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Happy Tuesday Everyone

Chris Evans | 06:15 UK time, Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I know this Tuesday really well.

Because I have been awake since ten to one.

No cause for alarm, merely cause for a new alarm, as that's what woke me up.

Love my job, but will be heading straight back to bed at 9.31 this morning. May have to buy some wire cutters for tonight. So long.


Peace and Love.




  • Comment number 1.

    Morning Christoff
    Awake since silly o'clock myself owing to labyrinthitis, bed was spinning!
    Getting really, really excited about CiN, eeek!!

    Laters lovely peeps
    Tiggs xxx

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Chris, These people were brave enough to give their lives, are we brave enough to wear a poppy ?

  • Comment number 3.

    Morning all,

    Morning Tiggs, Trevor.

    Chris ,you must be shattered ,or you will be,just make sure that you do get your head down later after the show.

    I was awakened this morning around 5-00 by scratching from the loft so it looks like we have an uninvited guest ,so it looks like Mr B will have to get up there to investigate. I can't be doing with anything like that ,so until the problem is solved I'll be tip toeing around very carefully.

    Bondy ,pleased to hear that's all well with you and yours ,and glad to hear the training is going well. Are you still playing your football or have you had to give it a miss?? any signs of you paying us a visit soon?

    A glum and damp day here so that's all I'll say about the weather,albeit that it's mild and we've only had the heating on for an hour here and there ,and trying to keep it that way for a wee bit longer.

    Right just going to make another cuppa before heading off to ready for my day.

    Have a good day yourselves, and take care .


  • Comment number 4.


    I was awake at about that time too Chris - cough, cough coughing like a coughing thing. Needless to say that when I nip into town (or tow-en as the natives refer to it) I shall be investing in some linctus to hopefully enable a better night's sleep tonight.

    Nic's first day in his new job went well yesterday. It was fantastic to have him coming home full of enthusiasm and smiles again. Long may it continue! It also means I can now plan my business future ..... watch this space! ;-)

    I spent ALL yesterday afternoon doing CiN stuff. I've now sent everyone's meal choices to the restaurant for the apres-phones dinner, and I've also done the bloggers name badges. Some of you really have to get shorter blog names - it was a struggle to fit some of them on the space I had to write on!

    I think everyone's in today but will dip in and out as I can get away with .....

    Hope you're all in fine fettle and raring to go.


  • Comment number 5.

    Good Morning CE & Everyone.

    It;s no joke when you're alarmed about your alarm Chris.

    I too awoke in the middle of the night thinking that it was time to get up, it was nice to discover that it wasn't but I then had trouble getting back to sleep.

    MM xxx

    PS They are coming to do my timer unit today, I won't hold my breath!

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Chris: Listening to this morning's show, MrS and I were both saying - how does Chris do it? Every day, bright as a button. We would never have know you were awake all night, bless your cotton socks! Yes, get a wee nap as soon as you can today. xx

    Bids: hope MrBids gets that situation sorted - I wouldn't fancy that myself! And, sorry to hear that you need a new kitchen, just what you you don't need this close to Christmas!

    Cheryl: that's great you have done all the badges ... I was so looking forward to getting mine - sob, sob!

    007: I did mean to say hi to you yesterday - lovely surprise to see you back on the blog!

    Hope Tuesday is kind to all.

    C xx

  • Comment number 7.

    Greetings CLP & ALL...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    CLP - Sorry ter 'ear yerv been up since ten ter one!!!!!!!

    Looks like even when yer a millionaire DJ, electronics still cause grief!!!!!!!

    A thought a man of your stature would 'ave the best alarms with the best wiring wired in from the best - know what am sayin'!!!!!!!

    'aving said that though.... The more complicated we make something, anything and that includes alarm systems.... then the more complicated it becomes!!!!!!!!!

    Or 'ave a got the wrong end of yer alarm.... and yer were/ are talkin' about yer new Mickey Mouse alarm??????

    Either way am glad it's not getting you down..... Just get yer 'ead down & get the beauty sleep ter keep Ken bruce jealous!!!!!! ;-))))))

    Ok all.... Me Part 2 of 'ow ter make the roads safer blog..... In a moment....

