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[Mark's Brilliant Blog] The World's Most Low Key School Reunion Ever

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Mark Padley | 17:35 UK time, Thursday, 30 April 2009

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Been having a look round the website Dave and came up with a few suggestions to make the best of a bad situation:

  1. More me. The BBC needs a maverick like myself. Rattle a few cages.
  2. 'David Thair' bit formal maybe Dave?
  3. Kittens, everyone loves cats on the internet. It's that or pornography.
  4. How about selling stuff? eBay does really well you know?
  5. BBC Comedy Blog: The Touring Revue Show.  Think about it Dave, the country is crying out for variety shows right now.
Editor's note: I'm not sure how to take this, Mark. I don't agree that the BBC needs more you. Less you is what it needs. Much less. It baffles me that you can still be coming out with this stuff. I mean, you film yourself at a school reunion where no-one's turned up and then put it on the internet? Why would you do that? And then you have the nerve to critique the site that, for whatever mystifying reason, continues to graciously host your nonsense? Please, for pity's sake make something worthwhile next time.You're giving me a headache. - David

Mark Padley does not exist. Mark's Brilliant Blog is brought to you by Hat Trick Productions. Missed a bit? Watch the whole lot here.


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