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Chris Charles | 12:00 UK time, Friday, 21 May 2010

And now the end is near.... yes, dear readers, this is the last blog I'll be writing for BBC Sport. Or as my colleague Honest Frank put it, the end of an error.

Regrets, I've had a few - namely not being able to sign off with my team safely ensconced in the Premier League. Although on the plus side, at least we didn't go down.

And now the tears subside.....actually I'm not continuing with this My Way nonsense a second longer. Let's get on with the business of reviewing the week, resurrecting a few gems from the ghosts of Reviews past and possibly slipping in the odd musical reference.

What better place to start than Lord (can't see the wood for the) Triesman, who must have felt like the lyrics to Colonel Abrams' biggest hit when the revelations of his 'private conversation' were made public.
Lord Triesman and David Beckham
"I can't get out, see I'm trapped, like a fool I'm in a cage"

There's no fool like an old fool (and I should know) but you've got to feel a bit sorry for the loose-tongued Lord. If all the secret chats I've had over the years were made public, I'd be on Britain's Most Wanted, not to mention Jeremy Kyle.

After baring her soul to a Sunday newspaper, who knows what the 'femme fatale' in question will do next. Personally, I'd like to see her release an album of Smiths covers - Big Mouth Strikes Again, What She Said, Squealer Take A Bow - the list is endless. And if she needs a helping hand, Triesman could always chip in with I Know It's Over, Panic, or Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.

The Lord might have lost us one World Cup, but at least we won another as our proud boys from South Africa, Ireland (and even the odd one from Blighty) smashed the Aussies in Barbados.

New dad Kevin Pietersen led the charge, and it appears a fair trade with Australia has been reached at last - we'll keep tonking you at cricket and you can have the World Snooker champion.

While KP was doing the business, his second-in-command, KP 'B', was doing his nut after missing the chance to send Chelsea back to the King's Road with their tails between their legs.

Yes, poor old Kevin Prince Boateng, who not content with giving Germany's World Cup hopes a kick in the Ballacks, produced the softest penalty ever witnessed in an FA Cup final - until Frank Lampard's effort 20 minutes later.

John Terry appeared to have a few words with Boateng before he took the kick, with (ex) Pompey manager Avram Grant explaining: "He said 'Can you shoot like I did in the Champions League final?'"

Carlo Ancelotti celebrated Chelsea's first double by going all Phil Brown on us and belting out Blues anthem 'Cantare' from their open-top bus. As for his Smiths song - well, it's got to be This Charming Man.

Meanwhile, there were fears expressed for the well-being of JT's England team-mate Wayne Rooney, when he was pictured in some papers emerging from a dirty old caravan sporting a huge, straggly beard and a pot belly.

At first glance I thought someone had finally tracked down Marco Boogers, but turns out the image was taken from an ad showing how Wazza could end up if he doesn't produce the goods in the World Cup.
Wayne Rooney in Nike advertCareer on the wane Rooney
In an interview with The Sun, Rooney admitted that as a kid he used to wear sovereign rings like the one worn by his alter-ego in the commercial (in other revelations, Jordan used to play with Barbie dolls and Sam Allardyce was the tuck shop monitor).

Wazza also confirmed that he still uses the hairdryer to help him get to sleep, although Colleen wishes Sir Alex would go to his own home some nights.

Now, as promised, a few of those nuggets from Reviews past. The Brian Blessed award for best beard goes jointly to Roy Keane and David Beckham, compared respectively to the sailor Action Man and Galen from Planet of the Apes.

Noel Gallagher had a stab at the best celebrity fan gong with last week's announcement that he was going to name his unborn son Tevez, but he was blown out of the water by Morrissey's revelation that he was a Millwall diehard. As one Crystal Palace fan wryly observed at the time: "No wonder he's such a miserable sod."

Best jokes (apart from QPR's hirem-firem policy) concerned Spurs and Newcastle. There were a plethora of gags doing the rounds when Tottenham propped up the league, but my favourite was: "Juande Ramos was caught speeding the other day - he'll do anything for three points."

Then there was Gavin & Stacey star Matthew Horne's tweet when the Magpies went down: "Earlier today I saw a Newcastle season-ticket nailed to a tree. I thought 'I'm having that!' - 'cos you can never have enough nails, can you?"

Best nicknames; 'Wash' Ngog and 'Miami' Weiss, while former Wolves striker Steve Bull gets best quote after answering a question about who would be his ideal dinner party guest with the legend: "If he was alive, Muhammad Ali."

Most of you will probably have seen the Chants of the Season by now, but I'm going back to the last campaign for this little gem, when Tottenham fans spotted the Gallagher brothers at the Man City game and sang: "You're just a s@*! Chas 'n' Dave!"

Best messageboard moan (or Uptown Top Ranting, if you prefer) is another joint award between two disillusioned fans. The first came from a fellow QPR supporter, who groaned: "...I hate Garth Crooks. I hate Garth Brooks for that matter.... I hate grown men wearing football shirts of their team whilst shopping on a Saturday when their team is playing at home.... I hate that I don't hate Roy Hodgson."

The second was from a Grimsby fan, who growled: "Dad, you can (go away). This is your fault. Your idea. You introduced me to this shower of (manure). 'Come with me to Blundell Park,' you said, 'Come and support the boys.' What could I do? I was (flipping) four, what choice did I have? Why not get me hooked on heroin whilst you were at it? I could have gone with mum shopping for bras and knickers at British Home Stores, but no, you knew best...."

The worst 'get your coat' moment (I've had a few) came when I suggested a new Liverpool aftershave range should be named 'You'll Never Walk-Cologne". Sorry about that.
Chelsea fan brushing teeth The tooth is out there somewhere
And finally, best story. So many to choose from - Stephen Ireland pimping his girlfriend's ride, the Chelsea fan caught brushing his teeth at the Man Utd game (otherwise known as 'Cole-Gate'), the Sunday League player booked for deliberately breaking wind as his opponent took a penalty, and the Millwall season-ticket holder who couldn't understand why his seat had been taken when he went to get a ticket for the Charlton game, before eventually realising it had been sold to him at the start of the season.

Runner-up is Port Vale skipper Tommy Fraser, nephew of notorious gangster Mad Frankie. According to legend, when he was at Brighton, Tommy was asked by a local reporter if his uncle ever came to watch him play. "No," came the reply. "But he reads your reports and he was unhappy you only gave me six out of 10 last week." Fraser never got less than seven again.

But the clear winner is the poster on a Rangers messageboard who came up with a cunning plan to get fans into Dundee United after the visitors' allocation had sold out. He urged them to ring up the club shop and buy some Dundee United socks, give it a while, ring back and then get the tickets, safe in the knowledge their details would be stored on the Tannadice system.

Perfect, aside from the fact there was no such database, resulting in Rangers fans ending up with hundreds of pairs of Dundee United socks and no match tickets. The poster was a Celtic fan.

Right, that's it. Sorry Cardiff fans, but good luck to my old mucker Ian Holloway at Wembley on Saturday - not least because the Bluebirds beat us in the play-off final a few years' back and the Blackpool manager was the inspiration for one of the best footie ads ever. Get on yer janner!

And so as the blog is finally laid to rest, it is perhaps fitting that I shall be spending Saturday night in a place called the Talbot Hotel, which is apparently haunted by the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots. I'll naturally pass on your regards if I see her. Have a good weekend, summer and indeed life, one and all. What can I say? It's been emotional.

I may not be blogging on the BBC any more, but I will be tweeting quotes, chants and daft stuff, so sign up to my Twitter page if you want to hear more - and feel free to tweet me any gems, or email on


  • 1. At 1:18pm on 21 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    Thanks for the too many to count laughs Chris.