  • Comment number 8.

    Sadly as I was writing yesterday's part 1 another fatal crash happened on the M56 at a roundabout I use regular. Involving an Eddie Stobart truck from the same depot that I worked out of last year.
    The lorry rolled over whilst going around the roundabout & dropped onto the motorway below.
    Amazing that only the hgv driver was killed and nobody below. But still sadly another death.
    This crash most likely was caused by either the hgv going too fast around the roundabout or a badly loaded trailer or a combination of both.
    VERY rare is it mechanical failure as modern vehicles are so well built.. Usually it is human error.
    I notice the vehicle was carrying a container– I've driven these and usually they are a bit top heavy.

    So what does cause most road accidents?
    Sadly it's because many people drive with a selfish aggression attitude!!! Mainly caused from the rush, rush attitude.
    I witness it daily at work.. From all ages, all sexes & all types of vehicles!!!
    There's no particular age group or type of person that causes accidents... There's good & bad drivers from every walk of life.
    If people would learn to drive with less hurry, more patience & more respect for others as well as themselves, then the 2,000 to 3,500 deaths that occur on the UK's roads yearly would be greatly reduced!!!

    Driving on a motorway should be straight forward- literally!!!!
    As everybody is going in the same direction, it's wide with no major hazards such as side junctions, crossings, and no sharp bends on the main carriageway.
    The main area for motorway accidents is near junctions when vehicles leave or join a motorway. When poor use of signals, mirrors & sudden direction change leads to vehicles colliding as they change lane.
    The other main cause is driving too close resulting in rear end shunts when traffic slows suddenly.
    When I took my advanced driving test, I asked the traffic police sergeant, who was my examiner, what is the main reason for motorway crashes. His simple reply: 'Poor observation!'

    The M5 crash you will notice took place only 100 yards after a joining slip road – A coincidence? Probably not. Only the police investigation will show exactly what happened. But it is very likely the trigger was to do with a vehicle joining the motorway at this junction.
    In all crashes there has to be a first trigger that leads to a chain of events.
    Maybe here one persons bad driving causing two vehicles to collide, resulting in one or two vehicles spun in the main carriageway of the motorway.
    Then coupled with people driving too close & speeding.... And reports of smoke across the carriageway all seems to have contributed to a mass of vehicles crashing into each other.
    What is disturbing, how can so many people fail to stop in time? Even if there was thick smoke across the motorway.
    It seems vehicles just kept piling into the already stationary crashed vehicles.
    Even if smoke was across the carriageway people should have reduced their speed to be able to stop in time. A few times I've experienced driving through a wall of smoke over the motorway.
    But you slow down, just in case there's a problem ahead.
    I read sadly three HGV drivers from the same company died. Their vehicles near the rear of the crash and crashed into each other.
    Again this is a common thing I see all over the UK were hgvs from the same company drive in convoy but too close together.
    Maybe this another factor contributing to the seriousness of the crash.
    Again nobody will know for sure until the police accident investigation is complete.
    Maybe the M5 crash is simply a freak combination of incidents in which traffic was bunched together, coupled with smoke, rain & the darkness that all lead to a sudden chain of events making it too quick for people to avoid.
    It must be a terrible thing to be caught up in the middle of, even if you are a very competent driver.
    Overall it's very sad 7 people died, that so many where injured and for the families caught up in this tragedy.

    Sadly though accidents/ crashes will always happen on the roads, It is the law of averages. Especially in the dangerous environment of the roads.
    The simple nature of how roads are with so many busy independent vehicles moving, it is far less a controlled environment that in that of rail travel or aviation.

    So what can be done to reduce accidents further?

    PART 3 to follow (tomorrow/ on the next blog).

  • Comment number 9.

    PS Thanks for yer thoughts and comments yesterday - I agree with all said!!!!!!

  • Comment number 10.

