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David Thair | 13:10 UK time, Thursday, 18 March 2010

A message from GeniusHQ...

Dave and all of us at GeniusHQ need your help! We want you to send in your extraordinary notions, amazing concepts and barn-storming ideas to make our new series even more chock-full of genius than the first!

We've embraced social media to make it even easier for all you budding Geniuses to get your inventions and schemes featured on the new series of the show: become a fan of the BBC Genius Facebook page or follow us on Twitter! We'll be posting updates and photos from behind-the-scenes and issuing challenges to all you brilliant brainiacs.

(The best 140-character ideas get retweeted by us or Dave...and could even get on the show!)

GeniusHQ's also super keen to see videos of your ideas. Pitch your idea to camera, or- if you fancy it- do something a bit more creative to demonstrate how your idea works. Just make sure you start your vid with the line "Dear Genius, my idea is..."

Upload it to your favourite video sharing website (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and then send us the link via the form on our website - which is still open to any and all submissions: text, images or video - or upload it to our Facebook page.

Global Genius

And we're not just interested in making Britain geniuser! We know it's not just the British coming up with big ideas so this year we want to find Global Geniuses from all over the world. Check out our cracking subtitled videos featuring our very own Dave Gorman at the BBC Comedy Youtube Channel. That's Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Finnish so far...

So if you know a Global Genius (or think you are one!) we want to hear from you!



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