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Chart Report - 17/02/08

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Fraser McAlpine | 20:13 UK time, Sunday, 17 February 2008

1 - Duffy - 'Mercy'

DuffyChartSnipe: Wait a second here! There's been some kind of miscarriage of musical justice! It was ADELE'S TURN! C'mon, she's got a Brit Award and everything! It's bad enough that she was held off the top spot by a dance novelty record (not real music at all, see. Can you imagine Basshunter - IF that's his real name, which I very much doubt - appearing LIVE on Jools Holland? No? I rest my case!), which only got there because of some stupid reason like MORE PEOPLE BUYING IT or something. But NOW look! Her rightful place at No.1 has been USURPED by ANOTHER SPARE WINEHOUSE! Bah! And it was Nickelback's turn after Adele, actually. No manners, some people... (FM)


2 - Nickelback - 'Rock Star'
NickelbackChartSnipe: Proof, if proof were needed, that all you need to do to inject a bit of interest into your flagging moose-rock career (it's all in the bellowing, see) is to unveil a hitherto hidden sense of humour. Of course, once the door to smiley pastures is opened, it's hard to fully shut it again. Give it a couple of years and they'll be doing over-earnest, mooey versions of Weird Al Yankovic's greatest hits. What fun!


3 - Basshunter - 'Now You're Gone'

BasshunterChartSnipe: Hey, Basshunter? Are you finding that people are missing you Now You're Gone off the No.1 spot? HAHAHAHAHAHA! High five, anyone? (FM)


4 - David Jordan - 'Sun Goes Down'
David JordanChartSnipe: Having had a chance to chat to David recently, I can exclusively reveal that this song was written as a trojan horse to get him into the charts, and therefore in everyone's faces. Well, it's certainly done THAT, but if the rest of his songs are just dreary, by-the-numbers pop, there will be TROUBLE... (FM)


5 - Adele - 'Chasing Pavements'
AdeleChartSnipe: The trick with chasing pavements is not to get put off or confused by a fork in the road, or a sudden dead end. Experienced pavement chasers will tell you these things are an occupational hazard, one that everyone has to learn how to deal with. That thing about stepping on a crack is true though, so watch out! (FM)


The entire Top 40 is right here...


  1. At 10:51 PM on 17 Feb 2008, Bigstarlet wrote:

    You are a very silly man, LOL!!!

    Seriously, I think Adele's a better singer than Duffy, but Mercy's a better song than Chasing Pavements (why Hometown Glory isn't #1 is a mystery that will never be resolved).

    And as a Yank who's had to put up with being beaten over the head with "RockStar" for many a month, I feel for you poor Brits...BWAHAHAHAHAA!

  2. At 10:48 AM on 18 Feb 2008, GlesgaGirl wrote:

    I wish Basshunter was still number 1, Duffy has a good voice but the song isn't really catchy. Basshunter for number 1 next week! Love the blog x

  3. At 02:29 PM on 18 Feb 2008, Pesky Young Scamp wrote:

    Duffy's track sounds remarkably similar to Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin's "Sisters Doing It For Themselves" to me - I'm afraid it sounds like the music biz frantically re-writing hits and rushing out records for artists that sound a little bit like Amy Winehouse, hoping to cash in.

    Basshunter performing live on Jools Holland? Of course not, for the few hundred thousand people that tune in (I'm usually out with mates) it would drive them mad - much better to have a few Amy Winehouse Lites on there - lets not rock the boat!

    That said, Basshunter would be brilliant on it.. shame there's no Top Of The Pops or CD:UK anymore.. had there been, I wonder how many more weeks "Now You're Gone" would have stayed at the top.

  4. At 04:57 AM on 19 Feb 2008, Vanessa wrote:

    High five!

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