    PPS CLP - A know it must be at times a nuisance getting up so early ter do yer radio show (am talking ye rnormal get up time of 4am ish)..... Am remember going into work that early mesen sometimes.... And althoug hit doesn't agree with me getting up so early.... Yer do see some wonderful things as the sun rises a dawn!!!!!!
    It's almost a magical time/ feeling at tha ttime of day.... Most are still in bed (not in crazy London though).... The morning dew.... the quietness... the calm.... the frost.... the mist.... And then the sun slowly appears.... lighting this magical time of day!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone who gets up late... And who has never driven through countryside at this time of day is missing out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 11.

    Morning All,

    I too was awake early (well 6 o'clock) which is early for me. So I got up made a brew and went back to bed to listen to the mighty Radio 2. I was wondering who Chris wakes up to in the morning, as we all wake up to him?

    Bingo, Great writing and oh so true. I was taught that when you stop at traffic lights, or on the motorway, or in fact anywhere, to always make sure you can see the back tyres of the car in front of you. This lessens the likelihood of you going into the back of them, should someone go into the back of you. My heart goes out to all those who lost their life at the weekend - very tragic.

    Bondy, Good to read you my friend :)

    Maddy, I've got everything crossed that they come to fix your timer unit today xx

    It is very dreary here, as it was yesterday - a typical November day.

    I have big news for yesterday, I wore tights for the first time!!!! I know that you all needed to know that. The heating hasn't gone on yet, so I will make sure you are the first to know when it does...;)

    Yesterday was a bit mad at work after a week off, but I am back into the swing of it all now!


  • Comment number 12.

    'ello Ali B - Yes, that's a VERY good point that you are taught when you take the Advanced Driving Test!!!!!!!!!
    When stationary at the back of stationary traffic.... You can control the traffic behind you by keeping your distance fromthe vehicles in front.... So, as you write... If somebody else makes a mistake and can't stop in time/ about to run into the back of you... You can escape & get out of the accident before it 'appens!!!!!!
    You see so many race upto the rear of the vehicle in front... Making them completely in the 'ands of what the driver does behind!!!!!!
    There's been some very bad fatal accidents in which lorries run into the back of cars at the back of a motorway traffic jam!!!!!!!

    Another tip: At junctions/ traffic lights when waiitng to turn right across on the path of on-coming traffic... NEVER point your vehicle right/ terwards the on-coming traffic.... (as you see most do!!!).
    Again if somebody runs into the back of you... You will be knocked into a 'ead-on crash with the on-coming vehicles!!!!!!
    When waiitng point your car/ wheels straight.... so if rear ended then you will only be knocked forward.... not right!!!!!!!

    'ope this 'elps!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 13.

    Morning all.

    Bingo, very interesting reading all your posts. I always keep my distance from the car in front of me.

    Bondy, glad you are ok.

    Marjie, hope you get the timer sorted out today. xx

    Deevs, glad to hear Nic's first day in his new job went well. xx

    Ali, put your heating on. xx

    Work is still in progress and I woke up early with a sore throat.

    Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 14.

    Bids, thinking of you and hope all goes well with the new kitchen.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 15.

    Morning all

    Bingo - good stuff you're posting. I keep thinking about doing the advanced driving test, when time and funds allow.

    Deev's - glad to hear Nic's first day went well, roll on when you can make the break on your own away from that horrible job.

    Had a vaguely civilised wake up time of 6am this morning, as it depends on when the GB wakes up. A lie in for him would be waking after 7. I wonder if it'll still be the same in ten years or so when he's in his teens?

    Hope all those who are under the weather feel better soon and MM hope that man arrives to do the timer (at last)!



  • Comment number 16.

    Great posts from you Bingo, and I agree with every word. OH and I did our advanced motorcycle tests and it was great and also improved my car driving at the same time.



  • Comment number 17.

    Morning all

    Bingo I have always thought that once you have passed your urban section of the driving test that you should really be taken out on the motorway before your receive your certificate.

    When my son passed two years ago, I told him that he could not go on the motorway until he had 12 months experience of urban driving, I took him out on the motorway just after the 12 month anniversary so he could see the difference, just a small drive on a fairly quietish section so he could get some experience, mainly of getting on and off. Think he did give him an idea of the difference in the driving styles.

    Only last week I had a young women in a car in front of me trying to get on the motorway the other week who actually slowed down and paniced and ended up breaking at the end of the slip road causing congestion.....

