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Baffled by tactics and Boyd's omission

BBC Sport blog editor | 11:36 UK time, Tuesday, 14 October 2008

He's no wallflower, but, when the substitutions were made at Hampden on Saturday, Kris Boyd had the disbelieving face of the schoolgirl left behind when the dancing partners were picked.

But it wasn't the shock some people think. There were plenty whispered asides among the coaches in the camp about his lack of industry and enthusiasm and his big huffy face.

For all that, I still found myself scratching my head in disbelief.

burleymcfadden438.jpgIf George Burley did the right thing by switching his tactics to a much more threatening 4-4-2 then he horribly miscalculated in the first instance.

It was, for example, the wrong role for James McFadden who is never a back to goal player, especially isolated in a land of giants like Gulliver on tour.

If ever a game called for the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid combination of Boyd and McFadden then the second half against Norway was it.

I cannot embrace the coaching psyche about Boyd. He is an enigma but I cannot accept that training ground attitude and sweetie wife behaviour decide whether you play on a Saturday.

At the age of 25 his goal-scoring record is breathtaking.

He has scored 72 in 98 matches for Rangers - almost as many for Kilmarnock - and seven in 15 for his country - and that's from a large percentage in which he has failed to start the game.

And until a drought comes that surely entitles him to pick up the number nine jersey every time.

His frustration finally bubbled over the top on Saturday night, or more accurately late in the autumn sunshine of the afternoon when he saw Steven Fletcher and Chris Iwelumo move into the overtaking lane.

Maybe he should have bitten his tongue until the cold light of Sunday's dawn, but I can understand why he didn't.

Clearly the manager isn't shedding any tears at the player's departure given that it was probable the Rangers striker would not have been named in the next squad.

But it was a bit sore to claim he has let his country down. Boyd's problem was not that he didn't want to play for Scotland, but rather that he desperately did.

Indeed he still craves the opportunity. He is just unwilling to pick up the tools for Burley.

Now what? Is Iwelumo the number one option to salvage a World Cup campaign which is already on a life support machine?

The miss was as unfortunate as it was inept and it will haunt him till his dying day. But in itself it doesn't make him a bad player.

However, his abbreviated showing against Norway did little to suggest he will be a better option than the now reclusive Boyd.

There is little hope for Scotland in this campaign now. Arithmetically possible of course, but realistically South Africa has drifted from our minds.

Norway were no great shakes. John Arne Riise was like a Highland Games competitor with his throw-in hurling and they had a back line of blokes who could have tossed cabers halfway up Ben Nevis.

Well-organised and disciplined maybe, but even with their inadequacies they were the match of us from start to finish.

Quite how anyone can believe we will undo Holland and win in Oslo is beyond me.

And remember another small point. Only eight of the nine runners-up enjoy the privilege of a play-off and given the way points are being shed in this section there is every chance that our group will be the one in nine.

Even second place could prove to be as useful as a chocolate poker.

It's the last waltz for Scotland in Amsterdam in March.

But at least Kris Boyd doesn't have to worry about being asked to dance...


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  • 1. At 11:57am on 14 Oct 2008, Hot Butter wrote:

    Boyd should move to the Premier League, the best league in the world. I think he'd make an impact at a midtable team.

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  • 2. At 12:10pm on 14 Oct 2008, Laudrupnumber1 wrote:

    The "leave Boyd on the bench" saga, both at Rangers and Scotland, is a mystery. He is frequently criticised for his work rate, his movement, and so on, yet he is the modern day MCCoist, guaranteed to get a goal. Spot on here Chick. In terms of goal scoring, Boyd is streets ahead of the ever-favoured Miller.

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  • 3. At 12:11pm on 14 Oct 2008, jamminben13 wrote:

    Truly ridiculous. You can't have someone in the team who isn't prepared to stand up and fight. It doesn't matter how good they are. If you're in the Scotland squad and are flying around the training pitch, looking sharp and looking keen, then you're manager puts some sourpuss on ahead of you, someone who warms the bench for his club non stop, you'd be fuming.
    Iwelumu may have missed a sitter but it's all easy with hindsight, at least he is playing for his club and scoring. Anyone who doesn't show fire and will to play for his country should be shot in my mind. Boyd showed what sort of man he is by refusing to knuckle down and prove his worth and instead spitting the dummy out and taking his ball home. Good riddance.

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  • 4. At 12:23pm on 14 Oct 2008, Afterbyrner wrote:

    Ridiculous carry on. Boyd very rarely scores in the big games. He bashes goals in for fun against the smaller teams but his record in Europe does not add up. He should respect the managers decison and accept he is the part of a collective process.

    No "I" in team, but there is an "I" in Kris for sure

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  • 5. At 12:24pm on 14 Oct 2008, DistantScot wrote:

    I've known and had the pleasure of working (coaching) with Kris since he was a boy playing in the local Ayrshire schoolboy leagues. If what I've heard is true that Kris uses his mobile to send TXT's and is late to attend meetings then I'd put that down to the Manager and the discipline he instils in the team, so if this is the reason Kris hasn't played I agree with his decision to quit under Burley. However, assumiong this is the case, Kris is a smart lad and he also has to take some responsibility for his actions and buckle down - But I think not, he was never the "hardest" worker on the park, he was always grumpty when a pass didn't come his way, he was always a little selfish but he was and does always score goals and off the park, a nicer lad I've never met, polite, friendly and always larking around. I sadly think the comment about training ground attitude and the sweetie wife behaviour fits, the coaches pick players using the wrong set of criteria sometimes. .. Imagine if Big Anelka was Scottish, wouldn't get on the bench eh ...... I'm like most Scot's, I want to see the best team on the park, irrespective of whether or not he's up some coaches trouser leg .... Get him in and let him play, he was always a pain in the *** as a sub but name me a player who's happy not playing!?

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  • 6. At 12:29pm on 14 Oct 2008, bitbaffled wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 7. At 12:30pm on 14 Oct 2008, DistantScot wrote:

    RE: Hot Butters comment, I agree, but I'd wager he'd make an impact at a top flight Premier league club just as easily. There were doubters when he got into the Kilmarnock team because of his "lack of work rate", proved wrong, when he joined Rangers ...... Proved Wrong - He's a predator, predators get goals, the other 9 outfield players supply the ammunition - You can't teach what Boyd has.

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  • 8. At 12:32pm on 14 Oct 2008, theboynavey wrote:

    I have nothing against Iwelumo but hes not a goalscorer, never has been . Look at hsi record throughout his career.

    I genuinely feel so sorry for Boyd- i mean what does he have to do to get a game. People go on about his movement and link up play etc. That shoudl be irrelevant, particularly for a country like ours where we cry out for a goalscorer and then when one comes along we berate for what he cant do, rather than what he can- and he does it as well as anyone.

    Boyd's goalscoring record is up there wil Larsson in the SPL, in terms of games played and goals score, and everyone said he was world class. Now im not trying to sat Boyd is as good an all round player as Larsson, because he isnt, but for sheer goalscoring ability hes up there with him.

    My faith in Burley has gradually been ebbing away but what happened on saturday has put me at odds whether to go to Holland or not. I think im at the point i want Burley to go so Boydy can come back!!

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  • 9. At 12:34pm on 14 Oct 2008, ....and surely that's great news for the rest of scottish football. wrote:


    Why don't you just call this week's blog ' I kissed Graeme Souness (and I liked it)'.

    You question the use of McFadden as the lone frontman. I presume you were asking the same questions of Alex McLeish after we played France last year? Or did you hail that as a masterstroke at the time? Given his previous, I can see why Burley would want him to be the lone frontman.

    "I cannot accept that training ground attitude and sweetie wife behaviour decide whether you play on a saturday" - Chick, seriously , do you ever wonder why you get the sort of response you get on here? So what you're advocating is that Burley plays him in a formation that he hopes will work, but can't be sure because when he tried it out in training, Boyd just sat on his backside? Give me strength.

    Finally, tell me this - At club level, he's left out the side to allow the likes of 104 year old muskateer Darcheville to play. How come you're not agitating for him to do the same for Rangers?

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  • 10. At 12:48pm on 14 Oct 2008, bitbaffled wrote:

    The days of the 10 to 3 footballer are over - what other country takes pride in producing these fat 'predators' with an eye for goal?

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  • 11. At 12:48pm on 14 Oct 2008, Luggy's Shin Pads wrote:

    What load of TRIPE Chick..

    I was interested to read you take on this but its just waste of 'ink'

    You and your pals (specifically Billy Dodds & Murdo Mcleod) at BBC should be ashamed of your constant negative outlook on the national team..

    So if Burley is so wrong where is your "unbias" artlce every week slamming Walter Smith and your beloved Rangers for not playing Boyd either??

    All of you wanted them to change to 4-4-2 during the match.. and said Burley would be brave to do so.. and when he did.. and he didn't do it the way you lot wanted.. you write trash like this..

    As for Boyds scoring record.. have you looked at the teams he's scored against.. and have you noticed that he doesn't play for Rangers against Celtic?? why is that??

    and If Burley can't asses him in training.. then maybe he can in club games.. but.. oh yeh.. When Burley went to watch Rangers play... BOYD DIDN'T PLAY...

    But then again.. you know more about football than Burley.. so why does he even show up at training.. he should just send them the team in the post and tell them to be there 1 hour before kick off..

    You're saying its ok to quit if you don't play for Scotland.. well.. how do we manage to get more than 11 players to turn up to training???

    I've backed Boyd up until now.. what he has done is totally unprofessional.. and the move of a small man.. a coward..

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  • 12. At 12:48pm on 14 Oct 2008, DistantScot wrote:

    RE: Jamminben 13's comment - Everyone has an opinion and that's great and I agree that you can't have a full squad with tath kind of attitude, but seriously what your suggesting is filling our team with fit headless chickens? We see them every weekend, they and we all want to pull on the Scotland jersey but who'd ever watch a team like that ...... Go look at the lower junior leagues. It's all about man mangement and for me, a good manager and a good player (benched or not stripped), if they're honest, know who can do it on the park, irrespective of how they train.

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  • 13. At 12:50pm on 14 Oct 2008, Raef Barnes wrote:

    This draw at home to Norway has done no harm to Scotland's qualification campaign, ok so it hasn't helped, but it's not the first nail in the coffin that Chic suggests it is.

    I was as disappointed as everyone at Hampden that we failed to get the three points, but to say 2 place is not possible, or even likely, is crazy.

    Chic I take it you are aware that we don't have to finish top to qualify for the SA WC? As your blog is way off the mark on that score.

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  • 14. At 12:51pm on 14 Oct 2008, SugarDunkerton wrote:

    Said it before the game... still saying it..

    James McFadden holds the entire Scotland team back. He is greedy, slow and this "Talisman" status is almost making him untouchable.

    The team is now set up to accomodate him and not to include him like every other player. He is neither Striker, Winger or midfielder. We dont have the lone striker capable of supporting McFadden in his "Maverick" role.. which as far as I can see means he gets to roam where he wants and shoot at every opportunity.

    Boyd is a big straightforward guy and has made his decision.. good on him for sticking to his guns.

    I think if Burley had said he should secure first team football and not come out with the 'establish himself' line there wouldnt be anything to talk about. Poor choice of words have led to this.

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  • 15. At 12:53pm on 14 Oct 2008, JAMESY1873 wrote:

    The reason we have a manager in the first place is to make these types of decisions. 99 times out of 100 Iwelumo taps that chance in and Scotland win the game. Or in other words the manager changes the game with his subsitution.

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  • 16. At 1:03pm on 14 Oct 2008, Fuera_De_Juego wrote:

    There is a fair amount of revisionism going on here.

    If Boyd had played on Saturday, we would have thumped Norway and the Ducth would be quaking in their boots????

    I am not a fan of Burley but the criticism he is taking for not picking Boyd is unbelievable. Boyd has a great scoring record against small teams but not in more important matches. Walter Smith picks Miller, Velicka, Darcheville and even Cousin (a guy he was about to flog) ahead of Boyd yet Burley is lampooned whilst Walter is praised as some sort of tactical guru.

    Boyd contributes nothing outside of the box. We do not have enough good players to compensate for being 1 man down for most of the game in the hope that Boyd scores. We require our forwards to track back and work. Boyd does not do that.

    If Boyd is so good, where is the queue of teams waiting to sign a Rangers fringe player? The list starts and ends with Cardiff City.

    There are also constant rumours about Boyd's personal life and his attitude towards training.

    Boyd does not appear to be making the most of his talent whereas you have someone like Broadfoot who his limited but gives his all in every game and sometimes that effort can cover his lack of talent.

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  • 17. At 1:16pm on 14 Oct 2008, Bhoycie06 wrote:

    Chick, I read your blog regularly and usually agree with many of your points, however this sounds as though Boyd's attitude is correct. I am sorry but it is ridiculously wrong. He's getting in the squads at least which is more than the likes of Iwelumo (till now) and Andy Gray have and they have been scoring (admittedly not as frequently as boyd) freely in the championship for years, any chance to even be in the squad and they would jump despite how many times they have been snubbed for Devlins, Dickovs of the world in the past. It seems as though any oppurtunity to slate Burley is being jumped on by the media. Boyd has a hissy fit like a wee boy at night, and thats it he quits. Good. I hope he doesn't get in the Rangers team this season either, quits them too and ends up playing against the likes of Iwelumo etc for an average championship team and lets see what he's made of. Look at Beckhams attitude when he was axed, look at Boyds. One real professional and one big headed prima donna.

