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Review of the week

Chris Charles | 10:15 UK time, Thursday, 23 April 2009

Over the space of a crazy few days, English football has witnessed more fours than a Twenty20 over - and there was me thinking three was the magic number.

You wait ages for an eight-goal thriller and two come along at once - just like the proverbial London bus, in fact - which could also be used to describe Liverpool's defence at the moment. Big, red and decidedly wobbly.

The writing looks on the wall for the Merseysiders, and although Rafa Benitez is refusing to throw in the towel, it appears the fat lady has already sung - and been watched by 100m people on YouTube to boot. (Sorry, Susan, that was a bit of a cheap shot - love you madly really.)

If they gave out trophies for entertainment, the Premier League's top scorers would have to order a new cabinet, but the cold hard stats don't make pretty reading for Liverpool fans. Two games, eight goals, one point and the knowledge that unless Manchester United have a bigger dip than Brian Jacks on Superstars (one for the older readers there) they are going to finish the season potless.

If they do end up with nothing, the Reds will take scant consolation in knowing they took part in two of the most exciting games ever - any more matches like that and the club will be slipping valium prescriptions into the season ticket envelopes. And the same applies to their respective opponents, Chelsea and Arsenal, who both experienced their second 4-4 draw in the last year or so.
Andrey Arshavin celebrates his fourth goal against Liverpool
How Chelsea could have done with an Andrey Arshavin after leaving their shooting boots behind when they hosted Everton for an FA Cup final dress rehearsal on Wednesday. Meanwhile Manchester United got over their Wembley defeat by cruising to victory against Portsmouth - all of which will have been music to the ears of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The old rascal was at it again by claiming an 'arrogant' Benitez had used 'game over' signals during the defeat of Blackburn to disrespect Sam Allardyce. Surely the Rovers boss is big enough to fight his own battles (and probably a few other people's too) but like flies around a sleeping cow, Fergie and Rafa just won't let it lie.

Never mind The Damned United, you could make a movie out of the pair's bitchings this season ('Ben Fer' has a certain ring to it), while Ferguson's previous enemies Arsene Wenger and Ramon Calderon have been cast aside like the uncool kids in school.

But that could all change next week when United face Arsenal in the first of their Champions League double-header - 'The return of Strop Idol ' as one tabloid journalist put it.

Wenger has been in the unusual position of being a peripheral figure in the Premier League's personality stakes, even resorting to a spot of Dad-dancing in the game with Villarreal to get himself on the back pages.

Yet once again he was outsmarted by the Big Two as Rafa was spotted wearing a pair of novelty socks in the dugout and Fergie stomped around the troubled Wembley surface with all the maturity of a Teletubby when a penalty decision went against his team. In fact at one stage he went so purple I actually thought he was going to turn into Tinky Winky.

Incidentally, after the much-vaunted criticism of the hallowed turf, what's the betting the groundsman will approach the Wembley bigwigs after the U2 gigs and plead with them to 'hack my pitch up'?

In other news, David Beckham was involved in a tug-of-war between AC Milan and Tottenham, depending on which paper you read. Some reports suggested Milan were desperate to bring the former England captain back in January, while others claimed Harry Redknapp was preparing to make a swoop.

Meanwhile, the man himself was keeping busy by dressing up as The Terminator for his latest advertising campaign. I'm not a betting man (at least that's the line if you ever meet my other half), but if I were to have a few quid, I'd bank on Becks telling the Rossoneri "I'll be back" when he heads off to LA in the summer.

Redknapp, never short of a story, recounted a tale this week of his days at Bournemouth when they signed a player from Jersey who nobody had ever heard of, on the basis that he brought over a box of tomatoes for the manager, John Bond, at a time when the salad favourites (I'm not getting into the fruit/vegetable debate) were in short supply.
Harry Redknapp
Look and learn, David Bentley - bring in a nice dollop of pie and mash and a crate of jellied eels to training on Friday and you'll be off the bench quicker than you can say 'Gaw blimey, love a duck'. I saw Bentley (at least I think it was him) in Islington's Hope and Anchor on Monday night. I'm happy to report he was sticking to soft drinks, although if the boss keeps leaving him out, Bentley might be using the pub's name as rhyming slang if you catch my drift.

Redknapp was praised as the best English manager in the game after hauling Spurs off the bottom and into contention for a European place. No mean feat given people genuinely thought Tottenham were on the way to the Championship before his arrival - a predicament that spawned a whole host of gags; 'Juande Ramos deliberately got caught speeding the other day, he'll do anything for three points' being my favourite.

