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Miranda's favourite pratfall

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Miranda Hart Miranda Hart | 17:00 UK time, Monday, 22 November 2010

Miranda at a funeral

It's been a whole week - oh, how I've missed you. How've you been?

Right that's enough of that, back to me. So, here we are: Episode Two. Bit of a strange episode this - I usually choose a theme for each episode and try and make the stories as interesting as possible with as many twists and turns around that theme, but this episode I remember throwing more threads than normal at it. So hopefully it will gel and not be too manic!

We see the return of annoying couple Chris and Alison (played by John Finnemore and Margaret Cabourn-Smith) - they were in the tango lesson in last series episode Teacher.  They aren't based on any couple I know, but more the fear of meeting partners who are nauseatingly 'couple-y'. Is that a word? It is now.

Couples that speak at the same time, think it fun to wear matching jumpers, show far too many public displays of affection and give far too much information about their personal life when we really really really don't want to hear it. Particularly when it comes to breast feeding or how somebody's labour was - shush, shut up, we don't want to know.

This episode also has my favourite ever pratfall. In fact, I will call it a stunt - because it did feel like that and was very nerve wracking to do. I might suggest the lovely BBC website people show it to you as the exclusive clip this week because, if I may be so bold, I am very proud of it.  Hope you like:

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Adieu till next week.  Miranda x (@mermhart)

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"The writing is a long and arduous process and the least favourite part of it for me. It's not something I leap out of bed in the morning for. It requires patience (which I lack), discipline (which I lack), nerves of steel (which I lack), unending energy (which I lack) and hard core tea drinking and biscuit eating (this is where I excel)."

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