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  • 18. At 1:25pm on 14 Oct 2008, jockneyboy wrote:

    It really saddens me to see so few people criticising Boyd's selfish decision, and some people actually congratulating him. Where are the men in football these days? Most of the players behave like spoilt kids.

    What happened to fighting for your place when you get dropped?

    Dropping two points on Saturday was a blow but Boyd's antics have done more to unsettle the team and dent moral. He should apologise to Burley the SFA and the fans & most importantly his team mates.

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  • 19. At 1:30pm on 14 Oct 2008, dannys_beard wrote:

    DistantScot, I can't believe you're comparing Boyd to Anelka. The only thing they have in common is their public persona of surliness - which is only a media myth, as you've pointed out in Boyd's case. Backed up here :-

    Anelka is proven at the highest level of football, has pace to burn, control, awareness *and* can score goals against the best teams in world. Boyd has none of that.

    Chick, training is where the manager sees what his players are capable of. If he sees that what they are capable of is plodding about the pitch for a maximum of 30 minutes, then that's the most they're ever going to get.

    If i put very little effort into my day-to-day work, where do you think that would get me? And shame on you wags out there who would suggest "blogging on the BBC"....

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  • 20. At 1:31pm on 14 Oct 2008, U11655018 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 21. At 1:36pm on 14 Oct 2008, OzJock wrote:

    Distant Scot's comments may be valid if Burley was the only manager that doubted Boyd's application and attitude. Mcleish, Le Guen, Smith have consistently dropped him and challenged him to step up. Maybe, just maybe, his poor attitude is down to himself and not the manager?
    For the record, I don't like Burley's tactics, and think he erred in not starting with Iwelumo in a 442 (A Scottish 433 always seems to end up as 451.), however I agree with not playing Boyd. If he was as good as some here think he would have had premiership interest already. One championship team making a bid tells its own may like him, but teams in competitive lmatches (Rangers included) can't afford to carry him.

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  • 22. At 1:43pm on 14 Oct 2008, remobhoys wrote:

    I am a Celtic fan, and I honestly think Kris Boyd should be starting for Scotland and I'm surprised he doesn't start every week for rangers either. I, along with the majority of people I've spoke to, would go with the McFadden-Boyd partnership. I think Kenny Miller is an average footballer with a bit of pace. I didn't rate him when he was at Celtic and I don't rate him now. It baffles me how he is a regular in the Scotland side when Kris Boyd cant get a game. How can you justify playing Miller because he runs more or works harder, but is a distinctly average footballer. Boyd maybe lazy but he gets goals. Which is why it is even more confusing that when Miller was injured, Boyd still sat a whole 90 minutes on the bench against Norway. Even MORE confusing is that there wasn't ONE out and out striker on the pitch. That side was crying out for a poacher like Boyd, someone who McFadden could play off of. In my opinion Burley is picking players for all the wrong reasons and his decisions are starting to cost us.

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  • 23. At 1:46pm on 14 Oct 2008, BigMoon wrote:

    I'm gobsmacked that anyone can take Boyds side in all this after listening to what Burley had to say.

    I had some sympathy for him at first as I thought he would have got on, but after listening to Burleys reasoning, who can argue with him?

    I totally condemn anybody who doesn't want to play for Scotland, whether it's because they want to be another Nationality or for anyother reason.

    Boyd cannot get a regular start for Rangers, doesn't score/isn't trusted against Celtic or European teams and shows up to training for Scotland unwilling to put a shift in. Why should Burley automatically play him?

    England have been searching for a manager for years who will take the difficult decisions that Burley is taking for us. Now they have him they are delighted, while we (well, the media) look for a return to the old days where only Old Firm players get picked, and regardless of form.

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  • 24. At 1:48pm on 14 Oct 2008, pidge1877 wrote:

    Wrong reaction from Boyd. He should be knuckling down and concentrating on getting a start for his club then he can start moaning about not playing for his country. His current "lifestyle choices" means he wont be starting for rangers any time soon.

    Good riddance as far as I am concerned.

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  • 25. At 1:52pm on 14 Oct 2008, madad2005 wrote:

    To think anyone could even remotely support Boyd over this is laughable. He is selfish, overweight, overindulged, over-rated player who can't even get a game for Rangers, yet is expected to be first choice for Scotland. Cronyism seems to be the name of the game here. I am a happier man now that Lee McCulloch and Boyd are no longer there bringing down the team morale. They are an embarrassment both to Scotland and Rangers with that kind of attitude. The fact the media want the manager to cow to to them with pathetic articles like this one, just shows people like Chick Young don't have an (unbiased) clue about football. My money is on Ferguson being the next one to spit out his dummy and refuse to play for Burley, because his pals aren't allowed anymore!

    There are too many reminders of the Le Guen situation here, I'm afraid to say and the press are as guilty as anyone!

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  • 26. At 1:55pm on 14 Oct 2008, mansonovic wrote:

    I have to laugh at those who go with the "Iwelumo scores that chance and we aren't talking about this" argument.

    The plain fact of the matter is that Iwelumo DIDN'T score and, with ten minutes remaining, Burley refused to throw on the most natural goalscorer this country has produced since Ally McCoist. That decision is remarkable.

    No-one's asking Burley to start Boyd. His work-rate isn't good enough against a team of hard workers like Norway. But they are asking that Boyd be given a chance to score a badly-needed goal (the idea that the draw leaves us still in with a shout is preposterous) at the end of a game.

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  • 27. At 1:58pm on 14 Oct 2008, g0erge wrote:

    Can't agree with Boyd or yourself here though I understand his frustration. I'd probably have had him on in front of Fletcher though. The first attack after Iwelumo's introduction caused jitters from the Norwegians and he played pretty well. Having said that I was right behind the goal for that 'miss' and am still struggling to figure how he missed it.
    The main error in the manager's line-up was having Faddy as centre-forward. This has been tried more than once and never worked. Morrison was ineffective despite having our only attempts on target 1st half. Sadly, even the return of Barry F will not result in the dropping of our Man U star easily the least effective Scotland player in the last half dozen matches.

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  • 28. At 2:00pm on 14 Oct 2008, goodlookingbloke wrote:

    Like so many times before; Chick has got it totally wrong! Boyd's decision to quit Scotland says more about him than it does about Burley and that is - he hasn't got the attitude that will make him a truly great player. All great players, although blessed with ability, worked hard to eliminate their weaknesses and overcome them. Unfortunately for Boyd he doesn’t seem to want to take on board what Burly, or for that matter Walter Smith, thinks about him and that makes him behave petulantly and put himself before his country and their world cup campaign. If Burley gets us to the world cup then know one will give a monkey’s about Boyd and if he doesn’t no future Scotland manager will be rushing to give him a come back opportunity. So long Chris!!

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  • 29. At 2:03pm on 14 Oct 2008, IRN - Tax doesnt have to be taxing wrote:

    Boyd's record looks good but appearances can be deceptive. Let me sweep away some myths.

    Two of Boyd's goals were scored against Bulgaria in a 5:1 friendly in Japan. Two others came in a home win Euro2008 qualifier against the Faroe Islands - a game we won 6:0. Another came in a friendly against South Africa. So that's 5 of your 7 accounted for. His last goal was thirteen months ago against Lithuania. In truth, the only occasion where a Kris Boyd goal has made a telling difference was in the Euro2008 qualifier against Georgia (2:1).

    All the coaches that bewilder you Chic, at not rating Kris Boyd can't all be wrong.

    Walter Smith never gave Boyd 90 minutes as Scotland manager, and only gives him bit part roles at Rangers with appearances against top opposition very rare.

    Alex McLeish? McLeish gave Boyd less than thirty minutes in his last four matches as Scotland manager. Smith didn't pick him for his final two matches as Scotland manager. So let's not pretend that George Burley is somehow hanging Kris Boyd out to dry when his previous managers of club and country don't appear to be overly confident of Boyd's supposed abilities either.

    Boyd is a great finisher, no doubt about it. But that's okay if you're playing for a side like Rangers against the likes of Partick Thistle when Rangers can be expected to be on the front foot (and should be), and making plenty of chances for forwards.

    But it's not like that playing for Scotland. Chances don't come along so often and, although that can be turned into an argument for playing Kris Boyd, the more salient point is that we cannot afford to carry a player who won't close down opponents or try to win possession, or try to make an impact in some way when his team doesn't have possession. When Kris Boyd plays Rangers and Scotland are effectively playing with ten men.

    You can look at the Chris Iwelumo chance in isolation and say 'Boyd would have buried that'. You'd be right: Boyd would have buried that. But his lack of contribution generally over the piece may have meant that we lost a goal at the other end. We still have a chance of qualifiying. If we had lost to Norway I think that would be it. But let's not kid ourselves that playing Boyd would have won us the match. Football is a team sport best played with eleven men.

    Yes, Boyd has scored seven goals in fifteen matches. However it is a matter of fact that Boyd started the match against Bulgaria, The Faroes, Georgia, and Lithuania - so that's six goals in four starts - so I take issue with your point that a large percentage of Boyd's goals have come from games where he wasn't given a start. In fact, Boyd has scored only once coming off the subs bench (a 71st minute winner against South Africa). He also came on as a sub against Japan, Lithuania (away), Italy (twice), Georgia (away), Croatia, and Macedonia. He failed to score on any of those occasions. Admittedly, he was asked to do the almost impossible against Italy at Hampden, coming on deep into injury time.

    Boyd also started against Austria and the Faroes (away) and failed to score. He did not play any part in seven of Scotland's last twenty-one matches: twice under Walter Smith, twice under Alex McLeish, and three times under George Burley. Those matches were home and away to France, away to Italy, the Czech Republic, Iceland, and at home to Norway and Ukraine. Clearly, Smith, McLeish, and Burley, show a lack of confidence in playing Boyd when we need the points or are playing quality opposition when we see less of the ball and have to defend. He starts and scores against lesser opposition.

    It's the same at Rangers. Novo, Miller, and Darcheville, are all far more industrious players than Boyd. That's why Walter Smith picks them before Boyd when it really matters, and when Rangers are likely to make less chances and see less of the ball.

    What I don't get is why BBC scotland are so interested in the story now? Why no scrutiny of why McLeish and Smith never gave him a starring role? Why isn't Boyd picked against top class opposition? Why did McLeish only give the player less than thirty minutes in his last four games? Why isn't Boyd being questioned as to how he might address the criticisms you are hearing from the coaches all around you at matches?

    Rather than pandering to 'Boydy' you would be better telling the player a few home truths and encourage the player to listen to what his managers are telling him. Maybe that way he'd improve his game and make a real contribution to Rangers and Scotland.

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  • 30. At 2:09pm on 14 Oct 2008, canadianneil wrote:

    Chick, you may be baffled by the tactics and omission, as was I, but I was more baffled by Burley's comments after the game. I mean, what did he possibly have to gain? After that, Boyd must have thought, why bother to have me in the squad if you have no intention of playing me.

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  • 31. At 2:17pm on 14 Oct 2008, Clint wrote:

    First of all, I am a Kris Boyd fan and believe it is to the detriment of Rangers that he spends more time on their bench than on the park scoring goals against defences he has frightened many a time for Kilmarnock.

    I do however, think that George Burley is right with the criticism of his attitude. We are a country who cannot compete wioth the Holland's and the France's of this world in natural skill - FACT. However, we have beaten these teams in recent years with sheer guts and fighting hard work. We need 11 players fighting for every ball when we're playing far superior sides to ourselves so we can at least think about getting a result.

    Faddy coming off on Saturday was also the right move. He was having no impact against their gladiator-like defence and looked minutes away from fgetting himself a yellow card that would have ruled him out of the Holland game.

    There's absolutely no reason why we can't get a play-off place at the end of this campaign. If we get anything in Holland, I bet you all this negative chat gets forgotten right away. And think about France away or the last time we played Norway at their bit - we're still in the mix!!

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  • 32. At 2:19pm on 14 Oct 2008, HALLDA-Y01 wrote:

    being english it doesn't bother me at all! we've got Rooney!!!! Enjoyed reading all ur arguments tho...

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  • 33. At 2:29pm on 14 Oct 2008, businessdirector wrote:

    the coach or manager needs to pick the team based on what he sees at training.....although I am a fan of Boyd, that is the end of it.....
    Boyd should then be a man and remain focused on selection for his country by proving the manager wrong.....was he scared of a wee bit competition? one has a right to be picked!
    what was wrong on Saturday was the formation which, given the record and stature of the Norwegians, should have been 4-4-2 with two physical guys on from the start...had it been we would have won.

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  • 34. At 2:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, fritzybaby1 wrote:

    I can understand why Burley gave Iwelumo the nod ahead of Kris Boyd to a certain extent, purely because of his 8 goals in 6 games or whatever it is. But surely if Burley is looking to goals to games ratios to make his selections then Kris Boyd had to be included? Yes that sort of form from Iwelumo is recent but do you really want to put in a striker who is making his debut at 30! with no International experience whatsoever for a game that was already very well documented on being a must win game? Fact of the matter is, we needed a goal on Saturday, it didnt matter where it came from or how it was scored and the one man out of everybody on that bench that you would bet on to have put the ball in the back of the net was Kris Boyd. The whole country knew it, everybody watching was thinking it once it was decided the subs were coming on yet Burley couldn't see it. If players do well in training, give them a lollypop! If you're desperate for a goal in a crucial World Cup qualifier, put on your proven goalscorer!

