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How To Destroy...Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Fraser McAlpine | 20:01 UK time, Wednesday, 17 October 2007

How To Destroy Red Hot Chili Peppers

NOTE: What we're using here for the JOKE destruction of a band many people feel are actually indestructible are special tools, it's not just any old stick of dynamite, and with good reason. Partly because you should never attempt to use dynamite to destroy people - it's very bad manners - and partly because, as I said, the Chilis are freakishly resiliant. I would not bet against them surviving an attack of this sort. Whereas your Red Hot Chili Poppers (available in all good pop star removal clinics) will do the job cleanly, humanely, and, best of all, totally effectively.


  1. At 10:16 AM on 18 Oct 2007, Mr H wrote:

    Haven't they already destroyed themselves through the power of their increasingly rank music?

    Hard to believe that they actually used to be good.

  2. At 03:25 PM on 18 Oct 2007, Jamie wrote:

    their original guitarist destroyed himself. . . just a thought.

    [No he didn't, not in the context of the word 'destroy' that's being used here. He died of a drug overdose. Nothing to do with cartoon silliness, really. - Fraser]

  3. At 10:23 PM on 07 Nov 2007, Jugalug wrote:

    Their music all sounds the same these days, and its not really a good sound.

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