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Walk On The Wild Side...

Bryan Burnett | 20:18 UK time, Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Thanks for a lovely 'Tuneful Tuesday' folks... after the rip-roaring 'Manic Monday', it was nice to get some sweet melody swimming around in our ears and calm us down a wee bit! As we reach the middle of the week, the alliteration keeps going with 'Walking Wednesday' and a selection of your suggestions dedicated to that ambulatory activity. I think we'll accept rambling, strolling, marching, hiking, staggering, sauntering, promenading and pacing, so there's no excuse... I quite fancy hearing 'I'm Walking' by Fats Domino and the song the title of this blog refers to by Mr Lou Reed. But you choose the music, remember... Why not get onto your feet and take a wander about while making that crucial decision?!



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