    Bless you and Good Luck.

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  • 2. At 1:21pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    1. Spitfire: Aw, bless you too Spitters - and all that sail in you.

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  • 3. At 1:23pm on 21 May 2010, Evil-Weazel wrote:

    I've topped the bill, I'll overkill, I have to find the will to carry on with the showwwwwww with the shoowwwwwwwww.

    The show must go on!!!!

    Hello good sir, I'm sure you're all too aware of the derision most of us hold towards the BBC on these events but let it not be said that you have petered out. This one is a fitting finale, the musical references abound are worth the entry fee alone!

    Best of luck to you and the Rangers for the future Chris! (Unless you're up against mine and Jacks' Tractor Boys :P)

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  • 4. At 1:31pm on 21 May 2010, GreekRooneyGod7 wrote:

    Good luck with it all. You'll be missed!

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  • 5. At 1:34pm on 21 May 2010, writtenbyfansforfans wrote:

    It will be a shame to see this end. Are you still writing for the BBC? Also, will you be writing anything similar to this on your own blog, like Robbo Robson?

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  • 6. At 1:36pm on 21 May 2010, Pablo_Fanque wrote:

    That's the way to do it Chris.

    Exit in a brilliant blaze of glory and leave us punters gasping for more.

    Sad but superb.


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  • 7. At 1:39pm on 21 May 2010, Radar wrote:

    Sad times!

    Good luck CC.

    You should totally set up your own blog like Robbo!

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  • 8. At 1:44pm on 21 May 2010, DaveWalnut wrote:

    It's been a pleasure Craig. See you on the good red ship Twitter.

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  • 9. At 1:48pm on 21 May 2010, Zackerious wrote:

    Great blog Chris, I'm really going to miss it and will be looking out for where you next turn up.

    This week you have reminded me how much I laughed when I saw that fan with the toothbrush, definitely the most random thing I have seen this season. - English Footballers Abroad

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  • 10. At 1:53pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    Ah Chris.Delighted to see you managed to sneak another Chas and Dave reference in.Well done Sir.As usual the column is excellent.Such a shame it's the last one on here.I wish you every success.Starfire,who cannot post on here any longer thanks to his mod baiting also sends his best regards.
    Personal highlight of the week would be Rotherham making the final of the league 2 play offs.As tone,a regular poster on the noisy blog,is a Millers fan I've promised to cheer for the daggers(as I'm hopeless at this predicting lark)
    Hope to see you on the dark side Chris....
    One for you Chris....

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  • 11. At 1:54pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    Remarkably,the petitions that have been established to allow us,the little people,the chance to voice our displeasure at the Robbo/CC departure now fail the profanity filter.Details can now be found here.....

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  • 12. At 1:54pm on 21 May 2010, christoker wrote:

    all the blogs you did will be missed, i can't understand why these need to be cut, quotes fo the week was always brilliant, anyways i wish you luck for the future and i'm sure twitter will make up for it!

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  • 13. At 1:54pm on 21 May 2010, Brooki10 wrote:

    The Talbot in Oundle, saturday night?!I go to school there, my last ever day of lessons...
    oh and not too bad a blog...!

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  • 14. At 1:56pm on 21 May 2010, LABSAB9 wrote:

    Superb last blog Chris, this truly is a sad day!!!

    You will be missed. Good luck to you and your family for the future!!

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  • 15. At 1:56pm on 21 May 2010, HelensburghGolfer wrote:

    Good blog, sad to see it go!

    Like the best story, didn't Rangers fans get Celtic fans back by texting that Rangers were losing at the end of the season after 32 mins...causing the Celtic to erupt? (not literally!)

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  • 16. At 2:03pm on 21 May 2010, Jordan D wrote:

    Sir, I doff my cap at your departure - many a lunchtime's entertainment had ... good blog, sad to see it go.

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  • 17. At 2:04pm on 21 May 2010, The Importance of Being Didier wrote:

    I take my hat of to you dear man!

    Fantastic blog over the years!

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  • 18. At 2:10pm on 21 May 2010, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    Thanks for all the great reviews Chris mate, Friday's just won't be the same without ya.

    Hope you pop on to Robbo's new home now once in a while so the laughs can continue.

    All the best mate.


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  • 19. At 2:18pm on 21 May 2010, mambo wrote:

    Onwards and upwards for both yourself and Robbo, you are both way to good for the BEEB, it is better left in the ultra safe hands of the inept McSulky and his band of over zealous mooderators......

    Have a great future and thanks for the entertainment.

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  • 20. At 2:19pm on 21 May 2010, Taffy_Pool wrote:

    Another great blog, Chris. You will be missed.

    All the best for the future.

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  • 21. At 2:21pm on 21 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    Also Chris,

    you joining Robbo on the Free Internet will also mean his Blog is well sorted.

    The man may well be funny at times but complete pants when it comes to InterWebThing.

    What a Luddite.

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  • 22. At 2:22pm on 21 May 2010, Storm of Swords wrote:

    I really dont understand the BBC, McNulty and his weekly drivel stay yet you and Robbo are out Chris. Such injustice.

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  • 23. At 2:22pm on 21 May 2010, Razor_Ray wrote:

    I live in Oundle - shame you're not there tonight, there's a free winetasting session at the Church over the road this evening... but the Ale's not bad in the Talbot.

    Enjoyed the last blog, very disappointed that there'll be no more on here next season.

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  • 24. At 2:23pm on 21 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    p.s. I am stalking you on Twitter, as suggested.

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  • 25. At 2:24pm on 21 May 2010, Great_Shatners_Ghost wrote:

    Good luck Chris, thanks for all the blogs!

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  • 26. At 2:26pm on 21 May 2010, Southern_Devil wrote:

    Chris cheers for the laughs and good luck for the future and all that! Also have to echo H2H above in saying swing on by the blogspot sometime!

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  • 27. At 2:27pm on 21 May 2010, Ciaran Gorman wrote:

    Chris, you will definitely be missed pal. Your blog on a wednesday helped me over the hump day, and friday always set me up for the weekend.

    God speed and good luck in all your endeavours!

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  • 28. At 2:28pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 29. At 2:30pm on 21 May 2010, Brooki10 wrote:

    a friend and I thought about asking if u wanted to have a drink and chat a bit about sports journalism but then thought actually ur probably a friend of a teacher or a parent so I guess that would probably a little bit awkward and not the ur best idea of how to spend ur time!

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  • 30. At 2:32pm on 21 May 2010, Graham wrote:

    Chris, May you have as much fun tweeting etc as I have had reading your posts. All the best. Graham

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  • 31. At 2:32pm on 21 May 2010, bluehellsbells wrote:

    Really sorry that this is your last ROTW - while I doing really enjoy Robbos blog (which involves a lot of banter from the regular posters) -
    I do actually think your blog is much funnier in itself.

    good luck in the future and along with many others hope you will join Robbo on the other side ...

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  • 32. At 2:41pm on 21 May 2010, HMMurdoch wrote:

    Long time lurker, first time poster on this blog.

    Sad that you and Robbo are moving on. Not much entertainment left on this site now.

    Good luck and I'll have a look at Twitter.


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  • 33. At 2:42pm on 21 May 2010, Spurs_Kev wrote:

    QOTW and ROTW!!! Best things to look forward to during the week at work!!!

    Will be signing up to your twitter page!! keep it as good as this!!