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  • 35. At 2:50pm on 14 Oct 2008, KemperBoyd11 wrote:

    Why do we have to take one side or the other in Boyd vs. Burley? I believe they are both in the wrong. Burley set up the team very poorly on Saturday and should have changed things way before he did. You cannot start a home game (a must win!!) without a recognised striker (McFadden is not a striker even if he believes he is).

    Boyd should not have reacted to his non-inclusion as he did, it's childish and only confirms his critics views about his attitude. I. personally, think he is lazy, overweight, and deluded but he scores goals and until that doesn't decide games he should play, whether 10 minutes or 90.

    The argument that he doesn't score goals in the big games may have merit but it's hard to prove when he doesn't play in them. It may be that his club managers have tried and failed, and continue, to make him work harder in training and earn his place. I don't care. Neither should Burley. Burley preaches that it's all about Scotland. Well then, you've lost your chance to prove it by playing a man who you and plenty others do not like (including me). Trying to coax more out of him when all that should matter is the goals that he scores.

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  • 36. At 2:52pm on 14 Oct 2008, Hibs-Beer-CoD-Girlfriend in that order wrote:

    I really don't undertand Boyd now that he's done that for Scotland. I mean if he is going to do that for Scotland he should do the same to Rangers as he hasn't played in the last 5 old firm games and only started 3 of Rangers last 12 European games so why hasn't he wanted to leave Rangers as i would of thought as an old firm player those are the games you'd want to play?

    As for Scotland Burley got it wrong in the first half in terms of going forward and probably should of given McFadden a chance after he changed it. Ilewumo (miss aside) did very well when he came on and Steven Fletcher also did pretty well. Unfortunatly the captain for the day was out worst player and they are supposed to be inspiration when things aren't going the right way. Fletcher was playing hide and seek.

    You say Chico that Boyd deserves the number 9 shirt with his scoring rate, so why not give Ilewumo a chance, a player banging in 8 in 6 in the championship which arguably better standard than the SPL.

    As far as i'm concerned i'm disappointed with Boyd but i don't want to see him in a Scotland shirt again. When the next manager comes in he is going to expect to walk straight in to the Scotland team again and if by some miracle we qualify for the World Cup will we take him to the finals if he decides to come out his huff? I hope not.

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  • 37. At 3:01pm on 14 Oct 2008, fife_rtid wrote:

    First of all I am a rangers fan and have been a severe critic of Kris Boyd. Having watched him play over the last few years at Rangers I can fully understand Walters Smiths Comments about him being one of the most frustrating players he has ever met.

    I agree with a lot of the comments already made. Kris Boyds scoring record with Scotland although looking good on paper, under scrutiny isnt what it seems. I can remember another striker for Rangers, one who was seen as the destroyer of the Advocat reign, and widely seen as the worst striker pound for pound Rangers had ever bought. Yet when you look at Torre Andre Flo's strike record it looks every bit as good as Boyds, there lies damned lies and statistics, they dont always tell the whole story.

    What is really dissapointing about Boyd, is during the Le Guen period at Rangers he was very critical of a few home grown players, namely Ferguson, Boyd and Hutton. Ferguson got back to full fitness and became more influential again after Le Guen left, Hutton rolled his slieves up and worked twice as hard to prove Le Guen wrong.

    Sadly Kris Boyd reads the comments made by Billy Dodds, Chic Young and Murdo McCloud and thinks he is a superstar and can keep doing the same wrong things. A boss of mine once told me his definition of insanity (or stupidity) and that was people who do the same things over and over again and expect the end result to be different

    Kris Boyd is undoubtedly a good finisher ( although McLeish 's last year at Rangers Might say differently ). This begs the question why Kris Boyd does not do more to help himself given the time that he has to improve matters is the truth that he actually is just not good enough as a footballer.

    The actions of Paul Le Guen, Alex McCleish, Walter Smith and now George Burley would appear to answer that. And just has already been pointed out why are all these so called big Premiership teams not banging on the gates of Murray park to get Kris Boyd out of there , the truth again is they know he is of limited ability and for 89 minutes of a game can be as good as a 12th man for the opposition, you dont spend good money on player that might deliver in the last minute. As much as this pains me to say it if it were a choice betwen Kris Boyd and Henrik Larson in my team Larson would win 100% of the time even if he was injured.

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  • 38. At 3:06pm on 14 Oct 2008, gringoboy wrote:

    C'mon now Chic. He is overweight and lazy and moody and seems to think he has a right to play, despite 3 consecutive managers disagreeing. I've watched him in Europe and he is hopelessly out of his depth. Comparisons with McCoist are not realistic - McCoist gave his all and ran his heart out in the same way Kenny Miller does every single game he plays. That is commitment, and neither of them looked fat either. Boyd needs to take a long hard look at himself, Scotland don't have a good enough team to accomodate him. If I was him, the penny would have dropped by now. If we were Brazil, maybe. Luxuries like Boyd are not for Scotland teams, or Rangers for that matter. I sincerely hope he is never picked for his country again for his attitude. I haven't heard him say he won't play for Rangers again under Walter Smith, despite being dropped more often than a busy prostitute's knickers. Perhaps your support for Rangers is clouding your judgement here Chic.

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  • 39. At 3:08pm on 14 Oct 2008, KemperBoyd11 wrote:

    If Fletcher (Steven) comes along as hoped maybe it's all a moot point. I thought he looked the real deal on Saturday. His record for Hibs is not that of an out-an-out goalscorer though.

    I think he should get a start in the friendlies between now and March. I also believe Iwelumo should stay in the set-up as we need that type of player, shown again in technicolor in the first half on Saturday.

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  • 40. At 3:09pm on 14 Oct 2008, Onlyme4now wrote:

    No passion and no pride? Are we talking about Boyd or Scotland’s performances under Burley? What Boyd did was childish but it’s nothing compared to the laughing stock we’re becoming under Burley. So far the only game he’s won was rescued by one of the players he’s publicly insulted. He’s tactically inept verbally incontinent and about as inspiring as a leaky boat. Even those who’re railing Boyd will know it was passion however misdirected that caused his outburst and to be honest I feel just like him frustrated, watching from the sidelines as this Muppet Burley takes us all back to international anonymity.

    In Macedonia he blames the heat, then he manages to get a win from a player he's only just come out and labelled 'of limited ability' you should know George! Then against Norway he's the only person in the country who doesn't see the need for a 4-4-2 and adds to that by putting out a physically wimpy front line against a team of big hard physically dominating lads? As if that wasn't enough the man who is fast becoming the definition of dunderheid follows it up by managing to find the two most inexperienced players he can to throw and try to save the game. Afterwards he spouts some half thought out drivel about how Boyd is unproven? As opposed to what? A thirty year old man who's never kicked a ball for his country or an unproven kid who has yet to play a convincing game in a dark blue shirt? The man is insipid and clearly a little insane.

    The sooner I wake up from this Burley inspired nightmare the better. What in Burleys disasterous tenure so far has anyone convinced we'll be going anywhere except shopping with the missus when the world is enjoying the World Cup in 2010?

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  • 41. At 3:21pm on 14 Oct 2008, OnAEuropeanDream wrote:

    I'm disappointed in both parties to be honest. The tactics in general were not right from the start for Burley. Boyd is dummy-spitting to a level previously unheard of in Scottish football.

    However I would like to point out your "rallying" call from last week. "No mutiny, no doubts, no bickering. No walkouts, no huffs, no mess. No way!"

    Why the sudden change of tune?

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  • 42. At 3:24pm on 14 Oct 2008, QuincyMD wrote:

    Boyd has a padded international goalscoring record akin to a boxer who fights bums for 99% of his career.

    He's scored 4 competitve goals for Scotland and those were against the Faroes.

    In 35 club games against Celtic and Rangers he has scored 4 goals.

    He has scored the grand total of 2 goals in Europe despite the march to the EUFA final.

    He's over rated.

    But Burley must still go.

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  • 43. At 3:32pm on 14 Oct 2008, Reeky wrote:

    Another piece of verbal diahorrea from Chick Young, who has chucked in Scotland just like his pal Boyd.

    "We're doomed", just about sums El Chico up......

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  • 44. At 3:34pm on 14 Oct 2008, chickencurry wrote:

    "I cannot accept that training ground attitude and sweetie wife behaviour decide whether you play on a Saturday".......Chick you are an idiot.....I can see why you are a pundit and not a manager....,I'm guessing you would scrap training all together??

    Kris Boyd is a poor player......he does not deserve to wear the Scoltland jersey ever again after this childish outburst and lets hope he never does.

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  • 45. At 3:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, stevie the tv wrote:

    awwwwwwwwww, shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    use don't have a clue.

    boyd should have gotten on the park on saturday regardless of what he does in training.

    he scores goals.

    he doesn't get picked against celtic, that's why he doesn't score against them.............if he did, he'd be the bookies favourite to score 1st.

    when he played for killie, he scored against everyone.

    even if he does "only" score against the rubbish teams, ie every team in scotland, no one else scores anywhere near the amount he does.

    scottish football is dreadful...........and it's because no ones got a clue.

    burley - you are silly.

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  • 46. At 3:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, Notadaygoesby wrote:


    Not sure how you came to a conclusion that Iwelumo couldnt replace Boyd on the basis of a short outing. He was heavily involved in most assaults on the norwegian goal and set up Maloneys 2 cracking shots. He was far more animated and involved than i have ever sen boyd and frankly the fact it was his debut makes that more impressive!

    If you think Boyds goal scorring is impressive maybe check out what Iwelumo has done. He may not be as prolific but his assist rate at colchester and charlton are amazing. He is the ideal foil for McFadden. Both good goal scorers but both assist. Boyd is just a poacher.

    I think Boyd has acted in a complete selfish way and he should never be considered for Scotland again.

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  • 47. At 3:45pm on 14 Oct 2008, josimar1978 wrote:

    Burley got his formation right and his personnel wrong on Saturday. We needed a target man playing up top and McFadden was the wrong call.

    IMO, Boyd should have started, however, Iwelumo (miss apart) was really effective against the Norwegian centre halves. So, as many have stated, if he puts away his chance then he's a national hero and Burley's pulled of a tactical masterstroke.

    Boyd's response has been pathetic. As many have noted, he's been treated no differently under the Burley regime than he was under McLeish and Smith.

    Most tellingly, he's being treated exactly the same as he is at club level so to respond in such a petulant manner speaks volumes of the type of character Burley has been reluctant to trust. A line should now be drawn under Boyd's Scotland career, he can never don the shirt again.

    Yes, everyone sitting in the ground and watching from further afar were shocked by Iwelumo's miss and angered by Boyd's non-inclusion. But, for the majority, they were knee-jerk reactions to a disappointing (and potentially fatal) result.

    For a journalist who's never shy about to shout about his love for his national team and who's quick to slate 'traitors' like McGeady and McCarthy - I find this article absolutely astonishing and quite pathetic.

    Chic, I expect you'll be putting the same questions to your much venerated 'Uncle' Walter at this week's press conference?

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  • 48. At 3:47pm on 14 Oct 2008, princejohnbhoy wrote:

    The real deliberations of the Norway match have been completely passed over by most supporters and journalists alike. The summary of the game is simple:

    1. Scotland were lucky to escape with a draw.
    2. Both teams missed great chances to score.
    3. Scotland were ill equipped from the start to counter Norways defence.
    4. Scotland were easily contained by Norway.
    5. Scotland's players did not seem coherent of the game plan.
    6. Scotland's tactics were dubious.
    7. Boyd on or not is irrelevant.
    8. Boyd throwing his toys out the pram is irrelevant.
    9. Burley believing that he has to justify his decisions are embarrasing.
    10. The media fallout has missed the point.

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  • 49. At 3:47pm on 14 Oct 2008, Bamber Boozler wrote:

    It aint all bad, Scotland can always call-up young Ross McCormack, who is playing pretty well for my boys Cardiff City, who were interested in taking Kris Boyd many a time, only to be snubbed by him.

    We could really do with him and McCormack up front togather. That combination would work a dream, McCormack doing all the moving, scoring now and again, woth Boyd banging them in for fun whilst barely moving!

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  • 50. At 3:52pm on 14 Oct 2008, andrew mosley wrote:

    Kris Boyd is a modern day Joe Jordan, how much did Jordan move around, he was a target man. I am not and never have been of Miller, It is unfortunate that he has spat the dummy both parties are worse off as a result. I agree that South Africa is now a verty long shot, I dont think we are good enough at the moment, our current FIFA ranking is 15-20 places above what it should be.

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  • 51. At 3:54pm on 14 Oct 2008, storrie wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 52. At 3:55pm on 14 Oct 2008, bitbaffled wrote:

    Another favourite of Chic's was Andy Ritchie. Jock Stein didn't like the look of him so he was horsed out to Morton. Big fish in a small pond - never capped. Chucked the game at 28. You seem to like these guys with the big waistlines Chick, despite the fact that history shows our best ever players being supremely fit (Joe Jordan scored at three World Cup finals - would Boyd even score at one in his condition?)

