer Julia McKenzie writes:

The Now Show is back back back! After Sandi and her News Quiz team go and lie down in a darkened room until they are next required. We’re on to series 32 of The Now Show, amazingly, and Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis still look as fresh and gamine as years at the comedy coal face will allow.

For this week’s show we’re off to the Drill Hall in Central London to record as much funny stuff as the audience will tolerate, as Steve and Hugh host with regular satirical songsmith Mitch Benn; sharp-as-a-pin Jon Holmes; the vocally dextrous Laura Shavin and comedy circuit favourite Ian Stone making his Now Show debut.

Steve watches the news as it is broken

Steve Punt adds:

Just finished our first meeting for the new series of The Now Show. Mid-way through a discussion about Irish debt and the complexities of recession economics, someone poked their head round the door and said "Prince William's getting married".  So we know what tomorrow's headlines will be. What with that and I'm A Celebrity, the news-trolley is now packed with calories. Quite how many of them we can cram in, we'll find out.

The Now Show returns this Friday at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4.


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