    Best of luck......DONT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 34. At 2:44pm on 21 May 2010, 21shergar wrote:

    Your Gospel according to Keegan on his return to St James' Park is one of the funniest pieces I have ever read.

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  • 35. At 2:46pm on 21 May 2010, bezzer4hatters wrote:

    Chris... I get the feeing i will see you at the Talbot on saturday night.... great place.. good beer

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  • 36. At 2:49pm on 21 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Well charlsie, after what feels like a life time of reading your blog and posting my inane chatter when i should be working, i'm sorry to see that this is the end... It needs to be said that you will be missed i hope you carry on bloging in one form or another... Good luck to you, your fam, and of course to the super hoops... here you know SKy are only down the road in Isleworth... and they gave tim lovejoy a job! you must be shoe in!...

    All the best squire!

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  • 37. At 2:50pm on 21 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    34, weren't that robbo... the gospel of st james? the second coming of shearer was a belter too...

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  • 38. At 2:51pm on 21 May 2010, PaulyBoy wrote:

    As I stand to applaud, wiping a solitary tear from my cheek and belting out Jerusalem (slow day at work...), may I say it's been a pleasure reading all your stuff on here.

    It's a shame (as the Detroit Spinners would have you believe) that auntie doesn't like people laughing, that explains the plug being pulled on the good stuff, and last of the summer wine continuing..

    All the best Chris,

    up the lions!

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  • 39. At 2:52pm on 21 May 2010, Richard wrote:

    All the best, Chris.

    My all-time football quote:

    "I appeared 100 times at Wembley...3 times for England & 97 times at the dog track"

    Stan [who else?] Bowles.

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  • 40. At 2:53pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    Wow - just come back to my desk and seen the plethora of comments - before I wade into them, just like to say a big thanks to everyone who's read the blogs and enjoyed them (and even those who haven't - always good to get a slating once in a while). And a special thanks to everyone who has contributed to ROTW and QOTW - without you, they'd have been nothing. Right, deep breath....

    3. Evil-Weazel: And a fine musical reference from you too, sir. Look forward to doing battle with the Tractor Boys again next season - maybe Roy and Colin will take us both up in a blaze of glory. Or maybe not.

    4. GreekRooneyGod7: Miss you too, man!

    5. writtenbyfansforfans: I will be staying at the BBC, probably with Sport until the move to Manchester sometime in the spring/summer of next year. After that, who knows? May get another job within the BBC if I'm lucky - if not, I might end up looking like Rooney in those ads (I'm not far off now if truth be told). Hope to have my own blog at some point, but logistically not sure if I'm allowed to while still employed by her Majesty's broadcaster. Will keep everyone posted through Twitter - and if anyone wants to drop me an email, don't be shy!

    6. Pablo_Fanque: Cheers. Blaze of glory? I feel an Alarm song coming on...

    7. Thanks Radar - see comment 5.

    8. DaveWalnut: Cheers Pistachio.

    9. Zackerious: Yes, toothbrush was a classic - here's what the guy said in the original blog: 'After an appeal on 5 live's 606 phone-in, a man claiming to be the culprit told Spoony: "I was wanting to get to the game and I put the toothbrush in my pocket and forgot to brush my teeth. I thought no one was looking. I always brush my teeth before I go anywhere. I thought no one was looking at me."

    Spoony then felt obliged to ask why the fan was wearing sunglasses while the floodlights were on and he replied: "I saw my ex-girlfriend at the game. The reason I was wearing sunglasses was to disguise my face." Yep, that worked.'

    10. JacksfromBuxton: Told you I wouldn't let you down, son! Thought I hadn't seen Starfire's name grabbing the top spot for a while - all the best if you're watching, son! And good luck to the Millers/Daggers at the weekend. Nothing like sitting on the fence...
    Right, that's the first 10 done - back in a tic.

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  • 41. At 2:55pm on 21 May 2010, SS11 wrote:

    Hey Charles, Wish you good luck and hope you find alternatives soon.
    Sometimes, change is necessary and being away from beeb must be just what you might have wanted.


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  • 42. At 3:00pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    My wife said I have commitment issues,

    So I two-footed slide tackled her

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  • 43. At 3:03pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    I explained to the doctor, "Whenever I harvest our cornfields, I get a really bad headache."

    "It's a migraine," he explained.

    "No, it's not, it's mine - and why have you started speaking Italian?"

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  • 44. At 3:04pm on 21 May 2010, LABSAB9 wrote:

    Said to the wife last night "get your coat on love it's time to go out" she said "ah are you taking me out tonight" i said "no i'm turning the heating off"

    Boom boom

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  • 45. At 3:04pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    I was walking past my fridge the other night and I thought I could hear two onions singing a Bee Gees song, when I opened the door it was just chives talkin'.

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  • 46. At 3:04pm on 21 May 2010, JacksfromBuxton wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 47. At 3:04pm on 21 May 2010, LABSAB9 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 48. At 3:07pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    12. christoker: Cheers ears - see you on the other side.

    13. Brooki10: Last ever day of lessons? Does that mean you're doing O/A Levels - whatever they call them these days? I moved up to Thrapston from London as a kid and went to Prince William School in Oundle before moving back down to the smoke. Meeting up with a few old muckers in The Ship Saturday night. If you're passing and see a grizzled bunch of likely lads, that'll be us.

    14. LABSAB9: And to you, sir! Enjoyed the banter down the years - and maybe our paths will cross again one day.

    15. Studwalk: Aye, the wee scamps, as my old man would have said.

    16. Jordan D. And a doff back from me. Cheers for reading.

    17. The Importance Of Being Didier: OK, enough of the doffing, it's hats off all round. Thanks TIOBD.

    18. Holloway2Holland: Thanks H2H - like I said, it's been emotional. May see you in Robboland, although I might have to go in disguise - pink carnation in the buttonhole..."the daffodils are looking nice this spring" etc.

    19. mambo: Thanks mambo, although I won't be dissing fellow-blogger Phil!

    20. Taffy_Pool: Thanks Taffy.

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  • 49. At 3:08pm on 21 May 2010, oldstafford wrote:

    Great one to finish on Chris, all the best in whatever you find yourself doing.

    As for ending on QPR being in the premiership that's the best one yet, pure comedy! ;-D

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  • 50. At 3:12pm on 21 May 2010, Rabster wrote:

    Darn you for mentioning Chas 'n' Dave because I promised myself not to torment you with the "overlords of prog" on your final day. :) Instead I will settle for a couple of quirky characters, Becker and Fagen. As the core of Steely Dan they were (I hope you agree) a class act so this is a "Black Friday" and I truly hope you come back and "Do It Again" sometime.
    As the master Neil Young laments in "Birds" ... "It's over, it's over."
    All the best Chris, you are a unique talent and the BBC are just daft to let you go. (Robbo too but for different reasons.) Cheers!!!

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  • 51. At 3:13pm on 21 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    QPR 6 points above Chelsea... those were the days ay???

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  • 52. At 3:13pm on 21 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    6 places even...

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  • 53. At 3:13pm on 21 May 2010, Red Nosed Burglar wrote:

    Have enjoyed your columns so much over the years. Not sure what Auntie was thinking in pulling your words of genius...hmm, maybe she wasn't this time. You are what Motty is to footy, Benaud to cricket. Good luck, mate.

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  • 54. At 3:16pm on 21 May 2010, jollyeric wrote:

    You'll be sorely missed. Good luck with the next stage of your career. How often I'll be on the bbc sport website next year is another story .....

    Anyway, I did like Rooney's beard. Give the rate the Man U man normally goes at, I'd say that's 3, 4 days growth.