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  • 53. At 3:56pm on 14 Oct 2008, boomshakalak wrote:

    All this discussion about the quality of Kris Boyd is daft! My Nan would score 78 goals in 90 games against pub sides - that is all Boyd has achieved.... if he is serious about his career he will stop playing Sunday League and try and join a proper side.... like McFadden did.. and then he will be found out and end up either in the Championship (like the wonder-boy McFaddon) or even worse - he will just found to be hopelessly lacking like Barry Ferguson and return to Rangers to beat up the local under 9's standard of football.... and think he is great again.. if you offered Boyd on a free transfer to all of the EPL clubs you may get 3 or 4 takers maximum for him... and i would be surprised if any of those sides would actually play him!

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  • 54. At 3:57pm on 14 Oct 2008, throbbinrobin wrote:

    Hey Chick, your best write yet! Glad to see you've left (most of) the daft metaphors out. It was a good read.

    My take on it is that if Boyd is as uncommited as we hear the Burley was right to use Iwelumo. His miss was a one-off, so desperately unlucky for him and Burley. Boyd's reaction only shows his priority is himself, not the team.

    If he had a good man-manager (like SAF) then he'd be a great player.

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  • 55. At 3:58pm on 14 Oct 2008, Floridadweller wrote:

    If Burley thought so little of Boyd because, as he said, the esteemed Walter Smith wasn't playing him regularly for Rangers, then why the heck did he pick him for Scotland in the first place? Look at it from Boyd's point of view for a moment. The guy was already upset that Smith wouldn't give him regular starts despite his amazing scoring record, and sat stewing on the bench game after game. Then Burley adds salt to the wound by publicly stating that he didn't play Boyd because he wasn't playing regularly for Rangers ! Managers must be more than coaches. They have to be sensitive to players' emotions and feelings if they are to build a team. Burley further emphasized how little he was in touch with the psyche of players when he mentioned their high wages and five star hotel living, a totally irrelevant remark. For Boyd, this issue is to do with pride, not money. In my view, Burley totally mismanaged the whole affair.

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  • 56. At 4:00pm on 14 Oct 2008, IRN - Tax doesnt have to be taxing wrote:


    Boyd did not score against Iceland. In fact, he didn't play at any time.

    The goals were scored by Kirk Broadfoot and Barry Robson, neither of whom, I believe, have been publicly criticised by George Burley.

    Burley's comments regarding Boyd after Saturday's match were surprising and he may have done better to have sidestepped the question. But he gave a straight answer to a straight question - and that's something that's rare in football interviews these days.

    Burley's record so far actually isn't all that bad.

    Under Burley we drew at home to Croatia (currently ranked 6th by FIFA), lost away to the Czech Republic (ranked 8th), and beat Iceland away (ranked 103). Norway (39) could have been a better result but is not disastrous. Macedonia (46) was close but ultimately disappointing and it's a game we should have been looking to win. That said, we're talking about a side who recently beat Croatia at home, lost narrowly at home to the English and Dutch and they also held England to a 0:0 draw at Wembley. So I can't see how our record is sufficiently bad to merit the description 'laughing stock'.

    If George Burley fails to take Scotland to a major tournament then he failed alongwith Bertie Vogts, Walter Smith, Alex McLeish, and Craig Brown from year 2000.

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  • 57. At 4:02pm on 14 Oct 2008, greenjedi67 wrote:

    So Chick you think its OK for a player to "spit the dummy" whenever he feels slighted by not getting picked?

    Also lets look at the players who have also walked out on Scotland. Richard Gough, David Robertson, Andy Goram, Kris Boyd, Lee McCulloch, as well as Walter Smith and Alex McLeish who grabbed the job when they were unwanted but jumped ship at the first chance.

    There seems to be a link with the guys mentioned above, anyone else spot it?

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  • 58. At 4:08pm on 14 Oct 2008, stroma88 wrote:

    With an 18 man squad of which 11 starters and 3 subs are allowed to play, this leaves 4 players who will not get a game.
    Should they all tell the SFA that they won`t play for Scoltland as long as Burley is Manager ?
    Grow up Boyd and stop spitting out your dummy when you don`t get your own way.

    Sine dei him from International football.

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  • 59. At 4:08pm on 14 Oct 2008, ScallywagHMFC wrote:

    Kris Boyd will now be able to concentrate on his benchwarming exploits with your beloved Rrrrangers !

    Give me Chris Iwellumo any day over that lazy, over weight turn coat. What makes him so great that he should walk into the Scotland team.

    He has turned his back on his country and now the lap top loyal want us to feel sympathy. Le Guen, Macleish, Smith and now Burley........sounds to me the real problem is with Boyd, as Fletcher confirmed when asked who was the worst trainer.

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  • 60. At 4:25pm on 14 Oct 2008, Kevvy-Bhoy--The-White-Kanu wrote:

    What exactly has Boyd done to merit a startign berth at Rangers OR Scotland

    Absolutely Boy Scout and his childish behaviour has made me think even less of him.

    maybe he'll come to his senses over time and realise what a brat he's being, I doubt it though

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  • 61. At 4:26pm on 14 Oct 2008, Kevvy-Bhoy--The-White-Kanu wrote:

    PS Chick....please stop!!!

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  • 62. At 4:47pm on 14 Oct 2008, ian_mac_ptfc wrote:


    You say his attitude in training shouldn't determine whether he plays or not?

    Utter garbage. If he doesn't bother his arse in training then he shouldn't get a game. What kind of message would it send to the other players if guys who aren't giving 100% walk straight in to the team?

    This is sheer drivel Chick, much like all of your blogs on here.

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  • 63. At 5:05pm on 14 Oct 2008, wullie wrote:

    We played badly and still didn't lose to our main competitor for second in the group. We play them again and they look eminently beatable.
    Perhaps Chick should tell the truth about what is going on in the Glasgow media. You are all upset because Gordon Smith got a job you and Traynor etc. all fancied. He then committed the crime of not leaking stories to his old mates, thus meaning no laughable career defining exclusives. As a result you are all gunning for his man Burley. As always the good of the Scotland team is of no interest, only the egos of the Glasgow media... Of course your man Souness, now he knows how to leak a story or six.

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  • 64. At 5:10pm on 14 Oct 2008, Johnny Bhoy 07 wrote:


    I can take nothing away from SAF but surely even you know he would not suffer players with petulance.

    2 names spring to mind Ruud Van Nistlerooy and Jaap Stam, do you really think Boyd is anywhere near this league that SAF could man manage him into a great footballer.

    Petulance is bred not managed.

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  • 65. At 5:21pm on 14 Oct 2008, saabbhoy wrote:

    Richard Gough
    Duncan Ferguson
    Jim Leighton
    Andy Goram
    Lee McCulloch
    Chris Boyd

    add in Walter Smith, Ally McCoist and Alex McLeish and I begin to see a pattern in so called professionals who have walked away (not retired) from Scotland. (8 from 9)

    Never let him pull on a Scotland jersey again

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  • 66. At 5:33pm on 14 Oct 2008, U11846789 wrote:

    um... why are Scotland 'out' already?

    theyve had a poorish start - but could still beat Norway in Oslo, Iceland and Macedoniaorwhoevertheyare and even pick up a point somewhere v Holland.

    That makes them a possible 2nd by my reckoning.

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  • 67. At 5:39pm on 14 Oct 2008, CannonBlue-Establishmented ooot the brain! wrote:

    all these silly hoops fans greeting cause scotlands best striker has told burley to bolt. its obvious that burley wasnt going to use him anyway with his comments.

    and no celtic player has ever turned there back on scotland have they?..i wonder

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  • 68. At 5:52pm on 14 Oct 2008, Paisley_saint_doug wrote:

    It is sickening that any journalist will support a player who turns his back on the chance to play for his country and is quoted as saying - he's play for Scotland again but not while the current manager is in charge. The implication is Boyd wants to pick and choose which Scotland managers he'll make himself available for. Doh Boyd - the manager picks the team not the other way about ya diddy.

    Another sickening thing is ever since the media favourite for the Scotland job (Mark McGhee) lost out to Burley both Burley and the SFA / Gordon Smith have been under pressure on Burley's appointment from day 1 and before a ball was kicked.

    Before the 1st game in the group had taken place there had already been calls for Burley's head because we hadn't won a friendly... we hadn't won a friendly in ages and no one called for Smith or McLeish's head on the basis of friendly results.

    Then after first qualifying game there are more calls to get rid of Burley after losing away to Macedonia in scorching temperatures.

    After winning our second game we still have the lunacy of the situation where Gordon Smith has to go on record before the Scottish media and say that Burley's job is safe even if we don't take all 3 points in our 3rd game.

    There quite clearly is a witch hunt going on against Burley and its ugly to observe and sad that BBC pundits (Chick Young, Murdo McLeod, and Billy Dodds) are backing Boyd against the Scotland manager.

    Boyd wasn't even in the Rangers starting 11 for the last SPL game before the international break against my team (St Mirren). He has consistently been left out of the bigger SPL matches and European games by McLeish, Le Guen and Smith and been no more than a squad player in Scotland international set up under Smith, McLeish and Burley.

    I think you'll find Burley was being hounded at the press conference to give a reason for not playing Boyd which was why he eventually said that Boyd needed to play regularly for his club and impress in training if he wanted picked. I also thought that Burley has good natured throughout the conference despite journos asking repeatedly about Boyd, his non-inclusion in the game, his quitting etc, and the BBC headline "Surley Burley Exists Early" was another disgrace and misrepresentation.

    Who do the Scottish press want picking the team instead of Burley? Graeme Souness who has been a flop everywhere since he was able to buy the SPL title with no competition? Mark McGhee "who has won nothing" (as many fans say of Burley's record) and whose team are currently at the wrong end of the SPL table and who instantly bombed out of Europe?

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  • 69. At 5:52pm on 14 Oct 2008, politeAberdeen1983 wrote:

    Scotland are still in with a great chance of qualifying. Your negativity is ridiculous. I am glad South Africa has drifted from your mind Chick. You can watch Scotland at the World Cup on the TV, next to your mate Kris Boyd if you like. Suggesting the KB has not done anythng wrong is to insult the thousands of fans desperate to see their team at the World Cup. Are you seriously suggesting that putting yourself before your team, supporters and country is ok? Your blog is an embarresment to you.

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  • 70. At 5:54pm on 14 Oct 2008, podsdad wrote:

    I love this criticism of Boyd.
    Perhaps the esteemed posters could let us know about all the 'big games' Steven Fletcher and Chris Iwelumo have scored in?

    Smith and McLeish didn't get the same criticism as Burley because their teams tended to win more than Burleys, simple really.

    Burley has a serious question mark over his man-management now, whether you like Boyd or not is irrelevant, the point is some of the players don't, and that is a problem that needs grasped sooner or later.

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  • 71. At 6:08pm on 14 Oct 2008, BlackIsleJag wrote:

    I cannot agree with Chic - Boyd's behavour does not suite a professional these days, regardless of who is managing the team.

    A bigger concern is that this is an attitude coming form within the Rangers's camp! Recently we have seen too many managers, players and coaching staff put club before country. This may be easy for me to say as an ICT supporter (yep it would be great if one or two of Craig's lads could get into the squad!), but I do put country before club!

    In Boyd's case - we should not allow him back to the squad at all!

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  • 72. At 6:10pm on 14 Oct 2008, chelskikovites wrote:

    I'd say Burleys decision has been vindicated by Boyds actions since.

    Great piece of management, didn't destablize a team by picking a troublemaker.

    One up for Burley.

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  • 73. At 6:13pm on 14 Oct 2008, funkedout wrote:

    I've lived in Norway a couple of years now and it's amazing how similar the Scottish and Norwegian press have reacted. Both saying that their respective countries have almost no hope of qualification. But i agree Chick, it wouldn't be surprising to see one of them being the unlucky runner up. However, Oslo is no fortress, i've seen all sorts of useless teams win there.

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  • 74. At 6:28pm on 14 Oct 2008, U11213082 wrote:

    Boyd's goal record looks good because it's against the league's poorest teams. Any one could play for old firm against likes of st.mirren and hang around the box long enough for a tap in. He can't do it against decent opposition. Paul le Guen, McLeish, Smith and now Burley haven't rated him. Wonder why ? maybe because he is a prima donna who thinks he is better than he is. Couldn't care less if this guy dissappeared forever.

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  • 75. At 6:31pm on 14 Oct 2008, Paisley_saint_doug wrote:

    Can we also please stop hearing about Burley being negative about Kirk Broadfoot? First of all he called him up in the first place! Then after the press and fans on websites were making their usual derogatory remarks about Broadfoot Burley answered his critcis by saying Broadfoot has worked hard at his game and improved and made the most of his limited ability. Few people would say Broadfoot is the most naturally gifted players of his generation - yet Burley recognised that he is playing regularly at a high level for a Scottish player and was generally speaking playing well in the SPL and the UEFA cup run and had put himself into contention for a squad place. Despite praising Broadfoot's work ethic, professional development, abaility to hold down a regular starting place, and performances, including speciically mentioning Broadfoot outplaying McGeady in the Old Firm match the media seized on 2 words ("limited ability") in Burley's comments about Broadfoot and took them out of context and blew them out of all proportion and implied he was negative about Broadfoot.

    Having impressed at training Burley gave the guy a chance in the starting 11 and he scores and becomes a hero as well as playing pretty well.