Now it's Newcastle who have taken on that unfortunate mantle, with this the latest joke doing the rounds: "What's the difference between Alan Shearer and Newcastle United? Alan Shearer will be on Match of the Day next season."

Shearer is apparently considering returning bad boy Joey Barton to the line-up for the final five games and the midfielder was in yet more trouble after being caught on a train without a ticket. One 'witness' told The Sun: "Given his reputation it was par for the course - the only thing that surprised me was he was reading a book!" 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People' perhaps?

And finally, story of the week concerned the Bolivian physio who secretly doctored his players' drinks with Viagra to 'oxgenate their blood'. There's all manner of dodgy innuendos I could follow that up with but as I don't think my family would take kindly to me being sacked in the current climate, I'd better not. Suffice to say he was probably hoping for an improved performance up front.

P.S. Apologies for not replying to any of your comments last week - I was up in Manchester on a 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' recce mission (BBC Sport are moving up there in 2011), from which I returned with more questions than answers.

One answer I can give was to those of you who didn't get the Robbie Blake spoonerism reference and to 'RedandBlack' who wasn't sure what a spoonerism (or should that be roonerspism?) was. I should have explained that the Burnley striker becomes Blobby Rake if you twist his name around, although it's fair to say the person who recalled Kenny Lunt blew my suggestion to pieces.


Player attempts to jump on team-mate to celebrate a goal - and misses
Villarreal coach falls off his chair at The Emirates
Beckham as Terminator
Dog interrupts match in Lithuania

(Courtesy of Off The Post football blog)


  • 1. At 12:43pm on 23 Apr 2009, CHRIS wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 2. At 12:47pm on 23 Apr 2009, ThomThomTiger wrote:

    Novelty socks? Is this what it's come down to for the tabs these days? Jeez...

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  • 3. At 12:50pm on 23 Apr 2009, heinzeforking wrote:

    "but the cold hard stats don't make pretty reading for Liverpool fans. Two games, eight goals, one point"

    Decent article but the cold hard stats have been a little distorted by the author above, because even if LKiverpool had beaten Chelsea 4-0 they'd still only have got one point as they don't hand Premiership points out for Champions League knockout fixtures. I'm very pedantic don't you know ;)

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  • 4. At 12:51pm on 23 Apr 2009, boomshakalak wrote:

    1. muppet by name, muppet by nature.

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  • 5. At 12:53pm on 23 Apr 2009, ThomThomTiger wrote:

    By the way Chris, I love the effort you make with the hyperlinks in your blog. Adds a much more interesting slant to an always entertaining read. Wish you hadn't bother with that Susan Boyle video though.

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  • 6. At 12:54pm on 23 Apr 2009, SummersIron wrote:

    "You wait ages for an eight-goal thriller and two come along at once - just like the proverbial London bus, in fact - which could also be used to describe Liverpool's defence at the moment. Big, red and wobbly at the back."

    This is a decent pun in theory, but surely "big, red and wobbly at the back" describes the Liverpool TEAM, not Liverpool's defence, which is itself the back.

    Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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  • 7. At 12:55pm on 23 Apr 2009, Scottishscouser wrote:

    More spineless assessment of SAF's outburst. I wonder how many of you journo's would be jumping on Wenger of Benitez if they'd dare to call an English or British manager arogant on the evidence of a gesture made to their own players. And I think you'll find that Benitez has let it lie!

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  • 8. At 12:55pm on 23 Apr 2009, Chris Charles wrote:

    2. ThomThomTiger: I think the socks are a deliberate ploy by his kids to show the world that underneath that unsmiling exterior is a gentle, fun-loving father.

    3.heinzeforking: Yes I had questioned whether I should put that in, but was trying to make the point that they scored eight goals and all they have to show for it is one league point and a Champions League exit. Maybe I'll go back and change that - or better still go back to journalism school.

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  • 9. At 12:58pm on 23 Apr 2009, Chris Charles wrote:

    6. SummersIron: Oh dear, something else I may have to change. I originally had big, red and completely unreliable - maybe I should change it back? I've already got to go in and amend 'periphery' to 'peripheral' after one of my eagle-eyed colleages just pointed that out to me.

