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N-Dubz - 'Best Behaviour'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:08 UK time, Sunday, 17 October 2010


The first and most important thing to say about this is that it's impressive the way the director of the video to this song has used clothing to really capture Dappy's fragile mental state. Or at least, the mental state of Dappy as he presents himself in the song, which isn't necessarily the same thing.

He's been squashed flat by the touring lifestyle, he's so battered that he's not sure which way is up, and to illustrate this, the director has chosen to film the video in a glamorous island airfield location, with the band standing in front of a private jet...and he's put Dappy in shorts.

Tulisa's wearing a nice dress, Fazer's got his dark ensemble together, with a silk scarf hanging from his belt, and Dappy looks like he's forgotten to get dressed.

It's not often you see a male pop star in shorts, is it? And definitely not a combination of shorts, a vest, one of those high-school letterman jackets, and shoes with no socks. As an illustration of a man who is sorely in need of someone special in his life - if only to suggest that there's a time for shorts and a time to dress like the pop star you really are - it's pretty perfect.

(Here's the video. See? He's a broken man.)

As for the song itself, well it's quite nice, isn't it? Kind of boomy and big in a way which perhaps it doesn't need to be, as if straining for anthem status, when it's actually quite a quiet, thoughtful thing by N-Dubz's usual insane standards. But it hangs together in an agreeable fashion, and the chorus is cute.

On the other hand, a brush-up on the lyrics would've perhaps got rid of the bits where Dappy and Fazer seem to be less interested in finding a forever soul mate and more concerned with hiring a housekeeper/teddy bear:

"See I need some kind of lady, that would feed me daily
Every time I come home she'd be waiting for me."

Not that Tulisa is flying the flag for international sisterhood either. Her job application form involves finding a "homie, then I might let him be the boss of me."

So there are definite prospects for promotion for the lucky applicant, in her case at least. And they won't even have to help her with her wardrobe of a morning. Or cook.

Three stars Download: Out now

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(Fraser McAlpine)

Rated R says: "The track 'Bad Behaviour' is a continuation of the sound from their previous album"

FJ Girls says: "In pop terms this is a safe, neutral sounding number and unfortunately it's ticking all the technical boxes, but it's doing nothing for us musically at all."




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