    On another note I slept on and off last night and so did the other half, dont know what was going on it was very strange. Hopefully I shall sleep better tonight.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    Take care

    CB xx

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi Everyone,

    Great posts Bingo - hows your back by the way?

    I travel about 25 - 30,000 miles per year & took my advanced driving test a few years ago. Would highly recommend it to anyone using motorways. I know it doesn't stop the bad drivers doing silly things, but it makes you so aware you are always ready for the unexpected. Also good for country drivers (I live 4 miles from any road with any sort of markings on it) and it really does sharpen you up.

    Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm on the road most of this week - travelling on 'that' stretch of the M5 tomorrow.

    Keep smiling

    CG xx

  • Comment number 19.

    Hooray it's lunchtime :)

    Bingo, Thanks for the other tip about turning right, I will make sure I do that in future xx

    csn, LOL I haven't felt the need for it yet, although I have had a hot water bottle the past couple of nights xx

    Deev, Glad Nic enjoyed his first day, let's hope he is enjoying his second day just as much and every day after that xx

    Right a Tiger Loaf Bagel is calling me!


  • Comment number 20.

    Are they still planning to put the speed limit up to 80mph? I'm not sure there's much appetite for that after what happened last week. Thought of it makes me go cold, to be honest.

    So many times I've driven in torrential rain, feeling like the wheels are going to slide out from under me at any moment. I put the super fast windscreen wipers on and slow down to about 40, but it seems like everyone else is whizzing past me really fast. I can't understand how they can see anything.

    It's perfectly possible, of course, that I'm just starting to drive like my mother. Oh God.

    Barmy xx

  • Comment number 21.

    Afternoon each

    CLP - enjoy your sleep... never can have enough of said thing I beleive!

    Like Bingo`s posts... thanks for sharing. My pet hate is people driving too closely.. a transit van appeared in my mirror only last week and I couldnt see his lights he was that close.Flaming idiot is my only comment on him. Same goes to people who still insist on using the phone, or even worse texting, whilst driving. I lost a colleague a few years ago in a car vs bus accident that she caused by texting at the wheel... total waste of a 22yr old life and tragic. If you text/use a non handsfree phone whilst you are driving then you are a muppet I`m afraid. End of my rant!

    New kitchens, new jobs..all seems to be happening on here! Hope everyone is well...and Bondy and MC, lovely to see you both..dont be strangers!

    mSc x

  • Comment number 22.

    Now, I don't know how to break this to you all so I'll just come out with it ......




  • Comment number 23.

    Well, that scared everyone into silence!

    Either that or the fact it hasn't got light at all today has convinced everyone to hibernate

    Deevs, my guess is a penguin, waterskiing!!! What do you mean, you're not opening it yet? !!

    How are you all tonight? Tucked up safe and warm I hope

    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 24.

    Evening Sezza and hi everyone else

    To be honest, not much to report from here today, apart from being late to work by getting stuck behind a tractor towing a trailer for 3 miles (winding road and busy in both directions)...

    No chance to ovetake safely.... even for me!

    I'm having that Butternut Squash Tajeen thing again for tea, when I can be bothered to stick it in the microwave... only take about 5 mins though...

    I woke up at 4.45 this morning, managed to snooze a bit after, but feel very tired today now.


    JG x

  • Comment number 25.

    Bingo, it never occurred to me to keep the wheels straight when turning right onto
    on coming traffic, i do this everyday as well, I will certainly not do that from now on. thanks.
    loli x

  • Comment number 26.

    Hello everyone.

    I have had the worst day ever, downstairs bathroom is now ripped out. I had to go to daughters house to look after little granddaughter while daughter took little grandson to the doctors because he is very poorly! Holly dog got out of the house and was chasing neighbours cat, luckily my neighbour on the other side was outside and helped us corner mad dog.

    I have had enough of living on a building site.

    kandKs, thank you. I love the t shirt. xx

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 27.

    Another good point about driving I was taught a long time is that, if you are unlucky enough to have to pull on to the hard shoulder, always point your wheels to the kerb... If someone runs into your car, it won't send it spinning into the carriageway....