    Complain about this comment

  • 10. At 1:00pm on 23 Apr 2009, heinzeforking wrote:

    Haha I wouldn't bother mate, there can't be that many other people reading articles and blogs looking for the most minute mistake/ ambiguity to point out, then again......:D

    A good read Chris.

    Complain about this comment

  • 11. At 1:09pm on 23 Apr 2009, Chris Charles wrote:

    7. ScottishScouser: There's no persecution of Fergie here - just reporting on the latest chapter in the ongoing saga. I came in for a wee bit of stick a while back when I described Benitez's opening salvo as a 'rant' and also when I mentioned the Spaniard suggesting Sir Alex was 'scared' of Liverpool. Bascially the two of them are providing a great sideshow to the main action and I wouldn't be so sure about Rafa letting the latest comments lie. Watch this space...

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  • 12. At 1:31pm on 23 Apr 2009, megaforest1 wrote:

    A good blog and summary to the week.
    However, you have to embelish more on SAF for me. His reactions were like my 3 year old Son in Tesco when I told him he could not have another power ranger. Oddly enough the power ranger was also red, just like SAF nose!
    Mr Redknapp has done a great job at Spurs, but I have to say I think Newcastle will go down, and like your joke answers, Alan Shearer will be the only one on MOTD next season! For one, it is about time they went down, it has been coming for three years now.

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  • 13. At 1:35pm on 23 Apr 2009, Tom Mc wrote:

    Pretty funny blog, always enjoy the random goofs at the end of the blog, cracking work!

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  • 14. At 1:41pm on 23 Apr 2009, rubertos_08 wrote:

    Excellent blog always good to have a bit of light hearted reading when other blogs describe Liverpool screwing up their title bid as the signalling of the four horsemen of the apocolypse!

    Also any chance of making the hyperlinks automatically open up a new tab/window. Having to go back all the time is doing my head in!

    Complain about this comment

  • 15. At 1:47pm on 23 Apr 2009, Scottishscouser wrote:


    I'm not expecting persecution of Fergie, just someone that will stand up to him and tell him, maybe, that he is out of order. He looked like a fool and no one has had the guts to write that! Why?

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  • 16. At 1:53pm on 23 Apr 2009, megaforest1 wrote:

    I have the guts to write it..."SAF looked like a fool on Sunday"
    Does that help you ScottishScouser? :)

    Complain about this comment

  • 17. At 2:04pm on 23 Apr 2009, Scottishscouser wrote:


    Thanks mate, everyone knows it apart from Mancs and Journalists it seems. I can understand Utd supporters but the Journos usually quake in their boots when Fergie's around, which I find baffling, especially from BBC Journos. Fergie wont give them the time of day but they still slaver over every word.

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  • 18. At 2:15pm on 23 Apr 2009, KingCobra1986 wrote:

    I think ScottishScouser makes a fair point which you unintentionally back up in your response. You say Chris:

    "I came in for a wee bit of stick a while back when I described Benitez's opening salvo as a 'rant' "

    If you remember what Rafa said although it was somewhat out of the blue it was very measured and deliberate two words I myself do not associate with the word rant. And yet everywhere we turned in January it was "Rafa the Ranter Cracks!!" and so forth.

    And now when Fergie, also somewhat out of the blue, performs a similar attack (in the way that it casts the other in a bad light both professionally and personally) we get a muted (if any) reaction from the media. As a Liverpool fan it is infuriating to see Fergie treated like an untouchable force, never to be questioned or thought less of even if he refuses to talk to the press after loosing and make outlandish claims.

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  • 19. At 2:29pm on 23 Apr 2009, ThomThomTiger wrote:

    Whilst no lover of Rafa, when that 'rant' was reported there was talk of him practically deserving to be sectioned. Ferguson does similar and is credited with playing a very shrewd set of "mind games". And he really should get over the whole 'not talking to the BBC thing.'

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  • 20. At 2:36pm on 23 Apr 2009, Pirlo-vision wrote:

    It has been clear for a long time that Fergie, whilst not entirely immune, is subjected to far less criticism than Benitez for very similar actions. Some may argue that it's a mild form of xenophobia but, if you recall, Mourinho was afforded the same treatment during his tenure. So it's more a case of favouritism than anything else.

    And this shows in their correspondence. (I'm not accusing you here, Chris!)

