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Send us your Coming Of Age Raps!

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Joe Tracini | 16:00 UK time, Monday, 1 March 2010

Well hello sitcom lovers!! Hope you're all doing great, not written anything here for a while! I also hope you've all been enjoying Series Two, which sadly comes to an end tomorrow, awww. Make sure you tune in to find out what's going to happen to Ollie, it's a devilishly good episode, i promise!

Now, i've been told by the wonderful folks at the BBC that there have been a silly amount of requests for the lyrics to DK's raps. Well, Mr BBC always being one to please, is going to sort this out this out for you. Every single rap i've ever done will be available for you to watch, WITH THE LYRICS! It'll be like karaoke but a bit crap.

Not only this, but we want to see your 'mad skills spitting lyrics', as Mr K would say. Or, in English, record a rap and show us. You can Rap along to DK and read his lyrics, make up your own lyrics, or even just dribble at the camera to a drum and base beat. We don't care, we just want to make you happy!

Now, remember, if you are making up your own lyrics, we can't have anything naughty please. This is the BBC after all! You are live on the Internet, please do not swear! It should be all your own work, and we can't take any submissions from under 15s. Really sorry about that. (Click here for more details.)

So, post your raps as video responses to the raps on YouTube, or submit them to us here, I promise i will watch every single one of them, and whichever one i think is best, we'll let you know! And it'll kill a few hours for me! So, get rapping people!

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Also, while i'm here, i come fresh from Glasgow where I've been filming an internet sketch show, aptly named, 'The Joe Show'. It'll be up on the BBC comedy extra site very soon, so keep your eyes open!

As ever guys, thanks so much for watching our little show, we love you in so many ways, only some of them i'm allowed to talk about here ;-), and we will hopefully see you next year.

Take care you lot,



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