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Home Time: Underdressed

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Neil Edmond | 12:36 UK time, Monday, 5 October 2009


We've decided to take this in turns. This week, Emma's 'doing up her hall'. I must again emphasise that this is not a euphemism. Not as far as I know. Either way, you're stuck with me.

Episode Four of Home Time contains a nocturnal scene filmed on a fancy bridge over Coventry's nicely tarted-up canal basin. As Emma mentioned last week, we were filming in the January cold snap, and this night became very important for me:

It was the only night that I let someone lend me a coat.

There's a lot of pressure from a film crew to keep warm on night shoots, and they regularly expressed concern that I was underdressed. In part this is altruism, but I think a fair bit of their interest is because they've all spent quite a lot of money on North Face all-weather gear, and if you're stood there in an eBay polyester jacket and slacks they feel like they could've saved themselves a few quid.

However, on this night, as the frost gently fingered its way up the canal, and the Arctic winds whistled through my Farahs, reducing my genitals to barely more than a furry knoll, I let our Art Director chip my frozen hands off the metal bridge railings and fumble them, Action Man-like, down the sleeves of a beautiful parka of almost impossible tog rating.

Thank you Kyz Kistell - you may have saved my life.

She (and her department) were also responsible for some of my favourite Home Time elements. If you get a chance, take a look on iPlayer at any scene set in Gaynor's room. There's so much detail, all of it strictly adhering to our 'nothing from after 1997' rule (this applies to the soundtrack too, in case you'd not spotted it...). Sourcing and getting permission to use long-lost Body Shop balms, forgotten cartoon merchandise and properly dated pop paraphernalia is an onerous task, and Emma and I were frequently moved by the accuracy and dedication with which it was undertaken.

Also, at the head of the bed, on the left of screen, Noel Gallagher can sometimes be seen licking a stuffed lamb's bum.

Anyroad, Episode Four also has Tina B turn up again. She's the girl that 'filled in' for Gaynor after Gaynor ran away, and who was summarily dismissed by The Girls on Gaynor's return. She's beautifully played by Gemma Arrowsmith. Here's how I originally thought she'd look:

Home Time - Tina BLuckily, Gemma was keen to get as near to scabby and unlovely as she could, and also imbues Tina with a limp nobility. Ace.

Oh yeah, when they worked out the Autumn schedule, the Beeb told us that Home Time would move to Thursday nights for the last two episodes. I'm not sure why, but keep an eye out for that: Episode Five is on at 10pm on Thursday the 15th of October.

Neil Edmond wrote Home Time with Emma Fryer, who plays Gaynor.

The series continues tonight at 10pm on BBC Two. Read more about Home Time on the Comedy Blog and watch a clip on Comedy Extra.


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