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Your 'Spirit of the North' pictures

Chris Jackson | 13:46 UK time, Thursday, 27 January 2011

Elvis the dog on Tynemouth beach jumping at his owner's feet

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their photos capturing their "spirit" of the North". In no particular order, here are a selection for you to enjoy.

Above Elaine Cowell has spotted Elvis. No surprise as it's her own dog. In black and white this works really well.

A vivid green stream flows away from industrial Teesside landscape

To the right a vivid image from Teesside.

Steve Petch thinks this sums up the North.

Could it be man's impact on the environment or nature's attempts to overcome it?

You decide.

The constraints of this blog mean I have had to crop some of the image, so they are not entirely as the photographer saw them, but I hope I have still remained true to their meaning.

Some had been treated to bring out or remove colour so I have kept them intact in that sense.

A composite of two entries. Women and young daughter at a bingo stall. Mound of snow turned into a cigarette stub out bin.

Above left, Mark Henderson took his Bingo picture at Hartlepool's Headland festival and it brings back memories for him as it was the highlight of the year when he was a child.

And on the right hand side, Noel Harris spotted this odd scene of a mound of snow that served as a stub-out point for smokers.

This tab-end hedgehog is strangely engrossing.

Phoenix sculpture with Sunderland's Corporation Quay in the background

Ian Burns took this moody shot of a Phoenix with Sunderland riverside in the background.

I'm not familar with this artwork myself. You always learn something new.

In the image below there is a crafty unspoken gag.

Whilst the Jarrow marchers walked all the way to London during the '30s, the passing cyclists echo Norman Tebbit's words to unemployed northerners to "get on your bike".

A very neat picture from Karen Atkinson.

Cyclists speed past a mural of the Jarrow marchers

And finally in my selection of your wonderful submissions.....

A young brother and sister on the beach in aroraks

One we can all relate to.

Gary Nattrass dug this one out of his sister and him on a North East beach in the '60s.

Where else in the UK do you need an anorak as well as a swimsuit?

We've all been there haven't we?


Once again can I thank everyone for their submissions!


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