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That Mitchell and Webb End of Series Quiz

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Gareth Edwards Gareth Edwards | 11:40 UK time, Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Robert Webb in NumberwangAs the producer of That Mitchell and Webb Look I often imagine what it would be like to have thousands of fans clamouring for an end-of-series-four quiz. I think I'd probably be initially flattered that the show has generated so much interest among so many hypothetical people, and then as the work involved in setting such a quiz dawned on me that feeling would be tinged with resentment. "I am quite busy," I might sigh, "can you not all just move on with your hypothetical lives?" Then I'd feel guilty, and cobble something together just to stop that pitiful "hurt" look I can see behind your eyes.

1. David and Robert didn't go into comedy just to do jokes of course. Every series of Mitchell and Webb also aims to achieve real change in a specific way. Here are the goals for each series. But which is the goal for series four?

a) End child poverty.
b) Develop commercially-viable nuclear fusion.
c) Learn to set more realistic goals.
d) Despair at the impossibility of effecting change with a comedy show.

2. David Mitchell is famously superstitious. Which of the following will he not allow in his dressing room before a recording for, in his words, "obvious health and safety reasons"?

a) Pens
b) Cushions
c) A rabid fox
d) Anything made of Bakelite.

3. If you are a Mitchell and Webb fan you'll know the Anthem. But what is the last line of the second verse?

a) "So funny days shall never cease."
b) "And Germany and France in flames."
c) "Nor tinker with the status quo."
d) "This page intentionally left blank."

4. Robert has to pop to the shops but is frightened of the ninjas. Can you help him find the way?

a) Shouldn't there be a map or a maze or something?
b) I'm afraid I don't know this part of town very well.
c) I am a ninja and he has nothing to fear if he does our bidding.
d) Done it!

5. Gareth Edwards, the producer, is actually on holiday at the moment and is compiling this quiz in his own spare time. Are you happy now?

a) If I'd known he'd be so huffy about it I wouldn't have bothered.
b) Yes.
c) So? I'm reading it in my spare time and I'm not complaining.
d) I have other issues you know nothing of that put real happiness forever beyond my reach.

Continue reading for the answers...

The Answers

Mostly A: You are sensitive and caring, but friends may take advantage!
Mostly B: You are an apiarist.
Mostly C: Consider taking a gap year and re-applying.
Mostly D: 63% Let down by a disappointing frog dissection.
Mostly E: You have a mild subversive streak but crave the reassurance of structure, if only to have something to give context to your rebellion. You are the perfect Mitchell and Webb fan!

And now for your reward - a preview clip from tonight's final episode:

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Gareth Edwards is Producer of That Mitchell and Webb Look. Watch the last in the current series tonight at 9pm on BBC Two. Read more of Gareth's unique insights in the blog archive.


  • Comment number 1.

    (Please read with a Daily Mail-esque tone)
    Well I'm astonished that the BBC allows you to produce such drivel, half of those quiz questions weren't even answerable! Sure our license fee should be spent on getting rid of terrorists and not formulating narcissistic so-called quizzes. I'm appalled and I'm writing to Points of View, see how long your precious show lasts then! Ha, scoff.

    Love the blog xx

  • Comment number 2.

    Do you need any writers...?

  • Comment number 3.

    Well I like LOVED the quiz!!! It was like SUPER FUN!!! And I found out so much about myself!!! ur an amazing person Gareth - i mean like you are sooooo giving like and sooooo like caring - u think sooooo much about ur fans and not about urself. i don't no many people who would like give up there vac time 4 theyre fans. I think it would b like the best thing EVER 2 b able 2 meet u sumtime. Luv u loads! xxxx btw i would like literally DIE of happiness if u followed me on twitter xxxx more luv xxxxxxx

  • Comment number 4.

    Love the show - the use of cute animal puppets really emphasises the profane language and the storylines are cleverly written and engaging. Oh no, wrong show. My 4-year-old could write better sketched. And she's a dog! Mind you, it would be very ball-focused but I'm sure you could do with more ball-related jokes. Keep up the work.

  • Comment number 5.

    I forgot to mention that my last post was from a hypothetical, crazed tween fan who adores you and wants to have hypothetical babies with you.

  • Comment number 6.

    I, on the other hand, am happily married, generally stable, sometimes a bit mad, comedy-starved Brit now living in the States who is oh so grateful for YouTube, and still really pissed off that the BBC won't let those of us outside the UK access the BBC iplayer! Grrrr... what is wrong with you? Don't you know how many fans you have in the good ol' US of A? We're even willing to pay a fee? Do you hear that oh great powers-that-be? Please let us get our David Mitchell fix via iplayer. Please? Pretty please? I'm begging here.

    Gareth, I leave this matter in your capable hands and expect immediate results of being able to view the next Mitchell and Webb series on the iplayer in the USA. Now, stop larking around on holiday and get to work on this. Please. If you wouldn't mind. Thanks.


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