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  • 55. At 3:17pm on 21 May 2010, alan706 wrote:

    God bless ya chris, so many lol's

    your a pure ledgetank.

    have a gud un'

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  • 56. At 3:18pm on 21 May 2010, Brooki10 wrote:

    ha...will look out for u!ship's the pub we all go to although do feel bad for we seem to swarm it on saturday night but il tell them to keep it down as chris charles is here!yeah last day of lessons, 4 A levels next week...ouch...GCSE's and A-levels...keep up!

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  • 57. At 3:18pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    21. Spitfire: I'm not exactly Bill Gates myself, to be fair!

    22. PulpGrape: Hey PG, hope all well. As I've said before, Phil's a top bloke, so can't agree with you on that one!

    23. Razor_Ray: Afternoon RR. Yes, I'm sorry to be going. As explained in comment 48 (replying to comment 13) I'll be at The Ship Saturday night, so it you're around, come and say hello.

    24. Spitfire: Gulp.

    25. Great_Shatners_Ghost: Cheers GSG.

    26. Southern_Devil: Nice one - who knows what the future will bring?!

    27. Ciaran Gorman: Always happy to oblige, although not sure what to suggest now - thank God for the World Cup!

    29. Brooki10: Be more than happy to say hello, and don't worry, I don't know any current teachers. Actually, depends what school - are you at the comp (i.e. the one I went to) or the rather more up-market private school?

    30. Cheers Graham. Been a pleasure.

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  • 58. At 3:27pm on 21 May 2010, Razor_Ray wrote:

    That's great CC, I was schooled at PWS myself (I'm sure there's a couple of teachers still there from a few years ago) - and now work in Thrapston!

    I shall be sure to pop in to say hello.

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  • 59. At 3:30pm on 21 May 2010, Razor_Ray wrote:

    ...also I've just been told by Josh who sits next to me at work that you're Wiggy and he's been known to have a few pints with a few years ago.

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  • 60. At 3:33pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    31. bluehellsbells: Funnier than Robbo? Ooh, he won't like that. Actually, he'll be in the pub now, so he'll never know.

    32. HMMurdoch: Till we meet again old bean...

    33. spuuuuuuuuuuuuuurs: Take it you're a Tottenham fan, then? I'm not going till fiveish - and will probably have a look in from home when I get back. See you on the other side...

    34. 21shergar: Love to take the credit for that one, but that was Robbo. You've just undone all the hard work done by blueshellsbells, dammit! Have to agree with you, though, that was vintage Robbo - and here it is again for you to savour...

    35. bezzerforhatters: Blimey, are the whole of Oundle reading this blog?! Be good to see you, bezzer, although I'll be at The Ship too. Don't think I've changed too much from my profile pic, although I may be slightly more the worse for wear.

    36. RedBlueArmy92: The pleasure is all mine, sunshine! Good luck with the new arrival and of course the Shots next season.

    38. Paul Faithfull: And good luck to your boys in the final (bet the police aren't too sorry it's not a Millwall-Charlton encounter). Singing Jerusalem at work eh - I wanna work where you work! All the best, PF - and give my love to Marianne.

    39. Richard: Legend.

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  • 61. At 3:38pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    41. 11 - as I said earlier, who knows what the future may be bring?

    42-47. Ooh, look out, it's the jokes section. Big fan of No 45, I have to say.

    49. OldStafford: I know, according to Flavio Briatore's four-year plan, we should be in the Champions League next season. Ahem.

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  • 62. At 3:40pm on 21 May 2010, bezzer4hatters wrote:

    ooo awkward,, the more upper market posh one!

    Complain about this comment

  • 63. At 3:42pm on 21 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Cheers Charlsie fella... take care mate.

    If shots and qpr have a freindly pre-seas... (we have last two years) you need to come down...

    Complain about this comment

  • 64. At 3:44pm on 21 May 2010, Storm of Swords wrote:

    Chris, I'm sure your pal Phil is a top bloke or maybe you just have to say that on here but my point is you have way more readers and fans, I hope you take that away with you.

    All the best, hopefully my Swindon lot will be playing your QPR boys next season, looking forward to the six points :D

    Complain about this comment

  • 65. At 3:46pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    if you went to a comprehensive then of course the roundfaced hegemonic smug-but-bewildered oxbridge henrys were always going to get shot. they wear a sense of entitlement like an old school tie.

    sad day. good luck chris someone on the petition said youre the bbc's most likeable blogger and i feel thats probably right. i rarely read your blog not because i dont want to but because i cant be bothered. i sometimes read the comments and they say youre a nice bloke. so i wish you the very best. if you meet a bbc toff in the gents introduce him to the blue goldfish.

    Complain about this comment

  • 66. At 3:48pm on 21 May 2010, The MONK cant be moderated wrote:

    Chris, are you crying mate? Oh please man, take it like a good ole bloke and we shall meet sometime.

    Have a nice one and good luck?

    P.S. You still have not answered why you were moderated by the Beeb mods when you posted on Chants....... No need to answer though, just curious

    Complain about this comment

  • 67. At 3:57pm on 21 May 2010, Special1 wrote:

    I was just sitting around at work lamenting how much I missed ROTW on Friday afternoon's when, lo and behold, there's a new one!

    For some reason I thought last week was it but I'm certainly glad I was mistaken.

    Thanks again Chris for all of your blogs over the last many years. You've been awesome!

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  • 68. At 3:58pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    50. Rabster: Ah yes, Steely Dan - grew up with them, or rather grew up with my stepdad playing them. You should set up a prog blog! Thanks for all your comments and fine words.

    51. RBA92: Those WERE the days, my friend - and don't get me started on the time we beat Chelsea 6-0, or finished top team in London. And definitely don't let me drift off and start banging on about 1976 and all that.

    53. PNBNLV: Wow, praise indeed - although don't think I'm quite in that company yet!

    54. ericstevens: Yes, he's the original man-boy, although I bet he'd swap the growth on his chin for a full head of hair. As for the BBC site, there's loads of other stuff to get your teeth into, particularly during the World Cup.

    55. alan706: And the same to you, Alan my friend.

    56. Brooki10: You might find you're telling us to keep it down!

    59. Razor-ray: Well, well - small world. Yes I was known as Wig/Wiggy (still am to many) due to my Leo Sayer barnet at school. Take it you're referring to Mr Ystenes? Say hello to the old devil.

    62. bezzer4hatters: Ooh, the posh school eh? Only joking, the days of getting into unholy rows with Oundle School are long gone - peace and love, brother!

    63. RBA92: Keep me posted, son.

    Complain about this comment

  • 69. At 4:01pm on 21 May 2010, Worst_Firm_In_The_World wrote:

    Bloody 'ell, CC. I'm welling up here.

    Take care fella.

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  • 70. At 4:06pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    blimey this is like the death of Little Nell

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  • 71. At 4:08pm on 21 May 2010, TrotterUSA wrote:

    The error is all Auntie's.

    Seems little point having a website if nobody reads it and the removal of the main attractions only sends the punters elsewhere.....hey, maybe that's the idea?

    Good luck Mr. Charles.

    Complain about this comment

  • 72. At 4:08pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    `God bless us every one.' said Tiny Tim

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  • 73. At 4:11pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    and god bless you blogdubdrib....

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  • 74. At 4:12pm on 21 May 2010, SimplyZola wrote:

    All the best Chris. Thanks for some great laughs in the past. Hopefully next season QPR will end up where they belong, league two.

