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Playlist 16 June

Mickey Bradley | 11:11 UK time, Friday, 17 June 2011

Being first isn't everything but it's still good to have in your scrapbook. The Damned have a couple, including the first punk rock single in the UK (New Rose) and first LP (Damned Damned Damned). Being first isn't being best, either, and that's the case with their triple eponymously titled debut. It's not a classic, although behind the pantomime vampire and furry suit, they had a decent guitarist and songwriter called Brian James to come up with at least one bona fide brilliant single. But I'm not playing Neat Neat Neat tonight. Instead a lesser light from DDD which is still better than anything _________ ever came up with. (insert name of least favourite prog rock band).
Apart from that , this is the first show with the new policy on eligible years. 1989 is now the cut off point for records on the show, after much deliberation by the UN Commission on Punk Rock who finally delivered their findings to me this week. Cue 1988's Come Get Me by 14 Iced Bears. Best not to rush into these things, I reckon.

Damned - I Fall
Sex Pistols - Submission
Celibate Rifles - Back In The Red
Stiff Little Fingers - Wait and See
The Clicks - Beat Of My Heart
Eyes - Disneyland
Barracudas - I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again
Seeds - Cant Seem To Make You Mine
 Joe Dash - Surgery
Eater - No Brains 
4 Iced Bears - Come Get Me
Josef K - Crazy To Exist
Television  - Glory
Joy Division - Chance (Atmosphere)



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    Good to hear Eater. I never quite knew why as in many ways they weren't that great musically (I think their average age was 7 or something) but I was always very fond of them back in the day. Be nice to hear Thinking of The USA sometime..



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