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Medina - 'You And I'

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Fraser McAlpine | 09:59 UK time, Friday, 9 October 2009


I know what you're thinking - "cuh, not ANOTHER half-Chilean, half-Danish pop star. Are they making them in some kind of factory or what?".

Actually, you're probably not thinking that at all, unless you happen to know of a secret stash of Chilean Danes currently being stockpiled in a warehouse, and plotting to infiltrate the British pop music scene, and James Bond is already creeping around the back corridors of the factory's admin department. Which is quite unlikely. Isn't it? Is it?


(Here's the video. Which features a LOT of lens-flare. Protective eye-wear is advised.)

Anyway, my cursory internet research informs me that Medina and her quite-unusual-for-a-pop-star lineage had a massive dance hit in Europe last year with 'Kun For Mig', of which this is the English language version. So, expectations are high, ja?

Regular readers might remember that I'm partial to a bit of glumpop, especially when it's got a bit of a dance beat behind it - the sort of thing that's just as likely to get you hopping around on the dancefloor as it is to have to sobbing into your fizzy pop, depending on what mood you're in when you hear it.

This fits the bill perfectly: there's some standard synthing in the background, which creates a lovely air of isolation, with Medina's haunting vocals on the top telling the story of a love gone wrong.

There are probably a few purists out there who will insist the original Danish version was MUCH better - unfortunately my skills as a linguist don't stretch far enough to be able to tell you if the translation accurately captures the original, but judging this version on its own merits, I reckon it stands up - it's perhaps not groundbreaking in any big way, since you've probably heard a variation on the general theme of this song millions of times before, but this one is well-crafted enough to be counted among the better examples.

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: October 12th
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(Steve Perkins)



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