    Hah in seriousness, following you on Twitter and look forward to your 140 characters or less nuggets of brilliance. Thanks again :)

    Complain about this comment

  • 75. At 4:12pm on 21 May 2010, tomat wrote:

    Well Chris, We may never know if you did don that white lounge suit but you sure did do it your Way. One of your best too so please extend your right arm, move it across to your left shoulder and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.
    Wednesdays and Fridays will no longer feel the same. Still, if you gotta go, go with a smile
    I salute you sir, all the best for the future, even if the real Twits are those who made this call to cull chris!

    Complain about this comment

  • 76. At 4:13pm on 21 May 2010, Thom wrote:

    Echo all the comments above Chris and remember, for every post here there's another ten people that are thinking similar thoughts. You really did brighten up my incredibly tedious job a couple of times a week and for that, I thank you. My God I thank you.

    See you on the Twitter.

    Complain about this comment

  • 77. At 4:15pm on 21 May 2010, chilli66 wrote:

    I always read ROTW but I've never posted before. Just had to chime in with everyone else to say I'm sorry to see it end. Easily the most entertaining part of the Beeb site. I love the Chants & bragging to my American wife how much imagination Brit supporters have compared to the fans over here. All you hear here is "Let's go (insert team name here) let's go!"

    All the best mate, I've signed up for your Twitter but this column will be sorely missed!

    chilli66 in Dallas.

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  • 78. At 4:16pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    65. blodgubrib: 'i rarely read your blog not because i dont want to but because i cant be bothered'. Ha ha, that's a belter! The best comment yet, if not ever. To be honest, I can't be bothered to write them some times either.

    66. Robbo is down but The Monk is still alive: Holding it together, son, like the true profesional I am! I had a look on Chants of the Season and couldn't see anywhere where I had been modded.

    67. Special1: Hurrah, always good to have a surprise on a Friday! Cheers for reading.

    69. Worst_Firm_In_The_World: Keep those emotions in check, chief. If you go, we'll all go!

    71. TrotterUSA: Thanks Trots.

    72. blogdubrib: Ha ha - he's there again!

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  • 79. At 4:20pm on 21 May 2010, Razor_Ray wrote:

    haha, yes I was refering to Mr Ystenes... The JKY, I have sent your regards and he sends them back!

    Definitely a small world.

    Good luck and best wishes in the future.

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  • 80. At 4:20pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    73. At 4:11pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:
    and god bless you blogdubdrib....

    ---- come on jacks you know blogdubdrib is a nom de plume foisted upon me by the abritrary purdah of pre-mod. my real name is blogdignag.

    i think the bbc in its starchy political mode is uncomfortable with genuine personality. i cant think of any other reason theyd keep those very boring people as alike as i.p.d.s in an ipod and their very boring blogs going and get shot of the only two real people who project a personality. madness gone mad.

    theres a massive concensus on this, but the bbc is non-responsive to audiecne it seems and so needs to be privatised, in my opinion.

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  • 81. At 4:21pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    Good luck Chris and thanks for all the laughs mate.

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  • 82. At 4:22pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    Yup, I'm back. how long that'll last I don't know but I'l at least say goodbye in cyberperson hehehe.

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  • 83. At 4:23pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    80. At 4:20pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    73. At 4:11pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:
    and god bless you blogdubdrib....

    come on jacks you know blogdubdrib is a nom de plume foisted upon me by the abritrary purdah of pre-mod. my real name is blogdignag.
    You may have noticed that my name has altered slightly as well blogidy....

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  • 84. At 4:24pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    As I said over on Robbo's blog: REGENERATION RULES!!!

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  • 85. At 4:26pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Star,nice to see you brother.I'm Peter Davidson now....

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  • 86. At 4:27pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    chris - you even mentioned Port Vale! what have i been missing! stupid stupid stupid.

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  • 87. At 4:27pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    I think I'm Omega Jack ... eeking out a shadow of an existence based on sheer willpower in a distant anti-universe.

    Well it felt like it anyway.

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  • 88. At 4:29pm on 21 May 2010, blogdignag wrote:

    welcome back and goodbye, star - see you on the Other Side (ITV)

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  • 89. At 4:29pm on 21 May 2010, Rabster wrote:

    #68 Chris, I don't think even an old punk/NME style journo would call "The Dan" prog rock...anyway I sometimes feel your replies are just reminders that I must be so much older than yourself :) Your step-dad had(has?) great taste. Your final 'blog' was great, I probably should have mentioned that. :)

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  • 90. At 4:29pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    Dammit, why is Blog still on premod even over here?

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  • 91. At 4:30pm on 21 May 2010, blogdignag wrote:

    now whats the point of that? chris - the bbc doesnt deserve you. goodbye.

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  • 92. At 4:31pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Star,because the Blogdignag username went onto pre mod status and that hasn't been lifted yet.

    Complain about this comment

  • 93. At 4:31pm on 21 May 2010, blogdignag wrote:

    90. At 4:29pm on 21 May 2010, Starfire wrote:
    Dammit, why is Blog still on premod even over here?


    may as well go out in a blaze (or flicker) of ignominy, star

    Complain about this comment

  • 94. At 4:33pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    And that just sums up what is effed up about this site these days Jack.

    First they try and kill off the most amusing users and when the mods fail to do that they decide to kill off the most popular blogs on here.

    If they're going to cancel something in the pursuit of original content they why is that utter snorefest I understand some people call Eastenders is still running?

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  • 95. At 4:35pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    Good Luck Chris
    wherever you turn up. You've given us all lots of laughs, hope to read you soon in this time and space machine of ours

    Thanks for sitting on the fence, but we should be OK, ALF is on fire, Jacks has plumped for Dags, so thats promising
    btw are there any dags fans lurking?

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  • 96. At 4:35pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Star,here's a thought.You could write a blog about it.....

    Who knows what goes on in the bbc these days,like the petitions we set up failing the bbc profanity filter...

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  • 97. At 4:36pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    Thas the old name and the mods have just caught on

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  • 98. At 4:38pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    96. At 4:35pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:


    Funny that you should say that Jack ... ;)

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  • 99. At 4:39pm on 21 May 2010, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Hello tone,have you got back to Blighty or are you still in the Fatherland?

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  • 100. At 4:41pm on 21 May 2010, blogdignag wrote:

    jacksofbuxton is better, jacks, i see youre in pre-mod on robbo now. laters.

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  • 101. At 4:43pm on 21 May 2010, L-M-R FC wrote:

    brilliant ending, goin out with a bang. does anyone one else think the reporter who shafted triesman should be sent to the stocks for a while?

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  • 102. At 4:44pm on 21 May 2010, indraneelan wrote:

    One of my all time favourite quotes came from one of the recentish QOTWs I believe : "If you have any kind of wood, touch it now!" Worthy of a mention for being the finest example of accidental euphemism due to sheer momentary enthusiasm I've ever heard.

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  • 103. At 4:46pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    Still the Vaterland till next weekend for the RBA bitching session at the P&G

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  • 104. At 4:47pm on 21 May 2010, adampsb wrote:

    Chris great blog - shame to see it go. Sorry I'm late posting but had to do some work.

    Good luck to you sir - see you on robbo or on

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  • 105. At 4:47pm on 21 May 2010, adampsb wrote:

    As requested

    255. At 4:37pm on 21 May 2010, you wrote:


    In 4th Place with 7 votes the chessy harmonics of the England squad in Back Home

    In 3rd place with 8 votes the thumping synth tunes of the Pet Shop Boys remix of Jerusalem

    In 2nd place with 19 votes the ever cheerful World In Motion

    The winners with an incredible 50 of the 80 votes cast was the Lightning Seeds with Baddiel & Skinner football anthem Three Lions

    I thought about putting Go West on there but it is the tune not the lyrics that football appropriated so it was left alone.