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  • 21. At 2:49pm on 23 Apr 2009, Chris Charles wrote:

    15. Scottish Scouser: I completely misread your original comment (too many early morning wake-up calls from my pesky kids) and thought you were having a pop at me for criticising Fergie - doh! Now that I have re-read I realise you were saying I hadn't gone far enough.

    Hand on heart, I don't favour one manager over the other - I just enjoy sitting back and watching the drama unfold. I've laid into Fergie plenty of times in the past, although the point of this blog is to deal with things in a light-hearted, knockabout manner rather than an all-out attack.

    18. KingCobra1986: On the same subject, I described Rafa's comments as a 'rant' because they seemed to go on forever and, although he'd clearly thought it through, seemed to come out of nowhere. We'd never heard him sound off before and it caught everyone on the hop. Me and my fellow colleagues were watching the press conference with mouths agape because we couldn't believe what we were seeing.

    Rightly or wrongly (and it's probably the latter), because Ferguson has been doing this for years, it's no big shock when he has a rant and there were more words written about him a few weeks ago when he was actually agreeing with Arsene Wenger's criticisms about Ronaldo and all in his garden was rosy.

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  • 22. At 3:11pm on 23 Apr 2009, philtoon82 wrote:

    i agree alot with what scottishscouser and thomthomtiger are saying

    my post from January on Chris' blog about the so called 'rant'

    As for Benitez's so called rant, i cant see how him pointing out things that a blatanly obvious to everyone (fergie's hold over refs and the FA) in a calm manner to the press can be seen as a rant. Good on him to have the guts to come out and say it. I also think its daft that as soon as Fergie comes out and has a pop at a rival manager that the press straight away say that Fergie is up to his 'mind games' whereas as soon as the other manager gives his view/response then the press say that he has 'lost it' and that fergie has won the battle of the mind games. what a load of rubbish.

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  • 23. At 3:13pm on 23 Apr 2009, vertigo_timbo wrote:

    The media call it a rant as it makes bigger news headlines, online it get's more clicks. What the .... was rafa been playing at? I just don't get managers that take on Fergie. Two who have better records one on one against Fergie - Wenger and Mourinho got him sussed when they quickly learnt he was a wind up merchant and it's best not to respond the history is there for those who do fancy a go.

    Moreover Rafas is just rediculous - you could have had a nice BBQ on his nice spanish chops while he's rattling on, whenever I see benitez on match of the day you don't need to hear what he thinks - it's written all over his face! What did he want to achieve anyway? Calling anyone Mr whoever just shows too much respect, it'll be Sir Alex next. Some of its was plain daft - Fergie doesn't get done for ever questioning refs - yeah right. Well i seem to remember the fa having dished out enough punishments to fergie down the years that certainly no-one in their right mind can actually believe that surely? Rafa certainly does - i wonder if therein lies the problem!

    Given the midweek results Fergies proved he was right to rest some key players - Arsenal and Chelsea were rubbish with the exception of Arhavin who just happened to not be playing, I'd question the need to play an almost entire second string except Rio and Vidic, would have been nice to have Rooney and Ronaldo on the bench. We can at least be proud of our kids - a lot of them have played a big big match at wembley against good teams - some of them twice and more than held their own - future ceratinly looks bright and red!

    Finally come on Chris we all know you media guys love Fergie afer all if it wasn't for him and Mourinho having a ncie pop at the likes of Bentitez and Wenger you wouldn't have so much to right about.

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  • 24. At 3:38pm on 23 Apr 2009, TommyO wrote:

    Allardyce & Ferguson made an almighty show of themselves last week and after Sammy Lee's press conference which showed that Allardyce was neither upset or humiliated by Benitez' hand-waving it is interesting how lightly they've got off with it from the press. Anyone think that Wenger/Benitez would have got such a light ride had they cooked up such a nonsense story to attack Ferguson ?

    Thought not.

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  • 25. At 3:53pm on 23 Apr 2009, Millsotheblue - On the way to Wembley wrote:

    That comment abou Redknapp makes me sick - the best manager in the world!

    Have you seen the results Spurs have been getting? So inconsistent, so poor.

    Redknapp is an incredibly average manager.

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  • 26. At 3:59pm on 23 Apr 2009, vertigo_timbo wrote:

    No-one dare question Fergie in the media - he's well known not to speak to people who dare upset him - Match of the day is the tip of a very large iceburg. How diffcult do you think it would be being a football commentator / writer in the media when Fergie won't let you within a mile of himself which includes match days at OT. Would you fancy going for a job interview at a place like the Sun and saying better not send me to a United game as Fergie's barred me?!? Fair play to him I say makes him like a bit of godfarther figure you never dare double cross and certainly makes his job alot easier - not sure many more mangagers would even have the nous to do that.

