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BP (OTUKOGBANI): catching up with Tony Beckton

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Gary Bellamy | 15:05 UK time, Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Filming Bellamy's People could be a lot of fun, seeing beautiful countryside, visiting historic towns and meeting some diverse and fascinating people, but sometimes I was thrown in at the deep end. In this week's exclusive clip (you won't even see it in the show!) I come face to face with Tony Beckton, Deptford's answer to The Kray:

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I first interviewed Tony on 'DTL' (Down The Line) a couple of years back. Tony was promoting his forthcoming autobiography Beyond Reason.  At that time Tony was still damaged and on the road to recovery. At one point he flipped out live on air claiming the "red mist" was coming down. And believe you me you don't want to be within a hundred miles of Tony Beckton when the red mist comes down, let alone cooped up in a tiny radio studio in the bowels of Broadcasting House. Luckily that time I escaped relatively unscathed, but I was still nervous of meeting up with him again. Ben, though, thought it would make great telly. I was more than a little anxious. How would Tony Beckton have changed after two years of freedom? Would he keep the red mist at bay or would he kill me like he killed his mum? To find out, watch Bellamy's People...

(By the way, Ben, you're right what happens on location stays on location. I've got nothing to hide, but Holly told me all about what happened between you two the night I gallantly offered to escort Kayleigh home and Holly was a bit put out. My lips are sealed, but do the words 'hotel mini bar', 'teary confession' and 'clumsy lunge' mean anything to you?)

Gary Bellamy is presenter of Bellamy's People. Read more about the making of Bellamy's People on the Comedy Blog.

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