    There is another blog that everyone including JDR will love as it is funny yet informative and strangely well written if I do say so myself. And I do so there

    Visit there or be square

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  • 106. At 4:51pm on 21 May 2010, Aston wall penalty wrote:

    Another great blog (wiping away a stray tear) - all the best and what will I do at work now?????

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  • 107. At 4:58pm on 21 May 2010, jollyeric wrote:

    I will look forward to the World cup coverage but it next season, the week by week continuation of the football world won't be quite as jolly.

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  • 108. At 4:59pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    Lets give Chris a good send off, 302 to beat

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  • 109. At 5:01pm on 21 May 2010, Zootmac wrote:

    70 Bloggy:

    "One would have to have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing." (Oscar Wilde)

    72 Bloggy

    "Tiptoe through the Tulips" was Tiny Tim's smash hit. "God Bless Us Every One" was by Robin in "A Muppet Christmas Carol".

    Chris - may I add my best wishes to you, and express my appreciation for the laughs, and for your consistently courteous approach, during the era of this super blog. (Well, certainly when compared with that moaning old git Robbo). Fridays won't be the same.

    "To lose one great comedy blogger in may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two strikes me as carelessness." (Charles Dickens, writing to the BBC)

    I think I've got all of those quotations correct.

    Complain about this comment

  • 110. At 5:02pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    I have commented over there

    Its a t w@t of a time to keep up with all the blogs, about 10 tabs open, but good reads for all that

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  • 111. At 5:03pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    74. SimplyZola: We're gonna have to go some to get into League Two by next seaon. Mind you, administration, docked points, relegated two divisions - hope you're not a soothsayer in your spare time!

    75. tomat: Ah yes, the white lounge suit - must dig it out some time. Cheers for your comments. TTFN.

    76. Thom: Blimey, sounds like you have/had a really dull job! See you over yonder.

    77. chilli66: U-S-A! Nice to make your acquaintance at last, even though it will be brief, on the blog at least. Love to your wife.

    79. Razor_Ray: I knew it!! Cheers mate - may bump into you over the weekend.

    81. Starfire: Well, well, well. I'm honoured, sir. Eighy places below your traditional entrance, but we'll forgive you that in the circumstances

    86. blogdubrib: Aha, you see! Remember that game when you were 4-0 up and we came back to 4-4 like it was only yesterday.

    89. Rabster: Was referring to your general love of prog - sorry, just looked back and it is rather ambiguous. Not sure how I would classify the Dan - bit of a jazzy thing going on there I guess. As for age, yep you're definitely older than me!

    95. tone1947: Cheers ears - I'll turn up like a bad penny somewhere - don't you worry about that.

    101. Rob_LFC_Fairbairn: Been a pleasure.

    102. indraneelan: Ah yes, remember it well!

    104. adampsb: Better late than never, son. Keep you posted on any future developments.

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  • 112. At 5:04pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    Is there any way of finding out, who the PSB 8 are?

    or was that just you Adam, using different names

    It would not have been allowed to happen if the Mods were in town

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  • 113. At 5:08pm on 21 May 2010, Evil-Weazel wrote:

    112. At 5:04pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:
    Is there any way of finding out, who the PSB 8 are?
    or was that just you Adam, using different names
    It would not have been allowed to happen if the Mods were in town

    You get the list, I'll get the pitchforks and torches....

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  • 114. At 5:14pm on 21 May 2010, Redsearcher wrote:

    Ah, the 100th post.

    Why are the Beeb killing off all that is good with their online presence? Totally bizarre.

    Complain about this comment

  • 115. At 5:16pm on 21 May 2010, Evil-Weazel wrote:

    114. At 5:14pm on 21 May 2010, Transporter_Bridge wrote:
    Ah, the 100th post.
    Only 14 off lad, nice try.

    Can anyone remember a more wide of the mark claim for a post number?

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  • 116. At 5:18pm on 21 May 2010, tone1947 wrote:

    Well its another smoggie, or is it still in Arizona?

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  • 117. At 5:19pm on 21 May 2010, GallensMagicRangers wrote:

    Have enjoyed every minute Chris, and here's hoping the Beeb have a rethink.

    Come on you R's!

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  • 118. At 5:39pm on 21 May 2010, Chevy_bass wrote:

    Damn! Haven't got the interweb at home so I can't follow your twitter thing. Oh well, my loss. Cheers for much amusement.

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  • 119. At 6:01pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    115. At 5:16pm on 21 May 2010, Evil-Weazel wrote:
    114. At 5:14pm on 21 May 2010, Transporter_Bridge wrote:
    Ah, the 100th post.
    Only 14 off lad, nice try.

    Can anyone remember a more wide of the mark claim for a post number?


    Ha ha, no!

    2,513th post!

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  • 120. At 6:06pm on 21 May 2010, raszobbo wrote:

    Good luck for the future Mr. Charles......

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  • 121. At 6:23pm on 21 May 2010, gary wrote:

    Just wanted to say that your blog has made a lot of my slow Friday afternoons bearable. I especially appreciate today's references to the Smiths, the greatest band ever (and on the day before Morrissey's birthday.) Good luck! You will be missed!

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  • 122. At 6:42pm on 21 May 2010, redandblackT-Save 606 wrote:

    Take care CC...You're the best.You had me the day you first called me R&B.Wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

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  • 123. At 6:44pm on 21 May 2010, U14476995 wrote:

    111. At 5:03pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    81. Starfire: Well, well, well. I'm honoured, sir. Eighy places below your traditional entrance, but we'll forgive you that in the circumstances


    Yup, dodged the mod squad for the time being ... even they aren't going to stop me wishing you well on your adventures. ;)

    Complain about this comment

  • 124. At 6:51pm on 21 May 2010, MCFC_TID wrote:

    More great stuff Robbo, not only are the blogs humorous and entertaining, but its reassuring to have our posts responded to. Thanks for the memories, your work will be missed.

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  • 125. At 6:51pm on 21 May 2010, Robokopthe3rd wrote:

    Very sad its the last post...well, not THAT last post. I mean, you can be like a phoenix from the ashes and return on another blog somewhere hopefully. ROTW AND QOTW are the best blogs on the beeb, without doubt and your humility and humour are very good. Hope you have a good life :) and although I dont in any way like the music of Elton John, `it seems your candle burned out long before your legend did`.

    Chris Charles, you`ll never walk alone

    All the best mate,

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  • 126. At 6:54pm on 21 May 2010, blogdubdrib wrote:

    sandals in the bin

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  • 127. At 6:55pm on 21 May 2010, Arshavin the Russian Gooner wrote:

    I am new to post comments on blogs and have read ROTW and QOTW for the last 6 months. It is outrageous that the BBC get rid of Robbo and Chris when thye keep Phil McNulty. What's going on!

    Nice blog by the way. Never thought of joining Twitter but might have to now Chris.

    Save QOTW and ROTW

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  • 128. At 7:15pm on 21 May 2010, Zulu Warrior wrote:

    Bravo Mr Charles
    Bon Voyage

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  • 129. At 7:31pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    Evening all. Just got back home after the mother of all journeys. Two demanding children and a friend's birthday dictates that I probably won't be able to reply to everyone else tonight, but rest assured I will read every comment and reply at some point as appropriate.

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  • 130. At 7:42pm on 21 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    106. Aston wall penalty: Good name - see what you've done there. Thanks for reading. I hope my departure doesn't mean you're going to be forced into doing some work now. Perish the thought!

