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[Comedy Extra] Adam Buxton's Ratatouille (for drum 'n' bass)

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David Thair | 17:40 UK time, Wednesday, 9 September 2009

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Adam Buxton writes...

This is a video for a song about the film Ratatouille, which features a rat who enables a young man to cook by tugging his hair. That's what happens in the film, not my video you understand.

My video is less complex and would have been easy to put together if it hadn't been for the fact that I had to re-do the animated section a couple of times to ensure there was no confusion with the characters from the movie, that's why the cook looks as if he was drawn by a confused five-year-old rather than the lucid, grown-up super genius I actually am.

It's only about eight frames of animation but it took flipping ages. The rest of it was shot against green screen on a freezing Norfolk night in February this year. I was grooving around as vigorously as possible to keep warm but I think I may have over-grooved because the next day my limbs felt as though they'd been broken in the night by aliens. I guess I'm not really used to that kind of strenuous exercise.

The 'song' is one of many I've done in a similar style, some of which pop up on the 6 Music show I do with Joe from time to time as brief pirate radio interruptions (an idea that our friend Garth Jennings came up with originally to give digital listeners the occasional taste of analogue).

I plan to do more songs in the same vein and dream of one day having one played on a real pirate station. On that day I would immediately die of happiness. I suppose if one of my enemies wanted to get me they would find a way to play one of my songs on a pirate station in order to make me die but in a way they would have failed to get me because I would be so happy, despite actually dying. I win either way is what I'm saying. Hope you like the vid!

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