    And never sit in the car! And don't, as I've seen some do, stand just to the front of it on the verge...

    JG x

    JG x

  • Comment number 28.

    Evening each

    Hope you get a good sleep tonight Chris.

    Last grandson just gone. He just had to stay a wee while longer to beat Mr. Incredible on the PS2.

    Bingo, like loli, I'll remember your tip - I do this every day too and it never occurred to me how dangerous it was.

    Maddy - Well??? Is the timer sorted?


  • Comment number 29.

    Ooo, a bit of a flurry there! Hallo CSN, sounds like you've come to the end of your patience. Hope little grandson gets better soon.

    And hallo to you JG - another good tip.


  • Comment number 30.

    hello all bloggies

    Need to go and catch up with whats been going on with everyone

    CLP hope you are snoring away right now and that the alarm isn't going to disturb your slumber again. If it does I would attack it with the wire cutters lol.

    Getting excited about CIN next week whoop whoop. How is everybody.



  • Comment number 31.

    Annie, I have just had text message from younger daughter, her little one had to be taken to hospital tonight by ambulance because she was having breathing problems but they seem to have stabilised her and as you know she is only one years old.


  • Comment number 32.

    CSN, how awful. Hope the baby is ok. Your daughter must have been so scared.


  • Comment number 33.

    Oh CSN I do feel for you and your daughter as so scary. You feel so helpless and I can still remember a similar problem with my son and that is nearly 30 years ago. I hope your little granddaughter responds well and your daughter can relax a little again. You take care too mind xx

    Love Susan x

  • Comment number 34.

    Evening all

    CSN, Sounds like a scary times ofr your family - I hope everything goes well

    Annie, Was it "just 5 minutes more - I just need to finish this bit!!" I know that one well!

    KKs, I'm fine thanks, looking forward to next week too!

    JG, I hope you've had some tea now, you need to take care of yourself

    I need to go back and read Bingo's advice again - there was so much good stuff there

    I've noticed recently that there are a lot of lorries appearing that seem a lot taller - with sort of high, curved tops. I suppose that they can carry more but they look very top-heavy to me

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 35.

    Hi Sezza

    Yes, I've eaten now, thanks... I struggles sometimes with a lack of appetite, but try to keep eating properly...

    CSN, hope everything is ok with your daughter and her little one xx

    JG x

  • Comment number 36.

    Sezza, that was exactly it - although the extra 5 mins stretched to a couple of hours.

    Just heard from CSN that baby is ok but being kept in hospital.

  • Comment number 37.

    Annie, oh so familiar!! The boys have learned now that when I say 10 minutes I mean and I will turn the gadget off!

    JG, Good to hear you're taking care.

    These dark nights are too dark!!

    I ended up driving miles through the country lanes last night as the main road from out village was closed and wasn't re-opened until after 9.30pm

    Can't believe how far I went! I was so glad the road was open this morning

    Sezza xx

  • Comment number 38.

    Ah but Sezza, I'm their Gran and have to let them away with all sorts of stuff. You have to get your own back on your kids!


  • Comment number 39.

    Annie, lol!! Did you fill him full of sweets and fizzy pop too?


  • Comment number 40.

    Evening All!

    I know it's long time no blog, but now my life is less manic -I gave up work a month ago and am sooooooo happy, as is the boy - I am determined to try and be a bit more consistent!!

    T'other half and I seem to be taking it in turns not sleeping at the moment, there is/has been several things going on recently that means we both a little tense, so I know how long the nights can be!

    CSN - I hope the little one is ok x

    Right, apparently it's my turn for tea.......


  • Comment number 41.

    Not the fizzy pop Sezza, but lots of chocolate was consumed. You might have to wait a long time, but the satisfaction of hearing your children complain about how much their children eat, how much their shoes cost, how they walk into the house and chuck their clothes on the floor, etc........ is wonderful.

    I just say 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind' and laugh at them.

    On the other hand, daughter is taking me out for lunch tomorrow and youngest son has bought me a snow shovel. Love them.


  • Comment number 42.

    I think I should have skipped straight to the grand children- these boys are too cheeky!