    109. Zootmac: Yes, that's one of Dickens' most memorable offerings I believe.

    114. Transporter Bridge: Not just the 100th post but 14 better, no less. Good work!

    117. GallensMagicRangers: Definitely the best name ever. Not to be confused with Beckham's Planet of the Apes beard double of course.

    118. Chevy_bass: I'll note down a few email addresses and let you know if anything's happening if that's OK.

    120. raszobbo: Cheers me ol China.

    121. gary: Of course, the great man's anniversary. I'll raise a glass to him tomorrow - and I know he drinks having seen him in action in the Good Mixer many moons ago(the story I bored everyone with several hundred blogs ago).

    122. R&B: Good evening sir. It just wouldn't be ROTW without you appearing at some point. And good luck to you too.

    124. MCFC_TID: Eh?

    Right, kids screaming. Better dash unti later.

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  • 131. At 8:05pm on 21 May 2010, Torresque wrote:

    Cheers for all the great reviews Chris. That Nike advert is very nice, apart from the fact that one of the main 'characters' is Ronaldinho, who isn't even going to SA as he's not in the squad!

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  • 132. At 8:08pm on 21 May 2010, pudz wrote:

    thanks for the fantastic laughs you've given me with QOTW, ROTW and the other stuff. sad to see them (& you) go. good luck!

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  • 133. At 8:24pm on 21 May 2010, Didier Drogba- just another Cameron Jerome wannabe wrote:

    excellent blog, will be sad to see you go. its a disgrace thta you and robbo are goin while mcDullty stays on

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  • 134. At 8:27pm on 21 May 2010, Didier Drogba- just another Cameron Jerome wannabe wrote:

    the bbc are w@ankers!

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  • 135. At 9:07pm on 21 May 2010, CerezoANDSocrates wrote:

    Charlsie, I had to upgrade my membership to some BBC iD thing to do this, but it's well worth it.

    The first day I stumbled across quotes of the week, I knew I had only love for it. My favourite bits have to chants and banners of the week. Brilliant. And as for your reviews, just sublime. Your blogs, like what many have already said, were the highlights of my week. I may have to defect to football 365 or something, i need humour with my football reviews. Mcnulty is a nice bloke, but you are a top one. Good luck with all your future works, and catch you on the blogosphere sometime soon please.
    Eder and Serginho send their regards too. Thanks man.

    Complain about this comment

  • 136. At 9:48pm on 21 May 2010, BrightonFox wrote:

    Thanks for the memories.... you are one inspirational man.

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  • 137. At 10:06pm on 21 May 2010, Arshavin the Russian Gooner wrote:

    Rooneys beard is hilarious.

    Does anyone know how do put a hyperlik on to my comment. Thanks

    Save QOTW and ROTW

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  • 138. At 10:18pm on 21 May 2010, Vic BW wrote:

    Good on yer. I've enjoyed your blog since day one.

    It won't be long. With the cutbacks at Auntie Beeb, there will just be basic news soon. All the interesting stuff will be just memories.

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  • 139. At 10:23pm on 21 May 2010, Jimmy2Times wrote:

    I was a little bit taken aback by ur love of Q.P.R and insistence on including them every week earlier this season, but can now honestly say it's been a joy reading ur reviews and the quotes of the week since i became a regular. Best of luck to ya Mr Charles.
    Will follow ya on twitter to find out whats goin on bud!!!

    Complain about this comment

  • 140. At 11:07pm on 21 May 2010, BerbaDov wrote:

    You've helped me thoroughly enjoy my Friday's this season and i will miss this blog greatly. As a side point im finishing school 4ever in the next month or so and i want to go into sports journalism. I have been told i should study Media at Uni but i really enjoy English and feel it would improve my writing skills. I found a course, 'English and Media' and wondered if you thought that would be a good idea for me to take after my gap year to help me get into your field.

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  • 141. At 11:17pm on 21 May 2010, Arshavin the Russian Gooner wrote:

    I would like to know chris was it the that the BBC decided to get rid off you or is it that you decided to step down.

    Arsenal have just signed chamakh go to

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  • 142. At 11:44pm on 21 May 2010, Ahad Shaukat wrote:

    Well charlie boy i have to admit that im not ur big fan and not a regular reader but i have read some of your blogs and i just love the way you interact with the people and reply to their questions and are actually friends with them,unlike other guys on the bbc . although i m more of a mcnulty and minshull reader but even they are not that active when it comes to interacting with the people . i just love that about you mate . Good luck n God bless ... and oh yeah , welcome chamakh . :) bye for fabregas ? :(

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  • 143. At 00:19am on 22 May 2010, penmana wrote:

    The above link shows that the 'story' has no substance and is the result of a concerted effort to get the myth onto as many forums/boards/blogs as possible.

    If the blogger had researched Operation Tango - which had a global impact and actually happened - I'm sure he would have selected a different No 1.

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  • 144. At 01:21am on 22 May 2010, Footnotes wrote:

    It's been great, Chris. I don't know why this blog has to end and I am disappointed that it has to. But I wish you well in whatever you move on to.

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  • 145. At 01:51am on 22 May 2010, ozza33 wrote:

    As Andy Gray once said when Steven Gerrard scored THAT goal in the FA cup final four years ago: 'You've been immense son'

    I echo the same sentiments, it has been a pleasure reading the blogs every friday, it really is (as sad as it may seem) the highlight of my week.

    Good luck in the future, your witty insights shall be missed!!

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  • 146. At 06:36am on 22 May 2010, Fun_n_Games wrote:

    Well done Chris. It's been great reading your QOTW and ROTW over the years. You'll be sadly missed.

    All the best for your future.

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  • 147. At 10:21am on 22 May 2010, Arshavin the Russian Gooner wrote:

    Thought Chelsea deserved to win cup.

    Arsenal have signe chamakh

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  • 148. At 10:26am on 22 May 2010, bearded_shrimper wrote:

    damn shame, i always looked forward to this and quote of the week. Sort it out BBC!

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  • 149. At 10:56am on 22 May 2010, collie21 wrote:

    I guess you could say you will be staying at the Talbot Horizon given that's where the blog career is heading.........

    Still I don't understand the thinking of the beeb... I was hoping other bloggers would be removed and your stuff would stay.

    Will keep in touch ... Good stuff. I like your blogs.

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  • 150. At 11:05am on 22 May 2010, tonygrie wrote:

    thanks for the memories chris!

    I'm not sure I like the change in direction of the site though..

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  • 151. At 11:41am on 22 May 2010, owboll wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 152. At 11:54am on 22 May 2010, owboll wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 153. At 1:23pm on 22 May 2010, Goonerd wrote:

    Hey Chris, fitting end to ROTW. I first visited BBC Sport reading your blog and have been a regular follower ever since. With you gone i don't think i'll ever be visiting BBC again!

    - Your only fan from India

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  • 154. At 1:52pm on 22 May 2010, C_McGumpty wrote:

    Wow Chris i see you've made an extra effort in replying to the comments on your last blog, fair play! This final blog pretty much summed up what made you so popular. I know it's unlikely to happen but I hope the beeb see sense and keep you and Robbo on. All the best for the future.

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  • 155. At 1:57pm on 22 May 2010, Colm Shanahan wrote:

    Thanks for making me laugh one more time. Will you be doing an independent blog? Or is this truly the end?

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  • 156. At 7:04pm on 22 May 2010, FoxesofNuneaton wrote:

    Gutted that the BBC are ending all this.
    ROTW and QOTW have been pleasure and a great laugh and its alal finishing.
    When will the BBC Listen?

    Will have to join up on Twitter to continue this and hope that BBC give you something after ending this.

