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The Chart Show - Now With DVD Extras

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:02 UK time, Monday, 4 August 2008

Fearne & ReggieIt's a very nowadays sort of thing to show the hidden workings behind all sorts of media endeavours, isn't it? CDs come with their demo recordings attached, graphic novels often show early drawings of the key characters, and YouTube is riddled with pop videos sitting alongside those 'The Making Of...' featurette things which show how they are made.

Naturally the Radio 1 Chart Show is very interested in things which are nowadays-y, and so we've decided to offer you access to the full, unedited versions of the interviews Fearne and Reggie do for the show, in a kind of DVD extras kind of way.

This week, Reggie did the honours, with the Saturdays, Kid Rock and the Script.

So, here they are, in chart order...

The Saturdays

Here's Reggie talking to all of the band, one by one...a task that even HE gets a little weary of, it's fair to say (although they seem very nice, and so is he, so it's hardly a massively tiresome slog, honest).

Keep your ears peeled for Reg and Producer Laura having a quick sing-song.

Actually, you don't have to peel your ears yourself...their singing will do it for you.


The Script

More input from Producer Laura here. I'm not entirely sure what has happened in the minutes leading up to the beginning of this interview, but she seems to have been having a very nice chat with Mark. A very nice chat indeed. Luckily he can still focus on the job in hand. Talking to Reg, that is...


Kid Rock

The thing to listen out for in this one is whenever Reg has to call Kid Rock by name. I mean, what's the etiquette in this situation? His name is two words, but are they BOTH his Christian name, or is just one of them? And if it is, which one is it? Do you call him Kid, or Rock? Or Kiddy? Or Rockbert? Or Lord Kidmond of Rockfordshire?

Luckily, Reggie has got it sussed, see if you can hear how he solves this tricky problem...


And to hear all of these interviews (only edited together properly), together with the full chart rundown, the album chart Top 5, and clips of every damn song in the Top 40, you NEED the Chart Show Podcast...


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