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Danny Robins | 23:24 UK time, Friday, 13 March 2009

Again, a subject heading that makes you wish it was a particularly risque stag night film.

Ruby's just dropped by. Fresh out the Apprentice house. She alluded to fallings out. Wouldn't say who with who or about what, sadly, she did have some love to share for Big Al Sugar though.

I very embarrassingly mistyped her name as Rudy at first but she forgave me. Here's Ruby...

"I think that alan sugar is a stud muffin but I'm beginning to think in real life he might be a wimp.
He hasn't called or nothing.  you put out and put out and he leaves you high and dry. screw him."

Surely that's Sir Alan, Ruby?

She said he is her ideal man. Quick show of hands who's with her? No? I have worked with Ruby's husband - he is not like Sir Alan Sugar so I will assume she was joshing to make Sir Alan feel good.

Enjoyed the Gervais/Merchant film. Good work boys. Very funny. The image of Louis Walsh's penis will stay with me.


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