    Ebb, hi. Sound like you're settling into your new way of life


  • Comment number 43.


    Thanks to those asking about my timer unit, I can hardly bring myself to mention it but NO!!!! he didn't turn up yet again. The official letter in response to complaint re getting so messed around stated between 8.30am and 12.30pm today. When nobody arrived Bingo phoned and was informed that the engineer was on his way. NOTHING! I phoned again at 2.30 and was again told that he is running late but is on his way. NOTHING! I put in another complaint. Bingo phoned P H (well known Welsh name beginning with J) and they said that he'd been.

    Either he went to Close instead of Road again or else is a liar.

    The latest is that he's coming tomorrow.

    What IS the matter with these people, it's unbelievably ridiculous.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 44.

    Just caught up.


    Hope everything is ok with your little grandaughter, it must have been so scary!

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 45.

    Maddy, you must be beside yourself!! How stupid are they?? Keep us updated - hope he finds you tomorrow.


  • Comment number 46.

    Maddy, have you tried contacting your local trading standards office? This has been going on for so long and they have messed you around so much, you need someone to sort this out!

    Sleep well all, sweet dreams

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 47.

    Sezza-I'll do that if he doesn't turn up tomorrow, thanks for the advice.

    I think what might be happening is that he goes to Close and as I've said before the little old lady has dementia. I think she might be letting him in to look at her timer and then he goes away. But this is no excuse as I've made it very clear we are Road not Close and they ought to know by now.

    I am completely fed up with it all now, it's stopping me from getting on with other things.

    Will see what tomorrow brings!?!?!?!

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 48.

    Hi Sezza,

    I have to admit that being a housewife seems to suit me - it's only been 5 weeks, but I'm alot calmer and definitely less stressed........well, the boy still drives me to distraction, but now usually with a smile on my face at the same time! He says I'm funny rather than angry this days!

    I have the aim of finishing my accountancy course, but with our trip to Orkney and the boy's birthday, as well as the cleaning and sorting that has been minimal while I was working, I haven't picked the books up again, but do feel my motivation slowing returning!

    T'other is having a 'low tech' month - very little TV or internet, and definitely no social networking - so I can monopolise the computer guilt free for a bit! But it does mean we're listening to more radio in the evening, the programme about the Royal Albert Hall on at the moment is very good!

    Hope everybody is ok, I have tried to lurk when I could...


  • Comment number 49.

    Just popped back to say night everyone.

    Just heard from daughter, baby is still being very closely monitored at the moment.

    Thank you for all for your kind messages of support, means a lot to me.

    Annie and kandks, thank you both for the phone chat. xx

    Ali, thank you so much for your text message tonight. xx

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 50.

    Good morning all,

    I hope that this morning finds you and yours all well this dampish day.

    Just had a nice breakfast and now want to go back to bed..I wonder if I could throw a sicky, no, oh well!!!!. Actually I can honestly say that ,that is one thing I have never done ,infact I've gone to work when I have been poorly.

    No news from Pip I see ,I hope that You're weel out there Pip and resting up as much as you can,I'm sure that flower and Scoobs will keep us informedof on your progress.

    Time for another cuppa me thinks .so take care all and have a good day.


  • Comment number 51.

    Mornin' all ..... apologies for such a long absence.

    KKS - thank you soooooooooooo much for the t-shirt which arrived yesterday. It's absolutely brilliant and we're going to dazzle 'em at R2 next week!

    I'm getting really excited now but have a slight panic - I can't find my Pudsey ears!! I wore them last year but we've moved house since then and I know I put them somewhere safe ....... oh well, I'm going to A**a at the weekend so hopefully I'll be able to find another set.

    Take care everyone

    Jillygoat xx

  • Comment number 52.

    Hi everyone,

    Just having a catch-up from last night.

    CSN: how awful for you and your lovely family. I hope your gorgeous little granddaughter will be much better today, and my thoughts are with her mummy, too - she must be so distressed. xx

    Maddy: It really beggars belief what has happened re: your timer. Utter and complete incompetence - you must have steam coming out of your ears!

    kks: nice to see you, to see you nice!

    ebbweth: sounds like you are a happy bunny! I would have loved to have given up work when my daughter was young, so well done, you.