    Next squad - Burley picks him, he trains well and gets picked and again is one of Scotland's better performers.

    One wonders whether Broadfoot (a player making the most of limited ability) is an example of exactly what Burley is looking for and not seeing in Boyd.

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  • 76. At 6:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, Gooner wrote:

    What a crap blog. Boyd’s selfish actions have distracted everyone away from getting behind Scotland, at a time when it’s needed. George Burley has not had a great start but he doesn’t need to have to deal with this puerile, pathetic, unpatriotic behaviour, after only 6 games into the job. It’s just as well there is no game for Scotland tomorrow, with all this very unnecessary disruption.

    As Burley said yesterday, when has Boyd performed in any big matches since May? In the 3 matches Burley went to watch Boyd play, he recorded 4 minutes against Zenit St Pete, none against Celtic and none against Hibernian. And how many goals? Absolutely none. Walter Smith is treating him no different to Burley but is Boyd refusing to play for Rangers? No, so a bit of inconsistency there then. Did Alex McLeish treat him any better? No, but neither is getting the flack that Burley is. And if baby Boyd really does want to play for Scotland, Chick, he has got a funny way of showing it.

    Will George Burley get the sack because of Boyd? Very unlikely, if at all. And nor should he. Football is a results’ business and that should be the true measure of his reign, when it eventually ends. So let Boyd take his ball, teddy, dummy and the rest of his baggage away. Scotland needs the brave now more than ever. Prima donna Boyd doesn’t fit that bill in any way.

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  • 77. At 6:45pm on 14 Oct 2008, andrew-mitch wrote:

    i cannot understand how you can back boyd, most people would do anything to play for there country. even be in the squad. why arnt you suggesting that boyd should refuse to play for rangers?!!! . the real issue here isnt burnley bad tactics. its boyds attitude. his acting like a stroppy foot stamping pre-teen girl who didnt get the barbie she wanted for christmas. to the normal person who will never wear the colours of there country boyd is insane. instead of working harder to improve his workrate/all round game and prove the manager wrong. he spat out his dummy. shame on boyd. and shame on you. owens record for club and country far out-weigh boyds and owen didnt even make the squad. did owen have a hissy fit. i think not

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  • 78. At 6:48pm on 14 Oct 2008, unionjock wrote:

    Chick you are spot on and listening to some of this lot Boyd is 200% right. Also will you lot please not Boyd has taken the hump with Burley because he wants to play for Scotland and Burley will not let him!!

    So stop moaning about the lad not wanting to play...some of you lot really need to get a life!

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  • 79. At 6:58pm on 14 Oct 2008, i_amRomeoZondervan wrote:

    I cannot believe the amount of anti George Burley articles the BBC has published.

    I hope Boyd never plays football for Scotland again.

    He should never have the honour.

    I hope he has fun playing second rate football in the Rangers reserve Squad.

    What a clown

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  • 80. At 7:26pm on 14 Oct 2008, thejazzman69 wrote:

    ok firstly i'm not a scot, but family going back are, and i have always made time to watch Scotland play.

    I can see the division in opinion on Boyd, but lets be honest here, he cannot 'just' be a hitman, football has progressed, and at this level its impossible to keep a gel in a side without commitment, without hunger, and although he may have that in bucket-loads, its not for all to see.

    when a player plays for his country it should be almost unquestionable (after a match) what decision the manager makes, to publicly 'end' his career (should Burley stay) is ridiculous, shameful and i can only assume there were heated words between Boyd and Burley that cannot be taken back

    but where does this leave Scotland now? getting results in tough away fixtures? no its just hard work, forgetting Boyd and his petulance, and hoping Burleys character will be enough to get your boys playing again.

    i cannot fathom how so called 'fans' can be in any way sympathetic to Boyd's obvious outrage... toy's pram-thrown= Kris Boyd.

    the truth now is its got to be all blood and guts now, as the chances of being at the world cup are at best slim.

    if i were the dutch or anyone else in the group i would be saying thanks Kris for unsettling the side and hampering their chances on a huge scale, the Boy-d has a lot of growing up to do.

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  • 81. At 7:36pm on 14 Oct 2008, forza-juventus wrote:

    i dont understand the logic of leaving him out with his record. having said that he is playing in the scottish league and (dont mean to insukt anyone here) its not exactly the most hotley contested league in the world. if he were to go to a preier league club like everton or another mid-table team he would do well and be guarrenteed a place

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  • 82. At 7:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, frostyscot wrote:

    I don't agree totally with what Chic has said "he he he" but Boyd should have played at some stage towards the end on Saturday. But he should have timed his exit a bit better.

    George Burley has gone down in my estimation as he should have come out and said after the match that he clearly got his tactics (or "tic tacs" in Burley speak) wrong.
    A 4-4-2 formation with a common sense strike force up front (McFadden and another) would possibly have worked and having 2 players running up the wings from midfield to support.

    McFadden running at 6' 2'' and 6' 5'' Norweigen defenders was a definite coaching gaff! And playing with "midgets" up front as the North Stand were shouting did not make sense.

    Why was Darren Fletcher played out of his club position and Scott Brown could have slotted into Barry Ferguson's usual midfield position for the match instead of being too far back covering the fromt of the defence. Look at his runs late in the game! Scotland's midfield had no structure for most of the game to supply the forwards. Again why was Paul Hartley not used as the defensive midfielder, which would have freed up Brown. Harley always give 110% for the cause.

    Burley's honeymoon period is long expired!! Or is it problems with the backroom staff?

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  • 83. At 7:47pm on 14 Oct 2008, Clint wrote:

    Was it just me or did the news of Lee McCulloch quiting the national side actually come as a bit of a bonus. I mean, it's hardly Paul Scholes stupidly declaring he can't play for England at too young an age, as we actually have young players who can make a bigger impact - Maloney, Morrison, Stevie Fletcher to name a few.

    The problem with Boyd's timing is that no one is really going to care as we have a good enough crop of strikers to choose from at the moment. When Duncan Ferguson decided he was quiting international football, all the top strikers were in their twilight years and we we forced to select Scott Dobie, Kevin Kyle and Paul Devlin, making us long for this Premiership striker to change his mind and play for his country (which of course, he didn't).

    Now that we have youngsters like McCormack and Fletcher showing great promise, and with Derek Riordan, who is surely ever greatful for Boyd's cream-puff, ready to return to top form, the chances of anyone begging Kris Boyd to change his mind are very slim.

    It is a shame because he will undoubtably get away from Rangers and prove he really can cut it somewhere, but I can't imagine Burley's successor will be that bothered about getyting him back in the fold

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  • 84. At 7:49pm on 14 Oct 2008, U3783454 wrote:

    Chick you are a disgraceful Rangers apologist! Utterly lacking in objectivity and patriotism.

    What about the 7 other guys in the squad who didn't get on the park? Should they chuck it?

    Boyd is a disgrace and if he didn't play for Rangers and you didn't fear alienating the Rangers support you would condemn this spoilt primadonna too. Will he be saying he won't play under Walter Smith if he doesn't get a game?

    Michael Owen didn't even make the last two England squads. Did he chuck it? Do you not think he's a tad better than Boyd?

    The manager picks the team, not Kris Boyd, not the Scottish media or the supporters.

    Boyd should never play for Scotland again and if Gordon Smith wasn't such an outrageous blue nose he would have come out and said so before now.

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  • 85. At 8:03pm on 14 Oct 2008, AllyOops wrote:

    Am tellin ma mammy thit yool no gee me a gem.
    in am no playin wi yoos eny merr.
    ma gers bench is much mer beterer.

    Grow up baw-bag.

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  • 86. At 8:22pm on 14 Oct 2008, BigShifty wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 87. At 8:26pm on 14 Oct 2008, RRFC1883 wrote:

    Chick, I agree 100% with your comments regarding Chris Iwelumo.

    Yes, he did ok, but 'OK' isn't good enough at international level, and I do think Boyd should have come on when McFadden came off. I was surprised when Burley made that decision.

    True, Iwelumo has been playing, and scoring, regularly whereas Boyd hasn't... but unless I'm sadly mistaken then scoring for Wolves is a hell of a lot easier than scoring for both Rangers and Scotland put together!! Not that I'm knocking Iwelumo but I just don't think he's the right type of player for international level.

    As for the remainder of the campaign, it was summed up perfectly by the Sky Sports commentator at full-time on Saturday.... it's not impossible but it's not far off it.

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  • 88. At 8:31pm on 14 Oct 2008, Gerry wrote:

    Boyd's problem? Work Rate.
    Solution? Work harder.

    I can't think of any international manager who would pick a non-regular for their club, especially if Boyd is lazy in training. He clearly assumes he has nothing to prove to anybody. Who does he think he is, Maradona? I have watched him many times against Celtic, for Killie and Rangers. He has scored ONCE in his entire career against us, what does that tell you? He has everything to prove at the highest level, despite how good he likes to think he is, and if his attitude stinks when he's in the Scotland squad, his back-side should remain firmly on the bench.

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  • 89. At 8:32pm on 14 Oct 2008, BigShifty wrote:

    "At 4:25pm on 14 Oct 2008, Kevvy-Bhoy--The-White-Kanu wrote:

    What exactly has Boyd done to merit a startign berth at Rangers OR Scotland

    Absolutely Boy Scout and his childish behaviour has made me think even less of him.

    maybe he'll come to his senses over time and realise what a brat he's being, I doubt it though"


    I agree and disagree with that in equal measure, he is being a brat, totally. He should pick up his trailing lip

    However, what has he done to deserve a game? SPL top scorer anyone, consistent displays of his talent in front of goal and clinical edge, more so than any of the others we stick up there (including macfadden).

    All this talk of work rate is reminiscent of complaints about the premier league becoming more and more a contest for big bufties running at each other.
    What on earth is wrong with a bit of talent, for god sake we need it. If saturday didnt prove that to all you numpties what will?

    While im talking, james morrison isnt good enough, and robson isnt doing it for me either, although I havnt seen as much of either of them as I have boyd.

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  • 90. At 8:44pm on 14 Oct 2008, ayrjambo wrote:

    The idea that Amsterdam is our last chance is ridiculous as the group is panning out exactly the way we all thought at the start..there is Holland and four average others. Of course we can still be second in this very poor qualifying group especially after seeing the performances of Iceland, Norway and Macedonia so far. I do agree that Burley has not been tactically astute and starting with three strikers both small in stature and form was a grave mistake. To believe that Boyd is the answer because he can score goals against the likes of Partick and Kilmarnock is a joke and on the money he earns for getting a seat on the Ibrox bench he needs to have a serious look in the mirror and apologise to the supporters of Scotland who would love to earn a fraction of his wages whilst doing far more important jobs in this world. And isn't it sickening to hear the media pundits defend this petulant act for fear of upsetting their pals in the Old Firm?

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  • 91. At 9:04pm on 14 Oct 2008, Docsuperjammy wrote:

    I think Burleys should take a look at his own record and compare it to that of Craig Brown (who was the most negative Manager ever) Then he should pass the job on to someone who has at least a faint idea of what they are doing

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  • 92. At 9:29pm on 14 Oct 2008, blogger_me wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 93. At 9:29pm on 14 Oct 2008, coronamoana wrote:

    Granted Boyd dosnt reguarly score against good teams and that is why Smith leaves him out of the Rangers side vs Celtic or better European teams, however when watching the friendly vs Northen Ireland a few months ago Burley went with McFadden and Miller (Neither are natural goalscorers - Fact) and missed several good chances yet Boyd was left on the bench.

    I agree that against the Hollands of this world Bord idnt good enough but surely with 10 mins to go against Norway we could throw him on and hope for the best in which i think he would have got to Braofoots cross at the end!

    Burley should be given the rest of the campian and am sorry to say that we will struggle to make SA in 2010 then they should review his position but until then the man must be given a chance Boyd or No Boyd.....

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  • 94. At 9:43pm on 14 Oct 2008, garryc77 wrote:

    IF footballs all about winning then we are all screwed and should take up golf. We should all be Man U fans or Brazil fans or heavens forbid one of the two Glasgow Bigots. But its not all about winning. Winning is simply the bonus at the end of the game.
    So as a Scotland Fan will we ever win the world cup or the Euros, will we ever be a top ten seed. Perhaps not...

    So thank Christ its not all about winning. it about passion, en devour, getting back up when you should stay down. Its about being so proud of who you are and where your from than if you cant win the game you take pride in you never gave up and never let anyone take something without a fight. Its about gaining a little bit of respect as a country a team and a person... Boyd you have lost all respect... I'd rather Burley himself than let you have the honor of wearing the dark blue again.

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  • 95. At 9:50pm on 14 Oct 2008, TheSlinkyCabbage7-0 wrote:

    As much as I didn't agree with Burley's formation/tactics/substitutions on Saturday to do what Boyd has done is nothing short of childish. And crab-pass Ferguson's pre-match comments on the BBC text service of 'I can't believe Boydy's not starting but I'm not the manager' didn't help either. If Burley doesn't rate Boyd then why pick him for the squad in the first place? I would like to think he gave him every opportunity to prove his desire to play for his country but Boyd clearly didn't take it.

    I do believe Boyd was worthy of his place in the team on Saturday but what went on behind the scenes ultimately cost him that place so he has nobody to blame but himself. Will he slap in a transfer request the next time he isn't picked for Rangers?