    The whole point with Fergie and mind games is he wants a reaction and rafas given him exactly that - whether he's made an almighty show of himself or not.

    I'm sure if you tot up the points when they weren't at eachother throats then Livepool will have won the league - what i don't get is the genuises who support livepool think he's Jesus Christ but you stack that up with with his handling of Robbie Keane his often dodgy team selection and tinkering with winning teams and ertainly it's rafa who's costbliverpool a league title. I don't need remind livepool fans what will happen next season if United win the title.

    Football fans are so blinkered - I don't see anyone pointing out David Moyes mind games with the referee before the semi final and bleeting on. It's too easy to have a pop at Fergie - call him a disgrace and bang on about lack of respect with things like attitude to referrees. But hang on a minute! I wouldn't exactly call David Moyes comments before the semi final respectful of the referee - what happens? There's a penalty incident and it must have gone through the refs mind what would happen if he gave it and really he bottled it! Not that I'm criticising David Moyes - he's a clever guy and I would have done the same in his situation. There again anyone in Fergies would have done the same.

    End of the day Fergie is the master and he's certainly got results with the mind games.

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  • 27. At 4:03pm on 23 Apr 2009, KingCobra1986 wrote:


    I understand that this is a light-hearted blog and regret if I seemed to be attacking you or implying that you favored certain managers.

    I suppose "rant" also applies to your interpretation of Rafas actions that but it is just such a loaded word, and to see in banded about to this day gets to me and it can be quite annoying to see Fergie get away so lightly in comparison.

    Also all Liverpool fans are slightly on edge right now and may be prone to over reaction.

    And in this spirit I think we should sack Rafa, sell Reina for conceding 8 goals and make Gerrard player manager!!!

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  • 28. At 4:10pm on 23 Apr 2009, acid_casual_23 wrote:

    Dave Bentley was indeed in Islington's Hope & Anchor on Monday night, watching scally acid-rock casuals 'of Arrowe Hill' kick out the jams...
    The lad's got good taste.

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  • 29. At 4:14pm on 23 Apr 2009, TommyO wrote:

    Master of the mind games my Arshavin !!!

    Ferguson is plainly rattled by Benitez this season to the extent where he's had to resort to fabricating a story with his mate about his behaviour! And contrary to your assertion he in fact got no reaction from Benitez at all.

    Wenger and Mourinho have had him over in the past and now even you're admitting David Moyes has got the better of him !!!

    Ferguson is a great football manager, with a stack of cash to spend each summer and some brilliant players at his disposal. It's inevitable Man Utd will be at or near the top of the table each year, even when he decides to retire. The idea that his blatherings to the press are all so crucial and he's the 'master' at it are as laughable as the exhibition himself and Allardyce made of themselves.

    If you go back to when this mind games myth all started with Keegan - Ferguson comments were aimed at Leeds not Keegan or Newcastle, the fact Kev lost it was a rather fortunate by-product of yet another whinge from Ferguson.

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  • 30. At 4:14pm on 23 Apr 2009, vertigo_timbo wrote:

    rant also rhymes with Rafa - ie makes for a nice headline - in fact I can't believe anyone's questioning why rant is used - have you never read a paper before?

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  • 31. At 4:23pm on 23 Apr 2009, TommyO wrote:

    Oh and how could i forget ? Kenny Dalglish nailed Ferguson in the 'mind games' battle too !

    Complain about this comment

  • 32. At 4:27pm on 23 Apr 2009, Rob_OffThePost wrote:

    Excellent work as usual, Chris.

    ThomThomTiger > Tabs? We're a very high brow blog actually blogging about very high quality novelty socks!

    As the comments have gone in the direction of Fergie's rant this seems particularly appropriate. Hope you'll forgive the link, Chris, but I suspect it'll be old news by the time the next Review of the Week rolls around. Please remove all liquids from your mouth before clicking!

    Complain about this comment

  • 33. At 4:54pm on 23 Apr 2009, The_Toonster wrote:

    Great job as usual Chris... it's hard to find an impartial reporter on the prem in the BBC these days. That McNulty guy keeps writing such rubbish about Newcastle. He really should steer clear of what he doesn't understand. (That would be football in general though I guess lol).

