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We Are Klang: Greg meets Robin Cooper

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David Thair | 17:34 UK time, Thursday, 3 September 2009

We Are (alien) KlangWe Are Klang's Greg Davies writes:

The final episode of the Klang series airs tonight. Its entitled 'Alien' and there is nothing ambiguous about the title and subsequent content; it's about Aliens.

My stand-out memory from filming this episode is the curse of rubber clothing. For extended periods of the studio and location shoot we were swathed in this airtight evil. I have always found it a repulsive substance and firmly believe it should be used exclusively for protecting old people's hands from sud-damage and couples from unwanted pregnancy. Having worn a sweat proof-costume for many hours, which publicly announced just what a fat bellied/titted monster I am, I was left with an overwhelming question:

How has this awful stuff ever come to be associated with sex? Who are these people that think "I am considering hoofing multiple partners at a bungalow in Kent and in order to get myself in the mood I am going to put on something that will make me smell and look repulsive"? In fact the feeling of being sausaged in rubber, combined with a loathsome glued on false beard, made me want to punch my own face in. They're probably into that as well.

More positively; elsewhere in this episode we fire an old woman out of a giant catapult (actually happened), get attacked by a depressed bear (real bear) see key members of the Britpop scene fight with joggers (fake joggers/real popstars).

A huge thank you to all those who have supported the Klang series, we are massively grateful. For those of you who didn't enjoy it, you should try rubber. It'd suit you.
Greg meets Robin Cooper

While in Edinburgh for the festival, Greg was interviewed by Robin Cooper (Robert Popper), best known for his Timewaster Letters. Here's how it went:

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You can hear more of Robin's Podular Casts on Robert Popper's blog.

We Are Klang concludes tonight at 10.30pm on BBC Three. Read more from Klang and watch extra video in our Klang blog archive.


  • Comment number 1.

    Aw, I'm so sad about it being the last show tonight...REALLY sad. But I can't wait for it all the same. Hope to GOD that it get's a 2nd series or I might just find a quiet corner & cry myself to sleep for the next 6 months...not really, but I will be gutted :(
    They look very fetching in those red suits...even if it was ungodly uncomfy. :)
    I'll miss the Klang boya...here's to more! :D

  • Comment number 2.

    They should have made Mr Schnitzer a red rubber suit!

    Really enjoyed tonight's episode - as I have all the others. The fun always shone through (no matter how uncomfortable the wardrobe). Fingers crossed for more from the boys - am looking forward to the live show already!

  • Comment number 3.

    A brilliant series from start to finish, cheers Greg, Steve and Marek.


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