    The negativity surrounding the national team just now is baffling. Even Bertie got a fairer crack at the whip than Burley is getting. For whatever reason a lot of people were against his appointment from the start and couldn't wait to stick the boot in at the first opportunity.

    If we fail to get 2nd place in the group then I think Burley's position will be untenable but until then at least let him do his job because getting rid of him now isn't going to do us any good at all.

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  • 96. At 10:00pm on 14 Oct 2008, waspfanman wrote:

    Why all the fuss about a player thats only a sub for his club and only a sub for his country?
    I`d be more worried if he was a regular starter - boyd scores goals, sure, but he has played under several managers now, and never managed to get a steady game. Are all the managers wrong? Boyd needs to take a hard look at himself once his lower lip has stopped trembling - maybe its him that has to change rather than everybody round about him.

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  • 97. At 10:09pm on 14 Oct 2008, norriemaclean wrote:

    My view on this is that both were in the wrong. Burley got it wrong and clearly this is hurting him and of course we as supporters are hurting as well.

    Boyd I am afraid has got this wrong as well - by any means he should have expressed his anger and frustration in private and why not in public too if he feels that strongly. But he should not say he will not play.

    However it is part of a bigger picture - when did all this I am retiring from international football p**h start. Its absolute nonsense and another symptom of the greed of modern day footballers (I am NOT saying Boyd is greedy but its where this all started).

    I think we need to set this aside now and hope that both parties move on, if boyd starts to play more regularly and better then he may be wanted back and may be minded to reconsider.

    On an entirely seperate note - it would be churlish of me not to comment that Chick seems to have taken previous comments to heart and made a real effort with his blog.

    Cheers everyone - SPL back at the weekend!

    Norrie MacLean

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  • 98. At 10:28pm on 14 Oct 2008, nobleScotswhahae wrote:

    Is Chick Young for real ? Surely he can't possibly be this stupid ?

    He doesn't think attitude at training is relevant ???? Can you imagine Smith or McLeish or Strachan or Ferguson or any competent coach saying anything this stupid ? Unbelievable !

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  • 99. At 10:38pm on 14 Oct 2008, gazticfan wrote:

    Chick, you may be baffled by the tactics and omission, as was I, but I was more baffled by Burley's comments after the game. I mean, what did he possibly have to gain? After that, Boyd must have thought, why bother to have me in the squad if you have no intention of playing me.
    what a ridiculous comment. so what do the backup keepers to craig gordon think when they are selected for their country. they know all too well that they arent going to get a start let alone a sub appearance! the guys like mcgregor/marshall/alexander all know what they need to do to get selected. apply themselves in training and when they get a game and show what they can do! they should be grateful for the opportunity to be part of the national team. what sort of role model is this to the youngsters coming through? dont get a game so i will take the huff and quit. pathetic attitude.

    boyd is so over-rated. ok his record looks good but look who he scores against. when was the last time he scored against a european team or celtic for that matter. good riddance to him and to mcculloch for that matter, passengers to a hard working national team that is scotland.

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  • 100. At 10:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, butchthecrawleyowl wrote:

    So Chick doesn't think training ground attitude shouldn't effect team selection, he's an idiot and i'm glad he's not the wednesday manager

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  • 101. At 10:53pm on 14 Oct 2008, Rangers and Chelsea no.1 wrote:

    I don't care what anybody says,i still agree with kris boyd,like chic young said,his problem wasn't that he didn't want to play for scotland,it was that he was desperate to play,we needed a goal against norway and who better than kris boyd,sure he maybe isn't the hardest worker or holds the ball up,but goals win games,not workrate,and boyd's goalscoring record speaks for itself,but instead they throw on iwelumo who is unproven at international level, just because he scored a few goals for crappy wolves,and yet the idiot burley had the cheek to say he had to prove himself at rangers,he has nothing to prove to me,and boyd knows how good his goalscoring record is,and he just saw him getting snubbed as a slap in the face,and why is everybody blaming boyd for hurting our chances if he never gets a game anyway,good call boydie,it's about time you stop them from treating you like crap

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  • 102. At 11:06pm on 14 Oct 2008, Gunner-Daniel wrote:

    Why Boyd hasn't been a fixture for Scotland has always befuddled me. He is a proven goalscorer at both the club and international levels, and is only 25.

    I lose faith in Burley match by match and it seems as though he is quickly undoing all the progress made under Walter Smith.

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  • 103. At 11:31pm on 14 Oct 2008, man u wrote:

    come to Everton

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  • 104. At 02:11am on 15 Oct 2008, jammykev wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 105. At 07:19am on 15 Oct 2008, Marco_Lancs wrote:

    Boyd is Scotland's talisman, he has the same impact Mc Coist did and Shearer and Linekar did for England...a guaranteed world class games to GOALS ratio.

    p.s. a ntoe to "jamminben13", it is not necessary for Boyd to be buzzing round the training pitch to ensure selection, he's simply not that type of player and it would be out of character for him to do so, there's no point in changing his already successful game plan. Also it is well known Mark Hughes was an awful trainer yet like Boyd he more than produced the good when on the pitch.

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  • 106. At 08:03am on 15 Oct 2008, ArthurBalfour wrote:

    Michael Owen can't get in the squad for England, despite his international record and the fact that he's scored a few goals for Newcastle this season. Do you see him spitting out the dummy? No...

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  • 107. At 08:24am on 15 Oct 2008, KemperBoyd11 wrote:

    The argument that Boyd doesn't score against good sides (even though he hardly plays in those games for club nor country) is besides the point. I don't care about Rangers or Boyd but Scotlands problem has always been beating the teams that, on paper, we should. In the games that Boyd has started for Scotland that was remedied to a large degree (Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Faroes, South Africa). You can argue that we would have won those games anyway but history may prove you wrong. Additionally, in 4 of those games he scored the vital opener. If we beat the teams we should (and I suggest Norway are one of that teams, they were very poor on Saturday and made to look OK by our set-up) we would have a very good chance of improving our qualification record. He doesn't (didn't) need to start against the Hollands, Italys and Frances. But he does (did) against the Macedonias, Icelands and Norways.

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  • 108. At 09:01am on 15 Oct 2008, scotthmfc1874 wrote:

    Chick Young is wrong. I think Burley has made the right decision. Boyd is acting like a 5 year old hence his decision to quit. People would love to be in the scotland squad! His work attitude is wrong, yeah he has got a great goal record but we need people who are dedicated to the cause and Boyd certinly is not. I am also not happy with Ferguson. He's our captain and he should have backed Burley and not Boyd. Boyd doesnt start all the time at Rangers aswell. We need people playing week in week out for their clubs. As much as I hate to say it....I think Derek Rriorden is our best striker when playing week in week out and should be considered for the next game.

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  • 109. At 09:05am on 15 Oct 2008, scotthmfc1874 wrote:

    Farical why are people backing Boyd! He doesnt deserve to be backed. I hope every team in the SPL booo him even rangers fans should booo him. To turn the back on your nation because he didn't play is stupid. Boyd needs to grow up. Ferguson who is supposed to be our captain should have back Burley not Boyd!

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  • 110. At 09:09am on 15 Oct 2008, opusdei1916 wrote:

    What a surprise Chic standing up for Boyd. If Boyd played for any other team he'd have been called a big baby for throwing his rattle out the pram.

    Whether Burley made the right decision or not the fact remains that he's not the only manager to call Boyd's attitude into question. He doesn't play regularly for Rangers for whatever reason so why should he exepect a game for Scotland?

    Personally I think Burley should have played him at some point but Boyd's reaction is a joke and so are the people sticking up for him.

    Biased is not the word!

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  • 111. At 09:14am on 15 Oct 2008, scotthmfc1874 wrote:

    Disgraceful. Boyd is stupid. To turn back on your Nation because you didn't play is farcial.

    People would give a leg to play for scotland! Boyd's attitude sucks big time. He should have a good look at him self and should apologise to Burley after his stupid comments.

    I hope Boyd gets booed by every team yes even (rangers fans).

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  • 112. At 09:15am on 15 Oct 2008, spartans11 wrote:

    Boyd has an outstanding goal record, the argument that he doesn't score agianst the best teams is kind of irrelevant as he either doesn't play or the teams he plays in are so outclassed nobody scores. The main point of this quite simple game is to score more goals than the opposition, not to run around showing lots of effort. As a lone striker he would be a terrible option, but agianst teams like Norway, Macedonia etc he should be playing from the start.

    The managers team selection and tactics were awful. Robson on the right? McFadden playing back to goal as lone striker?

    As for the way this saga was handled, Burley clearly doesn't want Boyd in the team so it's no loss to him. George Burley will be judged on qualification for South Africa, but he'd better step HIS game up and get us scoring points

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  • 113. At 09:33am on 15 Oct 2008, KemperBoyd11 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 114. At 09:44am on 15 Oct 2008, glassmaurice wrote:

    Just a follow up on comment 26. I could not agree more, no one is expecting Boyd to start, but when your team is desperate for a goal you MUST bring on your most proven goalscorer regardless of how hard he trains. Think of many of the greatest goalscorers, Jimmy Greaves and George Best to name but 2 who only practiced for less than half the time of their "hard working colleagues" but did what wins matches time after time, namely SCORE...
    Burley is a good manager but must not pick players only on work rate.

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  • 115. At 09:47am on 15 Oct 2008, Viva La Quince Brigada wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 116. At 09:48am on 15 Oct 2008, pozza75 wrote:

    Like all of us I was gutted on Saturday after the match, but what really annoys me is all the depressing stuff that has been written since then. Fact - We can still qualify, even if the dutch beat us in amsterdam. It will be touch and go whether we have enough points but lets get behind the manager. I am tired of Chick Young's constant negativity both before and after Scotland games. As for Kris Boyd, when I watched the game on Saturday it did not even bother me when he did not come on. If the guy feels that way then fine, but he should now be getting a letter from the SFA telling him that he will never be selected again under any manager. Once you rule yourself out for selection for your country then you should be finished. Let's hear it for Geordie Burley's barmy army, come on lets not give up on this campaign just yet!

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  • 117. At 09:49am on 15 Oct 2008, aldialmfc wrote:

    I am a frustrated fan but the last thing I would do is Say that I would not support the team. We have all sat through times where we have, deep down, wished we came from some where else. However it is moments like in Paris and the tartan armies fantastic support that keep us hoping and never faltering in our pride to be Scottish or willingness to follow the boys in dark blue. This is why I cannot understand or comprehend the decision of Kris. I do feel he is only thinking of himself and not the country. He has said that When Burley is replaced he will come back into the fold, how does that leave the strikers in the team at present who play whoever is the manager. I would like the SFA to put forward a clear message for anybody in the future who decides in this manner to turn their back on their country that once the decision is made then it is final.

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  • 118. At 09:57am on 15 Oct 2008, jimmy chewwit wrote:

    At risk of ridicule, I offer my Englishmans opinion. Ive heard the same rubbish about the England team over and over recently, and agree with what seems like the minority view (at least if you listen to BBC commentators).

    Home country nations never have (at least not for w few decades now) and never will be about flair and imagination. They are about pace, graft, blood, sweat, especially Scotland! I have to admit, I was slighly jeolous of the work ethic of your lads over the past few years!

    Therefore, Burley is spot on. Someone who is not willing to put everything on the line for the country doesnt deserve to run out on the pitch to represent them. Before he took the job, Capello asked where the fire has gone! Good on George Burley for trying to rebuild a passionate squad, when it clicks I definately wouldnt fancy my team playing you.

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  • 119. At 09:58am on 15 Oct 2008, Viva La Quince Brigada wrote:

    Baffled by tactics! Chick were you baffled by the tactics when McLeish and Smith played McFadden up front alone.

    Baffled by Boyd's ommision, I thought you would be used to this by now seeing as Walter does this almost every week.

    What should baffle you is Boyd's attitude, even one of his own team mates questions this (Darren Fletcher Soccer AM).

    Well done to George Burley for standing up and questioning his commitment.

    Will Boyd be telling Walter that he will not be available for selection until there is a new manager in charge, somehow methinks not.

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  • 120. At 10:03am on 15 Oct 2008, storrie wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 121. At 10:07am on 15 Oct 2008, news_man wrote:

    I don't agree with the way that Boyd has taken action, but something had to be done.
    Burley said the only reason he didn't play Boyd is because he isn't a regular at Rangers yet he has played in the majority of games this season.
    He should maybe look to move to the Premier League. If he isn't rated in Scotland, then I'm sure a mid-table English team would bite Walter Smith's hand off to have a player with a goal scoring record like Boyds.

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  • 122. At 10:25am on 15 Oct 2008, i_amRomeoZondervan wrote:

    Chick young - you maybe baffled by Boyds ommision and tactics.

    I am baffled to how you can get paid to write this total rubbish.

    My 8 year old newphew could write a better article than this.

    At least it would be neutral not like your love in you seem to be having with Boyd.

    Let me ask you this are you the big spoon or the little spoon?

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  • 123. At 10:42am on 15 Oct 2008, jamiex1690 wrote:

    Kris Boyd - A good striker in the way of goals is concerned. Kris had every right to leave the Scotland squad whilst it is under George Burley. Not being picked or even getting onto the field of play when a man who has never played for scotland before gets on ahead of him. Kris' goal scoring ratio speaks for itself in terms of his capability and will power to succeed.