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  • 157. At 7:48pm on 22 May 2010, FBS wrote:

    Sorry I missed you. This the first time I have read your column. Better late etc. Will the Wembly pitch be ready for 2018, if we win the bid?. Well done Tranmere for staying up. Hope Ronnie Moore wins playoff with Rotherham and he gets a warm welcome at Tramnere next season. Why did Tranmere get rid of him and replace him with someone called John Barnes. Swivel I say. Tricia Mary from Neston

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  • 158. At 7:27pm on 23 May 2010, Magic_Arsenal_thefinalcountdown wrote:

    rooney's beard, wtf.

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  • 159. At 8:57pm on 23 May 2010, col029 wrote:

    145. At 01:51am on 22 May 2010, ozza33 wrote:

    As Andy Gray once said when Steven Gerrard scored THAT goal in the FA cup final four years ago: 'You've been immense son'


    And don't forget, as Andy Gray seems to say whenever anyone scores a goal: 'Take a bow, son!'

    Been reading your blogs after work for a few months now and it's always made my day. When you don't get home 'til 9.30pm you need a good laugh (and a beer of course!) and you've never failed in that respect. One day perhaps the Beeb will listen to the people who're paying their wages and keep blogs like this, rather than self-important and opinionated tat (I'm naming no names).

    Not a fan of Twitter (my mate enjoys Alistair Darling baiting for some reason) but I guess I'll make an exception... just this once!

    Best of luck in your future endeavours and hopefully we'll see QOTW and ROTW somewhere on the t'Interweb sooner rather than later!

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  • 160. At 9:10pm on 23 May 2010, col029 wrote:

    Slight problem Chris, how am I supposed to stalk you on Twitter if your page doesn't exist?

    Or have the Beeb already canned your ass? Guess I'd better look up Chris Charles DHSS then!

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  • 161. At 09:56am on 24 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    I'm never letting this blog end! I shall be squatting on this page from now on...

    we shall not we shall not be moved (till 5 when i go home)

    Long live ROTW!

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  • 162. At 10:01am on 24 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    I have always had a big problem lettign things go, or at least thats what my dead mum told me last night...

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  • 163. At 11:28am on 24 May 2010, Chris Charles wrote:

    Morning all. Don't know if anyone will still be looking in, but as promised will try to reply to as many comments as I can, following my weekend away with the boys (ouch).

    125. RK3: Ah, all the familiar faces, well names at least. Good to hear from you and thanks for the epitaph - I'm sure I'll be back somwehere, sometime in the future.

    126. Blogdubrib: Ha! Actually got the sandals on today as well - not a pretty sight.

    127. MattytheGooner: Thanks mate - yeah, sign up, what have you got to lose?

    128. Zulu Warrior: TTFN.

    131. Torresque: Good point, although I'm guessing it was filmed before the squads were announced - and who would have thought Ronaldinho would not even get into the original party? Just shows the strength Brazil possess. Be afraid...

    132. pudz: Cheers pudz. All the best to you too.

    133. bluecity91: Thanks for reading - it's been a blast.

    135.CerezoANDSocrates: Much appreciated. Hope people will continue to send me anything they've heard so I can tweet it.

    136. BrightonFox: Inspirational? Moi? Not so sure about that, but like everyone else, your comments are much appreciated.

    138. VicBW: Thanks Vic - I've enjoyed doing them.

    139. Jimmy2Times: Thing is, if I was, say, a Chelsea or Man Utd fan I probably wouldn't have mentioned it too much, as it would have come across as gloating. Not something I've had too much experience of doing following QPR.

    140. BerbaDov: It's all changed a lot since my day, when I was taken on as a teenager at a press agency. Don't want to give you a bum steer, but I know that if you wnat to become a journalist these days, most firms will require you to have an NCTJ certificate.

    141. MattytheGooner: It was a decision taken by others for various reasons, including the need to resturcture the dept and the fact I won't be going to Manchester next year.

    142. Ahad Shaukat: 'Well charlie boy i have to admit that im not ur big fan and not a regular reader' - ha ha, nice one! Glad I won you over in the end.

    144. Footnotes: Cheers - here's to the future!

    145: ozza33: Take a bow, son!

    146. Fun_n_Games: Cheers F&G - it's been a pleasure.

    149. collie21: Enjoyed the banter collie and yes, do stay in touch.

    150. tonygrie: Thanks for having me!

    153. Goonerd: Thank you my 'one and only fan from India'! But do stick around, the World Cup should be good.

    154. G McGumpty: I always try and reply to as many comments as I can, but really feeling the love on this one, so going the extra mile to say thanks to you all. As I've said many times before - couldn't have done it without you.

    155. Colm Shanahan: Glad you've enjoyed it. I won't be doing any more QOTW/ROTW for the Beeb on this blog, but will be tweeting. As for the indie blog, that's deffo an option for the future, but as I'm still a BBC employee, not sure if it'll be just yet. Robbo's got one set up, though.

    156. Foxesof Nuneaton: See you on the other side!

    157. FBS: Hello first-timer!!

    159. col029: Thanks col - see you on Twitter. Better start tweeting pronto! Link should be working.... (not the double underscore space)

    161. RBA92: Ha ha - wonder how long you can stay before they evict you?!

    Complain about this comment

  • 164. At 2:35pm on 24 May 2010, oldstafford wrote:

    Hello?...Sorry, forgot me coat (looks around at the empty room) oh.... (turns light off) all the best Mr Charles...(exits)...

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  • 165. At 2:45pm on 24 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Who turned them blinking lights off? Stafford!!! i just spilled me chuffing pint!

    aaaah, and these are new trainers... godamit!

    Complain about this comment

  • 166. At 2:52pm on 24 May 2010, oldstafford wrote:

    Haha...RBA if you're going to stage a sit in protest at least make sure somebody knows you're here, I could of locked you in...

    Complain about this comment

  • 167. At 05:59am on 25 May 2010, Fun_n_Games wrote:

    Last comment! Goodnight and Good Luck, Chris.

    Complain about this comment

  • 168. At 10:43am on 26 May 2010, Zootmac wrote:

    Hans Last should never have changed his name to James. "The James Last Orchestra".

    Wot kind of name is that for a German band?

    Last comment.

    Complain about this comment

  • 169. At 12:27pm on 26 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    So if you keep responding to every single one of the posts, from now till your time at the BBC, whats holding you back from passing us the best of te quotes chats and comments, as, comments? like.

    Complain about this comment

  • 170. At 3:38pm on 26 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    charlsie give it a read, charlsie charlsie give it a read...

    Complain about this comment

  • 171. At 3:39pm on 26 May 2010, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    your not coming back are you????

    its that day me dad left me at the park all over again......

    Complain about this comment

  • 172. At 4:52pm on 26 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    You are not posting, anymore.

    Complain about this comment

  • 173. At 9:26pm on 26 May 2010, TrotterUSA wrote:


    Complain about this comment

  • 174. At 10:42pm on 26 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    Trott, there are moments in life where coming last could be perceived as good.

    This is not one of them.

    Complain about this comment

  • 175. At 09:14am on 31 May 2010, Spitfire wrote:

    The Irony.

    Complain about this comment

  • 176. At 03:45am on 01 Jun 2010, Footnotes wrote:

    Chris, you and Robbo are the reason why I have a userid on this site at all. It has been a true pleasure reading your blogs over the years and sharing them with friends : I used to email quotes from your blogs to my friends as a way of staying in touch. I don't know if you ever expected that your blogs would actually enrich and sustain old frienships. It's been great. Thank you.

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