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Bryan Burnett | 19:40 UK time, Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The fact that we have a different theme every night, kind of makes Get It On is kind of like a concept album on radio.

Which I suppose is how Miss B came up with the idea of doing concept albums as a theme. According to her, " A concept album is a record in which all the songs are linked by a theme - Sgt Pepper is one that is debated - as it seems to have persuaded others to record concept albums, but the concept of Sgt Pepper was lost in the final recordings - it was originally going to be about the life of an ex-army bandsman. Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys is sort of similar - it's a group of songs unified by emotional content - Brian Wilson's state of mind at the time - but you are likely to get people suggesting tracks from both of these I suspect. Pink Floyd's the Wall, and even Frank Sinartra's In the Wee Small Hours is considered a concept album."

So that's the premise for Thursday's show. We have come up with the concept, now you just have to come up with the songs...



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