    As for Mr Burley saying he was letting down his country. George Burley is letting down Scotland by picking a team that has no out to out goal scorers.

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  • 124. At 10:51am on 15 Oct 2008, Borachon wrote:

    "No "I" in team, but there is an "I" in Kris for sure"

    Ha ha ha ha! I bet you've been wowing people with that cutting piece of wit all week. Come up with that yourself, or did you hear it in the pub on Saturday night and think it was genius? Either way, you're an idiot.

    Anyone who makes a comment such as "All Boyd does is scores goals" immediately loses any respect I have for them with regard to football, and any interest I have in continuing a coversation with them regarding football. It is a symptom of an appalling disease in football, this attitude that the defence and midfield should be packed, all space on the field closed down, an one solitary striker on the park (who doesn't have to be good at scoring goals) to chase any balls that happen to break in to the opposition half once every 15 minutes.

    It is wrong, it is awful to watch, and the Boyd situation is the best example of the disgraceful attitude certain managers have towards the formerly beautiful game, which has now filtered down to gullible fans who like to spread the anti-football propaganda on behalf of these coaches who have strangled joy and expression from our game.

    Boyd should start every game for Rangers, unless they're away to Man United, or Barcelona and HAVE to play backs to the wall stuff. He should also be starting for Scotland if our first choice strikers (Faddy and Miller) are unavailable. Anyone who thinks Iwelumo and Fletcher have earned the right to play ahead of him cannot justify such a ridiculous position, and at the end of the day that's what this whole situation boils down to.

    When we finish 4th in our qualifying group, I hope those of you who are taking Berti (sorry), Burley's side on this, will be thoroughly ashamed of youself. We haven't looked close to scoring in 95% of Burley's games in charge, and now he boasts that Boyd (who scores for fun) wouldn't have been in his next squad anyway? That says all I need to know about Burley's abilities as a manager.

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  • 125. At 10:59am on 15 Oct 2008, King_John_III wrote:

    Kris boyd - 2007/2008, Total appearances - 41, Total goals 25

    Scotland Captain - Darren Fletcher - 2007/2008 Total Appearances - 24, Total goals 2

    So Boyd HAS to prove himself to get on as a sub, But Fletcher doesn't have to prove himself to be CAPTAIN??


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  • 126. At 10:59am on 15 Oct 2008, King_John_III wrote:

    Kris boyd - 2007/2008 Total appearances - 41, Total goals 25

    Scotland Captain - Darren Fletcher - 2007/2008 Total Appearances - 24, Total goals 2

    Soooo Boyd HAS to prove himself to get on as a sub, But Fletcher doesn't have to prove himself to be CAPTAIN??


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  • 127. At 11:04am on 15 Oct 2008, cothwood83 wrote:

    Leave lazy players on the bench. Play those with hunger and desire.

    When Beckham was dropped, he worked hard and got back in the team.

    Once a quitter, always a quitter. Goodbye and good riddance Boyd.

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  • 128. At 11:22am on 15 Oct 2008, ferdinandceline wrote:

    Burley is a balloon. Whether Boyd works hard for the team or not is irrelevant, if you need a goal with 20 minutes to go you put on a goalscorer and Boyd is a goalscorer. His whinge about dying for your country was just rubbish to mask his own mistakes.

    As for all the carping about Walter Smith must be right and he doesn't use Boyd as first choice. I remember as a Rangers fan that we made the UEFA cup final practically without scoring a goal and were made to look like a bunch of toothless numpties for 90 minutes by the russians. Did we have a shot on goal in the UEFA final? I think Boyd played 2 minutes. We also lost the league without playing Boyd. Maybe Walter isn't the guru everyone thinks he is.

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  • 129. At 12:09pm on 15 Oct 2008, doogybigshoes wrote:

    If KB doesn't train well, the answer's simple - let him do his training on the park! he should be playing every game. His attitude is part of his psyche and makes him the winner he is. Can anyone remember Gerd Muller or Marco Van Basten busting a gut to defend alongside the rearguard??? Does Luca Toni regularly pop up in defence?? How on earth have we ever got to this state of affairs? Get Boydie on the park - and let his football do the talking.

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  • 130. At 12:13pm on 15 Oct 2008, thetraveller9 wrote:

    Its funny but I never thought I'd say I wholeheartedly agree with Chick Young but I could not have put it better myself. Why have Boyd in your team if you have no intention of playing him? and what makes anyone think that the dumpling from Wolves was any better than Boyd?

    Set all this aside, there is something going on and we don't know the full story yet. Under Smith and McLiesh, every player was up for the cause and beating Norway would have been easy. but set Boyd, McCullouch etc. aside, Burley has done something to that dressing room to the rest of the players that hasn't got them fighting for that jersey that they once would have. Something has happened, is happening in there that has thrown Scotlands chances of South Africa away already. And all those who are calling Boyd a traitor etc. see how you all feel at the end when the World Cup is gone AGAIN. It won't be Boyd's fault will it?

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  • 131. At 12:15pm on 15 Oct 2008, G_K___ wrote:

    "I cannot accept that training ground attitude and sweetie wife behaviour decide whether you play on a Saturday."


    That, Chick, is perhaps because you have temporarily forgotten that football is a team game.

    Paul Le Guen did not rate Boyd as 1st-team starter material. A certain element of the Rangers support criticised the manager for this: it would be different, they said, now that Walter was back.

    Before very long, Walter Smith had decided that he did not rate Boyd as 1st-team starter material either.

    And now - after two successive managers deciding he was not good enough to be a regular starter for Rangers - we still have people who seem genuinely surprised to learn that he is not good enough to be a regular starter for Scotland.

    Are Paul Le Guen, Walter Smith and George Burley - with their combined decades of top-flight football experience, and years of Kris-Boyd-experience - all mistaken or incompetent?

    Or is the simple truth that Kris Boyd is a greetin-faced liability to any team, whose vaunted "goalscoring record" is largely the result of day-trips to East Fife and East Stirling?

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  • 132. At 12:24pm on 15 Oct 2008, AB1987 wrote:

    1. It is a disgrace to play one striker when you are playing at home with the support behind you. Look at Rangers in Europe playing only one striker. It is an embarresment. You should be looking to score all the time and not sit back waiting for the counter attack. An ok tactic if away from home.

    2. Boyd is the best goal-scorer in the country. It is beyond me why he fails to get a regular game at Rangers. He is poor outside the box but give him a sniff inside and he will score all day long. Similar to V. Nistelrooy at Man Utd. (think he only scored once outside the box the whole time he was there).

    3. Scotland will not qualify. There are less points to win in this group (one less team) so the 2nd placed team in the group will go out. But I think this rule needs changed as it disadvantages the teams in this group before any games are played.

    4. Iwelumo looks very decent. Although he is 30 he was Scotland's best player when he came on. Although it was harder to miss than to score his chance, he looks athletic and would have made a good partnership with Boyd.

    Although I have had belief since the Euro qualifying, I have come to realise we are just not good enough. We upped our game for the 'group of death' and have yet to show that same level for the World Cup. The change in managers did not help but the same squad of players are still there and should be performing.

    One last thing to note......DAVIE WEIR IS FINISHED......DO US A FAVOUR AND RETIRE......

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  • 133. At 1:11pm on 15 Oct 2008, brikfone wrote:

    well well well, another person whoz maths skills arent up 2 much, Swindonhibee if u look at the teams in second place the majority have 7 points already, we have 4, so we need teams to slip up in order for us to qualify!!! thats after 3 matches, so its going to be based more on luck than nething the team does from now on!!!!!

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  • 134. At 1:12pm on 15 Oct 2008, TheJags wrote:

    Pro-Rangers as ever, I see, Chick.

    If he doesn't work hard in training and shows a lack of committment, then why should he play over those that do? Maybe you can argue his goals ratio, but you certainly haven't viewed him in training as often as Burley has.

    I don't get people that claim he HAS to play - he can't even get a game for Rangers. Why should Scotland be any different? I want people that play for the jersey, and Iwelumo's better anyway, he scores consistently at a far higher level.

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  • 135. At 1:40pm on 15 Oct 2008, john moore wrote:

    i had the good fortune of being brought up in ipswich
    the football club had a long history of bringing in young talent from ireland scotland and wales
    when a young george burley arrived at portman rd he was very focussed
    he was 100 percent football and he still is
    ipswich has produced many managers all using basically the same recipe
    every player gives everything for the team and the other players who are on the bank are part of the team
    a team is only as good as those who are on the bank
    however difficult it may be to accept a decision the boss had a good reason for making it
    players who turn their backs on the team
    have let down the boss the team themselves and in this case the country
    i have no doubt that boyd is a great player
    but in retrospect would it not have been better to have spoken to the boss after cooling down

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  • 136. At 1:51pm on 15 Oct 2008, Farally wrote:

    Chick, your "Is Iwelumo the number one option to salvage a World Cup campaign which is already on a life support machine?"
    comment is a bit dim - you seem to be forgetting about Kenny Miller and Sean Maloney who have showed that they can play on top form for their country and can play against the best teams in the world alongside James Mcfadden.

    Your blog seems to be on a life support machine the way you spout constant bile.

    We need players who will play their hearts out for their country like the likes of the above did against Italy, France and Ukraine. Lets leave Kris on the shelf like we did with Duncan Ferguson (another ex rangers player!) - we don't need players who don't want to play for their country!

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  • 137. At 7:14pm on 15 Oct 2008, gerryt05 wrote:

    There is a story here that's not being told.

    The stats show that Boyd scores goals with ease, yet McLeish, Smith and now Burley are reluctant to play him. So what's the story. Late for meetings, texting etc.? Aye, right.

    It's the media's job to find out.

    Maybe they know the story and are staying quiet. Bad Enough. Maybe they aren't bothering to ask the questions. Worse.

    Either way, stop taking us for fools and explain what is going on. I don't belive the media don't know or can't find out.

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  • 138. At 7:30pm on 15 Oct 2008, Baheid67 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 139. At 9:30pm on 15 Oct 2008, charliearab wrote:

    Both Iwelumu's miss and Boyd's departure were godsends for Burley - the deflected attention from the real incompetence of his team selection and tactics. Had he not seen the big Norway defenders before? Did he not know of McFadden's best position?

    My new point is on one-up at home. Apart from surrendering psycholoigcally you are also surrendering territory - you play mainly in your half, not theirs. It also results in what I would call a job-share midfield where the players flit in and out of the game.

    We certainly saw this on Saturday where all the midfielders disappeared for stretches of the game. I remember even United doing this last winter (with injuries) and the lads were flling over each other in midfield.

    My opinion on Boyd is that he is the best finisher I've seen in years. I recall Alan shearer and Michael Owen being analysed on Football Focus for their strikers positioning. Boyd (like McCoisst) has this instinctively and thus scores lots of goals. Maybe he should however be shown a few Mark Hateley videos, or even meet the great man to encourage more industry. But he does have something to prove now so expect lots of goals.

    I would actually build a team to play to his talents. Just because the great Walter doesn't is of course because he doesn't rate him either. But then his team and tactics against Zenit were just as negative & depressing as Burley's on Saturday. Maybe we need more strikers and less defenders as managers?

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  • 140. At 9:52pm on 15 Oct 2008, charliearab wrote:

    To my own final comment re having more strikers than defenders as managers.

    - - - - - -

    Naturally I am more than happy with Craig Levene, but then he has an excellent attitude towards the game as a contest and an entertainment. Only went defensive when injuries dictated.

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  • 141. At 9:53pm on 15 Oct 2008, Hank_Reardon wrote:

    Kris Boyd is a lazy player, Which i see as one of his main assets to be fair to him.

    Many times I have seen a defence or a keeper just switch off after about half an hour playing against him.

    Give him the a few chances in a match and he wil more than likely score one. Give him a knock down and a runner and he will get it there or there abouts half the time. thats his game. He's no anelka but hes the best we've got for just putting it in the net.

    (maybe Riordan who knows)

    He was always a bit gallus on the pitch, again thats his game. No disrespect to Iwelemo but that was Boyds goal that he heeled past the post.

    Burley made a big tactical mistake and now has to deal with the fall-out which is essentially he now can't pick a player he didn't want to play.

    I'll miss Kris Boyd in a blue shirt, or at least the expectation that he might get a game.

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  • 142. At 10:05pm on 15 Oct 2008, charliearab wrote:

    Hank mentions Riordan, though I didn't understand his point (sorry) but my tuppenceworth on Derek Riordan is that I saw a few games at Hibs where to me he looked a lot like a young Dennis Law. I always believed that he would make it in this game and was sad to see his lack of progress at Celtic - perhaps there were many, complex issues.

    I still think he has the skill, pace, vision, two good feet, some courage and (maybe) football intelligence to work and improve to fulfill his potential.

    Hope he loses the obstacles which have been in his way, whatever they are. We need him in the international team You know he might just be in the squad come 2009. And so might Kris Boyd, were the manager to change.

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  • 143. At 10:08pm on 15 Oct 2008, charliearab wrote:

    Further questions. What would have happened to George Burley had Norway won?

    And if Scotland HAD gone 1-0 or 2-0 down, would he have brought on a proven goalscorer to save his bacon?

