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Backstage At Chart Show Live (Part 2)

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Fraser McAlpine | 19:52 UK time, Sunday, 12 November 2006

More revelations of an EXCLUSIVE nature...

Chris Moyles bumped into Harry McFly in the backstage foody bit. Harry, being a swotty type of drummer, had his sticks on him, so he could be ready in a rhythm-based emergency or something. Next thing you know, the sticks had been seized and the backstage area was being treated to the sight of a vigorous bout of air drumming from Mr Moyles. Sadly, no-one told Chris that there was actually a fully set up, brand new air drum kit, only inches away from where he was flailing away at nothing. Bah!

We can also EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that Liam Gallagher was swanning about in a plum-coloured puffa jacket, that the All Saints aren't remotely as frosty in real life as they are on record (Nat and Shaz were spotted chatting to a very excited little girl backstage) and that Danny McFly has taken to wearing a big woolly hat, presumably to cover up that perm.

Oh, and respect is due to Beyonce for having an entire corridor cleared before she came out of her dressing room to do her soundcheck. This is the kind of amazing diva behaviour (or beh-iva, as it should really be called) that proves that someone special is in the house. We salute it!

And at the other end of the scale, tonight's surprise star turn, Peter Andre and Jordan, did not fail to live up to their reputation as being...well...shall we say easily distracted? Talkative? Oh! I know! How about Unable To Stop Bickering Even When Their Song Has Started. During their performance of 'A Whole New World' Peter even attempted to lead his mahogany wife towards one side of the audience, but she was having none of it. She let go of his hand, let him wander off, and then waved from where she was standing. Now THAT'S class...(third, mainly, but with dreams of first).

Speaking of first class. How brilliant is it when a music tries to curry favour with their audience and gets it wrong? There's really no excuse, and yet it has to happen all the time, right? So spare a thought for Beyonce, who couldn't really understand why the Brighton crowd failed to TOTALLY IGNITE when she told them "y'know...I'm so happy to be back here in London!"

And finally, there was strange moment just before Girls Aloud took to the stage where Nadine and a member of their crew were trying to sort out her necklace and the wiring for her microphone, or something of a technical nature. Anyway, for some reason they were having problems getting it done in front of all the girls and the dancers and their band, so Nads and crew-lady came and hid behind me in the corner. They didn't even ask!

Having no idea what they were doing, and being slightly alarmed at whether there was some kind of Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe emergency going on, there was NO WAY I was gonna turn around to see what was going on. My reward was an EXCLUSIVE 5 second a capella vocal performance while they did it, and I can REVEAL that Nadine warms up to that "why don't you foool me..." bit at the beginning of 'Biology'. Nice pipes, lady!

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  1. At 09:45 PM on 12 Nov 2006, tiffany innes wrote:

    mcfly whr spectacular they always are thr music is brilliant love to meet thm so i can thnk them personally form the brill music keep the great music coming and thanks once again guys

    love ya
    tiffany innes xoxoxox

  2. At 05:33 PM on 13 Nov 2006, Rebecca Greig wrote:

    Mcfly are awesome lol!!! they are so talented!! dunno what else to say lol so yeh...... xxxx

    mcfly are legends

  3. At 12:47 PM on 16 Nov 2006, Nick, BBC North East Wales Web Team wrote:

    Talking about strange moments and Girls Aloud you should see what they've been up to over here in North Wales. They had a spooky time at a supposedly haunted house in Wrexham, which reduced some of them to tears when they were filming for a new TV programme to be shown in December called Ghost Hunting with Girls Aloud. Take a look at the photos on our site - www.bbc.co.uk/wrexham

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