    Cheryl: looking forward to the bloggers Advent calendar extravaganza ... can't believe it's almost that time of year again!

    Bids: I never "throw a sickie" either. I would feel so guilty, there would be no point in having a day off!

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    C xx

  • Comment number 53.

    Morning all

    Grey, grey, grey again!! We're going to have to work hard to inject some colour!

    Ebbs, i think I could enjoy being a housewife too! Good luck with your studies

    Bids, If I ever have time off sick, I always feel so guilty I don't benefit even when I am really ill!

    Maddy, just had another thought. Do you know the lady at the other house well enough to go round and leave a letter for the engineer? If you were able to tape the letter to the timer and write on it "For the Heating Engineer, DO NOT MOVE" and explain that he is at the wrong house? I have used something like this sometimes with some of my folk who are a bit confused. They seem to cope with a letter as it's "Official" and they don't like to interfere

    Right, best look busy

    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 54.

    Maddy, just had another thought.

    Does the Confused Lady have any family? I wonder if you could leave a letter for them as they must be wondering why she keeps getting visits?

    Still looking busy!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 55.

    Or Maddy, you could ask to see a copy of the engineers work sheet that should have been signed by the customer so you can show them it's not you!

    Sorry if these are all things you've thought of or already done. You're on my mind this moning and I really hope you get this sorted out soon

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 56.

    'appy Wednesday Ter CLP & ALL...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    VERY interesting ter read eveyone's comments on driving. I'm glad if a few learn a few extra tips from my blogs as you for sure it will lower your odds of being invloved in an accident!!!!

    The Institute Of Advanced Motorists teach all about defensive driving not aggressive driving!!!!!
    About looking ahead more & protecting yourself more from the mistakes of others!!!!
    Thus all lowering your chance of being involved in somebody elses accident!!!!

    I'll bang me final part of me 'ow To Make The Roads Safer' blog whenthe new blog arrives!!!!!!

    Take care all!!!!!

  • Comment number 57.

    PS One other important driving tip the IAM teach you is look more further ahead to see what's going on further down the road.
    Most motorists just stare at the rear of the vehicle in front of them!!!!!

    What you should do is be looking 200 yards or more ahead of the vehicles in front of you.... This way you can react to slowing traffic even before the vehicle ahead of you does!!!!

    I've done this & often seen something happening ahead... started slowing and watched the vehicle in front of me nearly have an accident as they've not seen the hazard until the last moment!!!!!!!!

    So rmemeber the Bingo IAM driving tip terdee: Look as far ahead down the road as you can, NOT just at the rear of the vehilce in front!!!!!!

  • Comment number 58.

    Bingo, That is something that is very important when travelling with horses on board as you want to avoid any sudden movements, you have to be so aware of what is happening well ahead of you all the time.

  • Comment number 59.


    I have had thoughts of going to see the little old lady, I've been down there a few times over the years to hand her letters which have come here but just lately she seems very confused. I don't if she has any family but I could speak to the warden for the sheltered Close. Thanks for your helpful ideas.

    Bingo has phones P H Whatsits in advance this morning to ensure they are coming today.

    Maybe a miracle will happen!!!

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 60.

    Holy Moly! Christmas Tree looks like it's going up in Reception here today ...... we're not a retail outlet, or a food enterprise. I work in a serviced office building.

    Nuts!!!! Madness!!! Insanity!!!!!

    *shuffles off shaking head*


    morning all, btw! xx

  • Comment number 61.

    You've just reminded me Deevs, time to put up my Christmas tree very soon LOL! (sorry).

    There's nothing I like better than cosy evenings watching the telly with the tree lights on.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 62.

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Maddy! It's too early ....

    I love Christmas. It's my favourite time of year (especially looking forward to this Christmas for reasons that will become apparent in the next few weeks) but it just looks .... well, daft!

    Yes, I bought an Advent calendar yesterday but that was only to get a decent one before there's only mufty ones left in the shops. It's well hidden at home and still in its protective cloak of cellophane.

    Can I go home yet ..... ?



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