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  • 144. At 11:29pm on 15 Oct 2008, Fozzyonthefence wrote:

    Boyd is English Championship standard - that's why Cardiff City are the only team who have tried to sign him. All these comments about hime going to the English Premiership are laughable - he'd embarrass himself there and I can't see anyone queing up to buy him anyway.

    He looks hopelessly out of his depth when he plays against decent European opposition at club level or international level. That's why Walter Smith and his predecessors didn't play him regulary for club or country so how is this all of a sudden George Burley's fault?

    How many goals has he managed to score against an even average team like Celtic in his entire career at Killie or Rangers - 1 is it?

    Can all these knowledgeable managers be wrong about him? He scores goals against mediocre SPL sides and the odd mediocre international side - as a poster said earlier his only really meaningful international goal was against Georgia (class act that they are).

    So he's turning his back on his country and won't play for Burley? Good riddance - like McCulloch he's not good enough anyway and won't be missed.

    Would be so funny if Burley ends up as his next manager at club level (that'll be at somewhere like Preston or Plymouth though).

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  • 145. At 01:57am on 16 Oct 2008, Rangers and Chelsea no.1 wrote:

    Reply to Fozzyonthefence

    He looks hopelessly out of his depth when he plays against decent European opposition at club level or international level. That's why Walter Smith and his predecessors didn't play him regulary for club or country so how is this all of a sudden George Burley's fault
    And how much top class opposition has iwelumo scored against,when i heard iwelumo was in the scotland squad i was thinking,WHO?,the best we will finish is 3rd,we will get hammered by holland,they can take their pick of goals against us in march,and why is boyd going to stick around if he never gets a game,and it's a load of crap compairing his failure to get a game for scotland to his situation of strikers,rangers have an abundance of strikers and walter is just using the rotation system,but scotland can't afford to do that every game,george burley is a grade a jack @ss imo,he is another berti vogts,i wish they had went with my choice of graeme souness rather than this numpty,he's delusional if he thinks we will qualify,i'm not going out on a limb by saying surley burley won't be scotland manager come the next qualifying campaign

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  • 146. At 07:11am on 16 Oct 2008, Theroux67 wrote:

    I never thought pulling out of a Scotland squad would do such wonders for someone's reputation. Boyd has behaved like a coward yet we are now comparing him to the great strikers in the world! Where was he in the really big games last campaign? And same with Rangers? In the last few campaigns it's been Miller and McFadden coming up with the goods when it mattered most.

    Maybe there are similarities between him and McCoist but McCoist had character and determination. That's what class is also about. I could understand more if we had a team full of invention that always puts opposition under pressure for long stretches of the game, that's when you need a natural goalscorer. But as most succesful international teams and even England are proving under Cappello, you need pace and industry in attack to open up International defences. Heskey and Rooney aren't natural goal scorers but stretch teams. I'm not saying we have guys as good as them but in a team like Scotland, you need guys giving 100% and using pace and power. We don't have enough technique to risk putting on a player who won't work hard and isn't playing for his club regularly enough.

    The Iwuelmo chance is not relevant. Boyd may have taken it but would he have even got into the position? And what message does it send out to young players who have both talent and are prepared to work hard if he comes on? Burley made a decision and it didn't work. We can't assume if Boyd had played he would have scored.

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  • 147. At 11:49am on 16 Oct 2008, DelaneyVonTrap wrote:

    Boyd will regret his decision and has dug himself a huge hole. I get the impression he made his decision in the heat of the moment and macho pride made sure he would have to stick by it the following day.

    It is a blow to the Scotland squad but I think we are fairly well equipped for strikers at the moment. As well as those in the squad against Norway we also have an in form Miller to come back and hopefully O'Connor and McCormick can prove themselves in the Championship and earn a call up.

    What we really lack is cover at centre back. McManus and Caldwell still provide a sturdy base with Weir a suitable stopgap but with only the unproven Barr and Berra waiting in the wings I think we could struggle if injuries and suspensions go against us.

    As for qualifying I still have hope. Second place is still a reality and we have to remember that the other groups second place team will have the results against the bottom placed team deducted from their points total when the selection of eight best runners up are selected.

    I have a dream......

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  • 148. At 12:02pm on 16 Oct 2008, stephanos2008 wrote:

    I would never normally post, but feel compelled to do so in this case. This is an example of ego getting in the way of team success. But not the ego of Burley, rather that of Boyd.

    Chick says that Boyd's problem was that he was desperate to play for his country, causing his reaction. If so, he is cutting off his nose to spite his face and letting his team mates down in the process.

    No player deserves to be in the team on reputation, and certainly not if their attitude is not right. You can only act in the way Boyd has if you have the ability to back it up, and I'm afraid Boyd is no Maradona. His reaction only shows that Burley has just cause to leave him out.

    When a player can't get into his club side, he is embarrassing himself walking out on his country for being on the bench. Will Boyd soon refuse to play for Rangers? No - because they pay his wages. Clearly Boyd's loyalties lie elsewhere than with his country.

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  • 149. At 1:04pm on 16 Oct 2008, U13638328 wrote:

    Im certainly not a great fan of George Burley, never have been and there must have been better options to success Alex McLeish, well a know there was Graeme Souness. However would scotland under souness automatically be picking up points against Norway and Macedonia, I think not. Is due to our victories over a very poor french side that have made us a top quality side. Unlike England who have super talented individuals who cannot play as a team, we have extremelly average players (with a couple of exceptions) who manage to grind out results as a team. Flectcher, Brown, Miller, McFadden completely over-rated. Scotland as a footballing nation completed over-rated. Get off Burleys back, and be thankful that we have a fantastic support who make these extremelly boring on field performances enjoyable on match day. Boyd is no more than a super sub (bring him on he will score, start and he will merely interrupt the performance of the team (this from a rangers point of view).

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  • 150. At 1:11pm on 16 Oct 2008, caledkenny wrote:

    Chick Young is absolutely spot on with this blog.

    He was diplomatic enough not to go the whole hog and actually say that George Burley doesn't know what he's doing.

    But I'm afraid that appears to be the case.

    Based on recent result qualification was already a big ask. Without Boyd's goals its pretty much mission impossible.

    McFadden's frustration was also obvious on Saturday so don't be surprised if we see more dressing room walk outs.

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  • 151. At 2:04pm on 16 Oct 2008, mabawsburst wrote:

    As a season ticket holder at Ibrox for more years than is healthy I would like to add that Boyd decision reeks of a man that has a higher opinion of himself than any of his last four managers for club or country have had. A lazy, unfit looking player who spends as much time on his not unsubstantial backside as on his feet. The argument that he is an "out and out goal scorer" would carry some weight if it were true. Other than the two goals in the CIS cup final last season , he has failed to make an impact where it counts,in Europe and against any substantial oposition.
    Rumours abound as to his many off-field activities and they may or may not be accurate but what cannot be argued is that he is not valued by the current Rangers and the Scotland management as anything other than a squad member and I have to admit it that I am more comfortable with their informed decisions that those armchair pundits or fans with laptops who appear to think they know better.

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  • 152. At 3:26pm on 16 Oct 2008, U13638328 wrote:

    There is a few issues i dont understand with Boyd not getting a game at rangers. Firstly we say its his overall game but look at darcheville he simply breaks up the play when were attacking because his first touch is shambolic. Then we say its his drinking, gascoigne mccoist mccall under smith (didnt they all start every game) then its his poor attitude in training but cousin still got a game. Id rather play a striker he likes a swally with a bad attitude and overall game isnt good but scores goals than a player who is professional but brings nothing to the pitch (darcheville).

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  • 153. At 4:41pm on 16 Oct 2008, Fraz65 wrote:

    More nonsense from this pretend journalist.
    Does he really not think that attitude and performance on the training ground are important in determining whether someone plays on a Saturday or not? The biggest mistake Burley made was having Boyd in the squad in the first place. The guy has the potential to be a great striker but it will remain unfulfilled and he will go down along with Riordan as another wasted Scottish talent. Le Guen , Smith, McLeish and Burley have all held the same opinion about him. Darren Fletcher called him lazy and stated that all he did in training was stand still. Are all these people wrong and at fault or does the problem lie with Boyd?

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  • 154. At 5:54pm on 16 Oct 2008, MoonbeamAlert wrote:


    When you dump your thoughts on this blog, I've no idea whether you bother to read responses - either way I still feel sufficiently riled to ensure a challenge is added to your thinking.

    Firstly, you actually get the opening point spot on. Burley's FORMATION was the wrong one to begin with - McFadden in a lone striker role agaisnt that defence is simply, well, incorrect. By the time he made the change I think his hands were tied - Boyd was not the man to come on in a two-up-front 'softening-up' role. If he'd started with Iwelumo and McFadden, he could have comfortably brought on Boyd and / or Fletcher in the second half.

    But what??? Seriously - so what? His thumbing his nose at the manager was not just an insult to Burley but to the country. Burley will not be around forever, however, Boyd should be never be allowed near a Scotland squad again. Players dictating squad rotation? Absolutely ludcrious. It doesn't matter how justifiably miffed he might have felt at not getting on. If he loves the idea of playing for his country so much, he should go back to his club and burst a gut to get into the starting 11 - and make it impossible for Burley to leave him out. By the way - Burley has been in charge for 6 games...and Boyd has been in every squad, save for the 2nd, which he himself pulled out of. And by his own action he single-handedly threatens to destroy the manager's credibility in a campaign that is still very much alive...and that is unforgiveable.

    Finally, if Boyd is a man of principle and who is passionate about acheiving things, I'd have expected some public discontent at Walter Smith's decision to start the UEFA Cup Final with Darcheville - and average continental forward at best. Why would I have expected him venting his anger. This was the Ibrox club's biggest game in 40 years and probably the only time in his entire club career he'll get the chance to perform on such a stage - put that into context with just one World Cup qualifier and you begin to understand how poor his decision making on this.

    He does not need opinion-formers such as you pandering to his mis-placed ego. He is wrong. He should be told he is wrong. And he should fight his way into the Rangers starting 11 and make himself available for the squad via Holland.

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  • 155. At 7:17pm on 16 Oct 2008, tonybananas wrote:

    It seems anyone connected to Rangers can do no wrong in the eyes of the unbiased Scottish media. Lee McCulloch's huff resulted in a similar, although less hyped, old boys network defence such as this latest effort from Chick.

    Burley fails to play Boyd and he is castigated. Walter Smith does the same and is a tactical genius.

    There seems to be a fantastic mythology building up around Kris Boyd.

    1) His "proven" strike rate at international level - consists of two goals against the Faroes, two in a friendly where the opposition capitulated, one against Lithuania and one against Georgia.

    2) He's guaranteed to get you a goal - If he hadn't been attempting a Rivelino impression against Georgia in aforementioned game at Hampden instead of just tapping the ball into the net from 6 yards out we might have won that game more comfortably. As it was Craig Beattie popped up to bail him out. Iwelumo wasn't as fortunate.

    My intention is not to do down Kris Boyd who is clearly a decent player, but to listen to our Scottish media you'd think he was McCoist-Lineker and Larsson rolled into one.

    Chick, I suggest you resign and inform the BBC that you no longer wish to be employed in any capacity until they change their management structure. Maybe they'll promote you to James Traynor's job.

    It would only be fair for a man of your talents.

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  • 156. At 7:26pm on 16 Oct 2008, Roger_the_Pessimist wrote:

    Why should he play if he doesn't even bother trying in training? What message does that send out to other players? That he deserved special treatment? No one deserves special treatment.

    Boyd will disappear into obscurity soon enough. His attitude has finally caught up with him.

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  • 157. At 7:28pm on 16 Oct 2008, YungChicAntiBlog wrote:


    News just in: Chic baffled! The timing could not be more apt. "There is little hope for Scotland in this campaign now." you say. Yet, miraculously, or perhaps intuitively in your case, a few days later, Scotland are sitting second in the group table having had the disadvatage of two hot and cold away games while our rivals have played their jokers (unlke us if I understand you correctly). Talk about an enigma wrapped in a deep fried mars bar?! It is obvious that Scotland's strategy of refusing to score goals even from 3 inches is paying off. Putting Boyd in the team might spoil this run of success. And I would not agree with your comment that a chocolate poker is of no use - my friends Butch and Sundance would like to have yours if you are not using it. Be positive for a change: we might not have overrun the Lilliputians of section 9 but as a Nation we will love taking on Gulliver in Amsterdam. Then you can really scratch your head in disbelief.

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  • 158. At 10:15am on 17 Oct 2008, ThomSneddon wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 159. At 12:20pm on 17 Oct 2008, greenmaestro wrote:

    Chick, I couldn't get to acomputer last night, but listening to your "interview" of Boyd was hilarious. I'm not saying you put words into his mouth as he wasn't bright enough to realise what you were doing. However your main thrust at every oportunity when talking to all your guests Nevin, Macari (he was good), etc.. was to ram home the interview answers you were giving on Boyd's behalf. all that stuff telling him he will go to Hampden and watch Scotland, sure you've been there before watching Scotland. This was a joke. Only two things beat it.

    1. When you said that most all of teh Scotland fans you've spoken with agree with him - I guess you don't read this Blog yourself.
    2. When you asked Lou Macari his opinion, he was just getting down to the route of the point and wasn't fooled by your smokescreen "look at his record", you obviously didn't like where thsi was going so you changed the subject. I've not laughed as much for ages, thanks for that.

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