    Loved your bit about Fergie and Benitez. The bit on Shearer was fair, though if that's the best joke they can find.... the WUMs aren't doing very well this time round.

    Complain about this comment

  • 34. At 5:49pm on 23 Apr 2009, RudiiPKA wrote:

    the dog in the ipl was better. or the one that got involved in the international rules game a whil back

    Complain about this comment

  • 35. At 5:54pm on 23 Apr 2009, RudiiPKA wrote:

    Complain about this comment

  • 36. At 11:03pm on 23 Apr 2009, offtouni wrote:

    liked it as usual chris, and as always appreciated the videos at the end. As a thank you, i thought i'd give you (and all) one back.

    personally, i think it should be called: "Proposed Action to Take against Dissenting Players", but that's just me...

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  • 37. At 10:41am on 24 Apr 2009, sportyredkoppite wrote:

    29. At 4:14pm on 23 Apr 2009, TommyOnion wrote:

    ...Ferguson is a great football manager, with a stack of cash to spend each summer and some brilliant players at his disposal. It's inevitable Man Utd will be at or near the top of the table each year...
    Exactly as Rafa has, gien the amount of money we have spent, I hope it becomes inevitable for us too because it hasn't so far

    Complain about this comment

  • 38. At 10:42am on 24 Apr 2009, ThomThomTiger wrote:

    Rob_OffThePost - Fair enough. Tabs is probably a bit strong. High Class Tabs maybe?

    Complain about this comment

  • 39. At 11:52am on 24 Apr 2009, Wash wrote:

    Also any chance of making the hyperlinks automatically open up a new tab/window. Having to go back all the time is doing my head in!


    Try holding down your control (ctrl) button while you click on the link- works in vista and xp, not sure about others...

    Complain about this comment

  • 40. At 11:57am on 24 Apr 2009, Wash wrote:

    rant also rhymes with Rafa


    Not in English it doesn't!!

    I assume you meant to say it's aliterative...

    Complain about this comment

  • 41. At 1:44pm on 24 Apr 2009, KingCobra1986 wrote:

    37. At 10:41am on 24 Apr 2009, sportyredkoppite wrote:

    Exactly as Rafa has, given the amount of money we have spent, I hope it becomes inevitable for us too because it hasn't so far.......

    When you balance the books Rafa has a very small outlay of cash (comparatively to Man U.) yes we have seen a huge influx of players in his five years but most players were either sold at profit (Crouch, Sissoko, Bellamy) or we broke even or made a very small loss (Josemi, Garcia, Kronkamp players like this) Yes he has spent a great deal of money but it was always recycled in to getting better players so although his Gross spend is high his actual outlay of cash is much lower.

    Take Ferguson for example since 2004 when Benitez took over he has signed Rooney for £30M Carrick for £20m Hargreaves £15M+ Nani for £10M+ Evra and Vidic for a combined fee of somewhere approaching £10M Berbatov for £30+ and has has Tevez a £20M+ rated player for the past two years at who know what cost.

    The only player of serious note that left for substantial money in this time was Ruud Van Nistlerooy to Real for £10M+ so this has all been transfer funds available to Ferguson and not (like Rafa) "self made"

    This is not a criticism of Alex's transfer policy or bemoaning his money he should spent what he has available to him as he sees fit and should be commended for some great purchases but when comparing to Rafa's transfer policy think of the following:

    In 2004 Ferguson already had Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand, Brown, Ronaldo,Neville,Fletcher, O'Shea all regular starters for Man U. to this day.

    Rafa had Gerrard, Carragher,Igor Biscan,Milan Baros, Vladimar Smicer,Salif see where I am going. So a huge outlay was needed and should not be criticised.

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  • 42. At 5:39pm on 24 Apr 2009, moleluvsliverpool wrote:

    I saw Bentley (at least I think it was him) in Islington's Hope and Anchor on Monday night. I'm happy to report he was sticking to soft drinks, although if the boss keeps leaving him out, Bentley might be using the pub's name as rhyming slang if you catch my drift.

    Now that was a classic

    I'm sure if they weren't my team I would have loved the Liverpool defence gag as well but I feel obliged as a fan not to laugh......

    Complain about this comment

  • 43. At 2:37pm on 18 May 2009, U13967209 wrote:

    It's inevitable Man Utd will be at or near the top of the table each year, even when he decides to retire.

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