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ChartBlog Has One Biiiig Weekend - Nearly Done!

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Fraser McAlpine | 19:42 UK time, Sunday, 11 May 2008

It's time once again to bring in testimonies from other people at the Big Weekend, in the name of a more fully-rounded blog experience. There's a lot of Wombatty stuff, it seems.

For example, Fearne Cotton was very impressed to see that the Wombats had set up their own barbecue area in the car part, which they were calling - with the aid of a sign, no less - the Wombar. Personally I've have gone for Batbecue, but only because it sounds more superhero-y.

Fearne also told me she and Reggie had gone off to find the Black Kids, to tell them nice things about their performance, and found singer Reggie sat out in the sunshine reading the Sunday papers. How civilised!

Although when Annie Mac went to see the band, the drummer was practising his paradiddles and whatnot on what looked like one of those '80s Simmons hexagon syth-drum pads, which is perhaps a little more in keeping with the band's public image.

Annie also went to talk to Pendulum, a band she is particularly keen on, and discovered that their drummer is very keen to show off his ability to twirl his drumsticks, which does beg the question, what is it with drummers and Annie Mac?

Adele sang a sparkling, soulful version of the Raconteurs song 'Steady As She Goes' in the guest area/star bar bit as part of her acoustic set. Her performance was only slightly marred by the fact that she had to read the words off the screen of her Blackberry, and - as she later told BBC Sound - she was panicking that one of her friends would ring while she was singing, to find out how everything was going.

The Wombats - them again! - found their interview with BBC Sound being interrupted suddenly by a frustrated and angry member of Hot Chip who was frustrated at something to do with his band's curtailed set, due to the very strict running order. Or at least we THINK that's what he was angry about. What he actually did was sieze the camera and began yelling abuse into it, before storming off. So it could be he's got a phobia about cameras?

Jo Whiley went over to say hi to the Wombats before they took to the stage, only to find them deep in conversation with Colin Murray. Apparently Colin had been giving the band a little pep talk on their on-stage presentation and offered a few tips on how better to rock a crowd. Mind you, they went on to tell Jo that they were worried about their inflatable wombat, in case it either sprang a leak and went floppy, or worse, exploded. So maybe Colin's advice was more gaffer-tape/bicycle repair kit related.

This one is from yesterday, but is too good to let go. A BBC cameraman watched three of Madonna's entourage attempt to work out how best to clean up what looked like an enormous cowpat which had been deposited near to her winnebago. I don't think there's any suggestion that the pat had been put there to annoy Madonna herself, mind, it was already there. Anyway, three grown men surrounded this thing, sniffing, calling lackeys to come forward with tissues, all sorts...and it wasn't until the actual clean-up began that they realised that this thing they'd been so worried about was actually a mashed-up slice of chocolate cake. That's cake spelled C-A-K-E and not C-A-C-K, naturally.

That's all for now. Come back in a while for the grande finale! It's time for a cuppa.


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